Spring Selling Season – 7 Magic ‘P’s’ of Selling

The Spring Selling Season is on us and if you  want to maximise your sale price following these 7 Magic P’s will do just that! The sun’s out, the flowers are out and so to are the buyers, so now’s the time to take some action and get your property ready to hit the market.

There are many things that you can do to add value to your property but a lot of them will also cost your money and the problem is that the money spent can not be guaranteed to be returned in the sale price. In saying that there are also many things that you can do to add value to your property that don’t cost you money or only cost a small amount of money. Known as the 7 Magic ‘P’s’ of Selling if you follow these tips below you’ll be sure to maximise your sale price.

Professional agent
What will likely be your first decision in the process of selling your property, but the most important decision, is picking a professional agent to work with. The right agent is not the one with the cheapest commission, the one that tells you the highest price or even the one that is your mate. The right agent is the one that can help you plan out your sale process and work with you in delivering the best result.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to bake a cake or build a house, I’m guessing you’re going to follow a plan (or at least a recipe).  Selling a property is potentially one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life so make sure you (and your agent) have a specific plan.

Once you’ve got a plan you then need to prepare for your properties sale. This means making sure you, your property and your team (your agent, solicitor, accountant etc.) are all prepared to work through the sale process.

Once you and your team are prepared the next step should be getting the professional photographer in. A professional photographer will make your property look even better than you could imagine and is key in maximising your enquiry.

With professional photographs in hand a carefully considered promotional (or advertising) campaign should be laid out for the coming weeks. Having a scheduled advertising campaign has much greater impact than running ad-hoc promotions here and there.

With the property now being promoted you will need to make sure your property is presented at its absolute best. First impressions count so make the most of these opportunities and present the property at its absolute best.

With all of the above in mind price is still the most important consideration when selling a property. It is said that ‘the greatest properties in the world remain unsold due to price’. Putting the right price on your property is paramount to maximising your price.