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Australian Property Market Data VIC Australia

Below you will find links to suburb property market data and house price reports within the state of VIC, Australia.

SuburbSold PriceRental PriceAnnual Growth# Sold
Abbotsford VIC 3067$1,255,000$630pw2.8%73
Aberfeldie VIC 3040$1,717,500$600pw6.6%40
Acheron VIC 3714$495,000--3
Adams Estate VIC 3984$350,000--4
Addington VIC 3352$677,500--2
Adelaide Lead VIC 3465$220,500--2
Agnes VIC 3962$270,500--2
Aintree VIC 3336$705,000$430pw28.5%153
Aireys Inlet VIC 3231$1,544,000$475pw17.8%17
Airly VIC 3851$665,000-7.8%2
Airport West VIC 3042$900,000$425pw5.7%128
Albanvale VIC 3021$585,000$350pw8.4%74
Albert Park VIC 3206$2,210,000$750pw5.4%118
Alberton VIC 3971$283,750-4.7%4
Alberton West VIC 3971$652,500-15.9%2
Albion VIC 3020$780,000$350pw6.5%29
Alexandra VIC 3714$427,500$335pw9.2%58
Alfredton VIC 3350$559,950$420pw8.9%248
Allambee VIC 3823$310,000--1
Allambee Reserve VIC 3871$520,000--2
Allambee South VIC 3871$647,500--2
Allans Flat VIC 3691$452,500$340pw-4.1%2
Allansford VIC 3277$425,000$365pw2.5%13
Allendale VIC 3364$390,000--5
Allestree VIC 3305$460,000$450pw9.1%4
Alma VIC 3465$400,000-5.6%5
Almurta VIC 3979$410,000--2
Alphington VIC 3078$1,682,500$720pw5.4%52
Altona VIC 3018$1,080,000$450pw7.4%165
Altona Meadows VIC 3028$700,000$360pw6.7%208
Altona North VIC 3025$880,000$440pw5%194
Alvie VIC 3249$476,500-13.1%2
Amherst VIC 3371$500,000--2
Amphitheatre VIC 3468$207,500$350pw-2
Anakie VIC 3213$817,000$580pw14.5%11
Anakie VIC 3221$532,500$500pw3.9%6
Ancona VIC 3715$265,000$288pw-12.8%3
Anderson VIC 3995$740,000--2
Anglesea VIC 3230$1,280,000$600pw13.9%88
Antwerp VIC 3414$176,000--2
Apollo Bay VIC 3233$835,000$450pw12.1%69
Appin South VIC 3579$95,000--3
Apsley VIC 3319$220,000$255pw26.7%9
Ararat VIC 3377$267,000$300pw4.9%187
Arawata VIC 3951$733,000--2
Arcadia VIC 3631$440,750-6.8%4
Arcadia South VIC 3631$480,000$445pw8.5%2
Archies Creek VIC 3995$800,000$350pw-2
Ardeer VIC 3022$676,000$340pw8%39
Ardmona VIC 3629$665,000$365pw-3
Argyle VIC 3523$315,000--3.4%10
Armadale VIC 3143$2,635,000$750pw4.5%88
Armstrong VIC 3377$290,000$420pw-4.9%2
Armstrong Creek VIC 3217$625,000$450pw7.8%265
Arnold VIC 3551$265,000--2
Arnold West VIC 3551$305,000--2
Arthurs Creek VIC 3099$1,601,500-13.1%8
Arthurs Seat VIC 3936$1,525,000$920pw4.3%11
Ascot VIC 3364-$470pw--
Ascot VIC 3551$505,000$415pw6.4%43
Ascot Vale VIC 3032$1,282,500$555pw6.4%152
Ashbourne VIC 3442-$520pw--
Ashburton VIC 3147$1,807,500$625pw2.9%100
Ashwood VIC 3147$1,375,000$495pw3%68
Aspendale VIC 3195$1,180,030$550pw7.3%91
Aspendale Gardens VIC 3195$1,041,500$580pw6.5%46
Athlone VIC 3818$1,600,000$400pw-3
Attwood VIC 3049$915,000$450pw7.1%36
Avalon VIC 3212-$700pw--
Avenel VIC 3664$471,250$310pw12.6%26
Avoca VIC 3467$307,000$250pw11.3%30
Avondale Heights VIC 3034$900,000$420pw5.1%169
Avonsleigh VIC 3782$842,665$475pw8.4%17
Axe Creek VIC 3551$1,200,000-26.4%2
Axedale VIC 3551$602,500$400pw10.8%2
Ayrford VIC 3268$254,500--2
Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340$570,000$390pw9.6%151
Baddaginnie VIC 3670$454,000$400pw1.6%5
Badger Creek VIC 3777$665,000$425pw11.4%30
Bagshot VIC 3551$360,000$400pw-3
Bagshot North VIC 3551$170,000--1
Bahgallah VIC 3312$380,000--2
Bailieston VIC 3608$792,500-5.4%2
Bairnsdale VIC 3875$345,000$360pw6.5%226
Bakery Hill VIC 3350$487,475$340pw13%6
Balaclava VIC 3183$1,375,000$585pw2.9%48
Bald Hills VIC 3364$727,500--2
Balintore VIC 3249$465,000$280pw-3
Ballan VIC 3342$590,000$380pw8.6%76
Ballarat VIC 3350$333,500$280pw0.9%154
Ballarat Central VIC 3350$640,000$360pw10.6%143
Ballarat East VIC 3350$466,000$340pw9.4%179
Ballarat North VIC 3350$538,750$350pw10.1%88
Ballendella VIC 3561$301,000--2
Balliang VIC 3340-$600pw--
Balliang East VIC 3340$1,280,000$600pw-3
Balmattum VIC 3666$750,000$385pw-3
Balmoral VIC 3407$232,500--10
Balnarring VIC 3926$1,177,500$485pw11.9%48
Balnarring Beach VIC 3926$1,312,000$488pw7.4%19
Balwyn VIC 3103$2,655,000$740pw5.2%176
Balwyn North VIC 3104$2,091,500$618pw3.6%314
Bamawm VIC 3561$440,000--6
Bamawm Extension VIC 3564$415,000--2
Bambra VIC 3241$1,515,000-12%3
Bandiana VIC 3691$440,000$410pw3.5%7
Bandiana VIC 3694-$378pw--
Bangholme VIC 3175$500,000--21.2%9
Banksia Peninsula VIC 3875$470,001--1
Bannockburn VIC 3331$669,000$430pw9.2%89
Baranduda VIC 3691$478,000$440pw5.5%51
Barfold VIC 3444$860,000--2
Baringhup VIC 3463$405,000--4
Barjarg VIC 3723-$275pw--
Barkers Creek VIC 3451$770,000-10.4%7
Barkly VIC 3384$226,000--3.3%2
Barkstead VIC 3364$245,500-18.1%2
Barmah VIC 3639$297,500$300pw15.5%4
Barnawartha VIC 3688$560,000$370pw7.2%12
Barnawartha North VIC 3691$907,500--2
Baromi VIC 3871$425,000-12.4%6
Barongarook VIC 3249$579,250-7.7%2
Barongarook West VIC 3249$760,000$480pw14.4%7
Barrabool VIC 3221-$480pw--
Barramunga VIC 3249$470,000--1
Barrys Reef VIC 3458$250,000$355pw-17.4%1
Barwidgee VIC 3737$348,500--3
Barwite VIC 3722$903,500$650pw13.4%3
Barwon Downs VIC 3243$500,000$385pw11.9%5
Barwon Heads VIC 3227$1,460,000$650pw12.2%78
Basalt VIC 3460$205,000--2
Bass VIC 3991$732,500-10.8%6
Batesford VIC 3213$1,390,000$600pw11.5%19
Batesford VIC 3221$910,000$590pw11.2%3
Bathumi VIC 3730$3,750,000--2
Baxter VIC 3911$610,850$445pw10.1%40
Bayles VIC 3981$1,115,000-16.7%9
Baynton VIC 3444$1,150,000$700pw-2
Bayswater VIC 3153$860,000$430pw5.7%149
Bayswater North VIC 3153$786,000$420pw5.5%101
Beaconsfield VIC 3807$850,000$445pw7.2%118
Beaconsfield Upper VIC 3808$1,117,500$640pw6.9%36
Bealiba VIC 3475$260,000--3
Bearii VIC 3641$297,250-10.2%6
Beaufort VIC 3373$343,000$310pw7.6%38
Beaumaris VIC 3193$1,860,000$830pw5.8%229
Beeac VIC 3251$583,500$335pw-3
Beech Forest VIC 3237$555,000$350pw13.7%5
Beechworth VIC 3747$645,000$380pw12.7%86
Beenak VIC 3139$995,000-15.9%1
Belgrave VIC 3160$750,000$495pw9.1%81
Belgrave Heights VIC 3160$860,000$510pw5.8%18
Belgrave South VIC 3160$987,500$540pw8.1%28
Bell Park VIC 3215$580,000$385pw9.6%83
Bell Post Hill VIC 3215$580,000$410pw10.6%79
Bellbrae VIC 3228$1,924,000-12.6%13
Bellbridge VIC 3691$649,900$400pw14.8%7
Bellellen VIC 3381$450,000--2
Bellfield VIC 3081$916,000$398pw4.8%25
Bells Beach VIC 3228$2,150,000-3.1%2
Belmont VIC 3216$697,000$403pw11.2%278
Bemm River VIC 3889$247,500--6
Bena VIC 3946$765,000$330pw7.9%5
Benalla VIC 3672$368,250$370pw8.6%274
Benambra VIC 3900-$200pw--
Benayeo VIC 3319$300,000--1
Bend Of Islands VIC 3097-$650pw--
Bendigo VIC 3550$545,000$370pw6.4%138
Bendoc VIC 3888$100,000--2
Bengworden VIC 3875$328,000$320pw-2
Benjeroop VIC 3579$195,000-0.6%2
Benloch VIC 3435$1,085,000$400pw22.1%2
Bennison VIC 3960$110,000--1
Bentleigh VIC 3204$1,600,000$610pw3.5%220
Bentleigh East VIC 3165$1,378,000$550pw5%473
Beremboke VIC 3342$907,486--2
Berrimal VIC 3518$86,500--2
Berringa VIC 3351$313,500-11.1%2
Berringama VIC 3691$382,000--2
Berriwillock VIC 3531$225,000-47.3%3
Berrybank VIC 3323$212,500--1
Berrys Creek VIC 3953$481,600-3.9%2
Berwick VIC 3806$780,000$430pw6.7%941
Bessiebelle VIC 3304-$310pw--
Bet Bet VIC 3472$377,500-1%2
Bete Bolong VIC 3888-$272pw--
Bethanga VIC 3691$593,000$490pw13.1%8
Betley VIC 3472$412,500--4
Beulah VIC 3395$98,000-5.8%2
Beverford VIC 3590-$255pw--
Beveridge VIC 3753$645,000$400pw8.4%79
Big Hill VIC 3231$2,200,000--2
Big Hill VIC 3555$598,000$380pw6.3%4
Big Pats Creek VIC 3799$700,500-15.4%2
Bindi VIC 3896$467,500--2
Binginwarri VIC 3966-$350pw--
Birchip VIC 3483$127,500$225pw15.5%19
Birdwoodton VIC 3505-$310pw--
Birregurra VIC 3242$680,000$355pw16.6%23
Bittern VIC 3918$744,750$485pw8.1%74
Black Hill VIC 3350$530,000$340pw12.5%51
Black Range VIC 3381$347,000--2
Black Rock VIC 3193$2,070,000$860pw7.4%76
Blackburn VIC 3130$1,605,940$483pw5.9%142
Blackburn North VIC 3130$1,240,000$460pw5.5%101
Blackburn South VIC 3130$1,265,000$480pw5.7%143
Blackwarry VIC 3844$527,500--2
Blackwood VIC 3458$605,000$383pw10%4
Blairgowrie VIC 3942$1,463,500$525pw15.2%198
Blakeville VIC 3342$702,000--2
Blampied VIC 3364$965,000$550pw16.4%3
Blind Bight VIC 3980$603,500$400pw7.6%26
Blowhard VIC 3352$782,500--2
Bobinawarrah VIC 3678$827,500$280pw-2
Boho VIC 3669$462,080--2
Boho South VIC 3669$973,500--2
Boisdale VIC 3860-$350pw--
Bolinda VIC 3432$1,725,000--2
Bolwarra VIC 3305$632,500-12.7%6
Bona Vista VIC 3820$449,000$320pw-1
Bonang VIC 3888$120,000--2
Bonbeach VIC 3196$983,000$485pw5.7%76
Bonegilla VIC 3691-$400pw--
Boneo VIC 3939$2,123,000-14.1%3
Bonnie Brook VIC 3335$938,500$365pw-22.5%6
Bonnie Doon VIC 3720$570,000$408pw14.5%23
Bonshaw VIC 3352$523,500$400pw10.3%42
Bookaar VIC 3260-$220pw--
Boolarra VIC 3870$650,000$375pw11.6%19
Boolarra South VIC 3870$675,000--2
Boomahnoomoonah VIC 3728$405,000--1
Boonah VIC 3235$1,290,000--2
Boorcan VIC 3265$1,916,720$280pw45.6%2
Boorhaman VIC 3678-$395pw--
Boorhaman East VIC 3678$485,000--1
Boorhaman North VIC 3685$595,000--2
Boorolite VIC 3723$1,000,000-12.3%3
Boorool VIC 3953$748,000--3
Boort VIC 3537$187,000$250pw2.5%29
Boosey VIC 3730$586,500--2
Boralma VIC 3682$300,000$335pw-2
Boronia VIC 3155$810,000$420pw6.2%262
Borung VIC 3518$97,500--7.3%2
Bostocks Creek VIC 3260-$340pw--
Botanic Ridge VIC 3977$800,000$445pw6.5%148
Boundary Bend VIC 3599$207,500--2
Bowenvale VIC 3465$210,000$320pw2.2%5
Boweya VIC 3675$480,000--1
Boweya North VIC 3675$517,000--2
Box Hill VIC 3128$1,550,000$450pw3.3%66
Box Hill North VIC 3129$1,277,000$470pw3.9%130
Box Hill South VIC 3128$1,401,000$480pw3.8%121
Braeside VIC 3195$8,892,000--2
Brandy Creek VIC 3821$1,000,000-10.2%3
Branxholme VIC 3302$300,000$240pw-7
Bravington VIC 3821$685,000--2
Braybrook VIC 3019$739,500$350pw4.7%116
Breakwater VIC 3219$475,000$368pw11.7%18
Breamlea VIC 3227-$420pw--
Brewster VIC 3352$490,000--1
Briagolong VIC 3860$411,300$380pw3%15
Briar Hill VIC 3088$950,000$525pw5.7%37
Bridge Creek VIC 3723$757,500--2
Bridgewater VIC 3516$350,000$370pw-3
Bridgewater On Loddon VIC 3516$330,000$325pw-5
Bright VIC 3741$851,000$475pw13.8%100
Brighton VIC 3186$3,190,000$1,000pw5.9%325
Brighton East VIC 3187$2,080,000$825pw5.2%275
Brim VIC 3391-$183pw--
Brimin VIC 3685$1,160,000--1
Broadford VIC 3658$502,500$370pw11.8%94
Broadmeadows VIC 3047$570,000$340pw8.4%125
Broadwater VIC 3301$205,000--1
Bromley VIC 3472$200,000--1
Brookfield VIC 3338$515,000$355pw7.7%191
Brooklyn VIC 3012$845,000$418pw7.6%35
Broomfield VIC 3364$490,000$260pw2.8%2
Brown Hill VIC 3350$555,000$380pw11.3%75
Browns Plains VIC 3685$390,000$300pw-1
Brucknell VIC 3268-$250pw--
Brunswick VIC 3056$1,250,000$600pw7%279
Brunswick East VIC 3057$1,289,000$648pw6.2%101
Brunswick West VIC 3055$1,290,000$580pw7.2%102
Bruthen VIC 3885$297,500$310pw7.8%14
Buangor VIC 3375$295,000--2
Buchan VIC 3885-$260pw--
Buchan South VIC 3885$285,000--1
Buckland VIC 3740$1,817,500--2
Buckley VIC 3240$1,187,500$630pw-2
Buckrabanyule VIC 3525$465,000--2
Budgeree VIC 3870-$450pw--
Buffalo VIC 3958$575,000--3
Buffalo River VIC 3737$866,000-13.8%3
Bulgana VIC 3377$37,500--1
Bulla VIC 3428$1,010,000$675pw9.4%5
Bullaharre VIC 3266$159,500--1
Bullarook VIC 3352$459,000--1
Bullarto VIC 3461$1,250,000--2
Bullarto South VIC 3461$1,018,500--2
Bulleen VIC 3105$1,262,500$510pw2.8%154
Bullengarook VIC 3437$1,225,000$380pw9.9%12
Bullioh VIC 3700-$200pw--
Bullumwaal VIC 3875$185,000--2%1
Buln Buln VIC 3821$995,000-15.5%13
Buln Buln East VIC 3821$850,000$560pw6%3
Bumberrah VIC 3902$629,500-13.8%2
Bunbartha VIC 3634$530,000--3
Bundalaguah VIC 3851$559,000$350pw-2
Bundalong VIC 3730$725,000$400pw12.5%17
Bundalong South VIC 3730$715,000--1
Bunding VIC 3342$1,625,500--2
Bundoora VIC 3083$791,000$430pw4.4%325
Bungador VIC 3260$1,745,000--2
Bungalally VIC 3401$470,000--5.4%3
Bungaree VIC 3352-$390pw--
Bungeet VIC 3726$300,500--2
Buninyong VIC 3357$621,000$420pw12.3%55
Bunkers Hill VIC 3352$770,000$400pw-2
Bunyip VIC 3815$620,000$380pw6.6%79
Bunyip North VIC 3815$820,000$1,000pw-1
Burnbank VIC 3371$382,500--2
Burnley VIC 3121$1,360,000$575pw6%15
Burnside VIC 3023$695,000$430pw8.3%42
Burnside Heights VIC 3023$685,000$430pw6.3%72
Burramine VIC 3730$458,750--2
Burrumbeet VIC 3352$275,000--2
Burwood VIC 3125$1,359,440$500pw3.3%160
Burwood East VIC 3151$1,199,000$450pw4.3%134
Bushfield VIC 3281$840,000$420pw13%5
Bushy Park VIC 3860$1,150,000--1
Buxton VIC 3711-$390pw--
Byaduk VIC 3301$232,000-5.9%2
Byaduk North VIC 3300$700,000--2
Byawatha VIC 3678-$375pw--
Bylands VIC 3762$970,000$240pw-3
Byrneside VIC 3617-$300pw--
Cabarita VIC 3505-$475pw--
Cabbage Tree Creek VIC 3889$255,000--2
Cadello VIC 3442$396,400--2
Cairnlea VIC 3023$785,000$450pw5.7%72
Caldermeade VIC 3984$939,000-10.3%2
California Gully VIC 3556$365,000$355pw7.4%93
Calivil VIC 3573$272,500-14%2
Callawadda VIC 3387$292,500--2
Callignee VIC 3844$945,000$370pw14.7%3
Callignee North VIC 3844$795,000-11.3%2
Callignee South VIC 3844$350,000--2
Calulu VIC 3875-$270pw--
Camberwell VIC 3124$2,390,000$768pw3.6%227
Cambrian Hill VIC 3352$657,500$360pw2.5%2
Campaspe West VIC 3564$305,000--1
Campbellfield VIC 3061$580,000$376pw7.6%35
Campbells Creek VIC 3451$626,000$450pw7.6%44
Campbelltown VIC 3364$582,500--2
Camperdown VIC 3260$330,000$328pw8.9%85
Canadian VIC 3350$482,000$360pw6.3%67
Caniambo VIC 3630$247,500--1
Cann River VIC 3890$221,250--2
Cannons Creek VIC 3977$783,250$415pw13.9%12
Canterbury VIC 3126$3,006,000$848pw2.9%99
Cape Bridgewater VIC 3305-$550pw--
Cape Clear VIC 3351$355,000$250pw-2
Cape Otway VIC 3233$396,000--13.8%1
Cape Paterson VIC 3995$693,165$385pw14%44
Cape Schanck VIC 3939$1,350,000$480pw14%19
Cape Woolamai VIC 3925$680,500$380pw12.4%94
Capel Sound VIC 3940$723,000$405pw11.5%132
Capels Crossing VIC 3579$336,500--2
Carag Carag VIC 3623$440,000--1
Caramut VIC 3274-$220pw--
Carapooee VIC 3477$78,500--2
Cardigan VIC 3352$950,000$750pw17.2%15
Cardigan Village VIC 3352$655,000$498pw7.9%8
Cardinia VIC 3978$840,000$480pw10.1%7
Cardross VIC 3496$460,250-5.1%4
Cargerie VIC 3334$965,000--2
Carisbrook VIC 3464$429,000$350pw16.5%23
Carlisle River VIC 3239$363,750--4
Carlsruhe VIC 3442$1,200,000-19.6%3
Carlton VIC 3053$1,430,000$650pw4.9%41
Carlton North VIC 3054$1,610,000$650pw5.2%87
Carlyle VIC 3685$385,000--1
Carnegie VIC 3163$1,650,000$560pw4.9%96
Carngham VIC 3351$384,000--2
Caroline Springs VIC 3023$680,000$420pw5.5%296
Carpendeit VIC 3260$440,000$350pw-5
Carrajung VIC 3844$365,000--2
Carrajung Lower VIC 3844$374,500--2
Carrajung South VIC 3844$1,017,500--2
Carrum VIC 3197$950,000$450pw9.2%54
Carrum Downs VIC 3201$620,000$420pw9.2%404
Carwarp VIC 3494$265,000--1
Cashmore VIC 3305$422,500--1.8%2
Cassilis VIC 3898$108,400--2
Castella VIC 3777$695,000$460pw2.2%3
Casterton VIC 3311$192,500$270pw8.6%61
Castle Creek VIC 3691$1,180,000--2
Castle Donnington VIC 3585-$210pw--
Castlemaine VIC 3450$630,000$395pw10.1%139
Catani VIC 3981$615,000$415pw1.7%5
Cathcart VIC 3377-$650pw--
Caulfield VIC 3162$2,011,000$685pw5.8%41
Caulfield East VIC 3145$1,372,500$590pw1.3%6
Caulfield North VIC 3161$2,250,000$697pw2.6%127
Caulfield South VIC 3162$1,750,000$623pw4.5%145
Cavendish VIC 3314$153,750$340pw-6.7%2
Ceres VIC 3221$1,512,500$490pw19.7%4
Chadstone VIC 3148$1,167,500$450pw4%78
Chapple Vale VIC 3239$525,000--2
Charam VIC 3318$1,130,380-45.2%1
Charlemont VIC 3217$570,000$438pw35.9%53
Charlton VIC 3525$177,000$320pw1.4%39
Chelsea VIC 3196$920,000$495pw6.2%97
Chelsea Heights VIC 3196$901,000$490pw8.5%63
Cheltenham VIC 3192$1,195,000$550pw6.4%289
Chepstowe VIC 3351$290,000--1
Cherokee VIC 3434$1,095,000--2
Cheshunt VIC 3678$147,750--2
Chesney Vale VIC 3725$585,500$260pw7.9%4
Chetwynd VIC 3312$137,500--2
Chewton VIC 3451$623,000$378pw1.8%10
Chewton Bushlands VIC 3451$250,000--1
Childers VIC 3824$575,000--3
Chiltern VIC 3683$327,000$330pw7.8%18
Chiltern Valley VIC 3683$552,026--3
Chintin VIC 3756$783,000--1
Chirnside Park VIC 3116$825,000$480pw6.6%205
Chocolyn VIC 3260$1,354,490--2
Christmas Hills VIC 3775$2,637,500$775pw-2
Chum Creek VIC 3777$825,000$448pw12.9%14
Churchill VIC 3842$275,000$294pw8.7%117
Chute VIC 3373$240,000--1
Clarendon VIC 3352-$550pw--
Claretown VIC 3352$788,500--2
Clarinda VIC 3169$980,000$445pw6.1%53
Clarkefield VIC 3430$1,450,000$285pw-7
Clarkes Hill VIC 3352$1,300,000--1
Clayton VIC 3168$1,220,000$400pw4.5%65
Clayton South VIC 3169$880,000$415pw5%117
Clear Lake VIC 3409$364,500--2
Clematis VIC 3782$750,000$470pw10.7%6
Clifton Creek VIC 3875-$450pw--
Clifton Hill VIC 3068$1,545,000$683pw5%78
Clifton Springs VIC 3222$605,875$395pw11.1%198
Clonbinane VIC 3658$845,000$450pw8.3%4
Clover Flat VIC 3315$173,580--1
Cloverlea VIC 3822$600,000--2
Club Terrace VIC 3889$93,000--11.6%2
Clunes VIC 3370$427,500$300pw10.5%54
Clyde VIC 3978$610,000$420pw6.9%245
Clyde North VIC 3978$650,000$430pw17.5%586
Clydebank VIC 3851$582,500--2
Clydesdale VIC 3461$720,000--4
Coalville VIC 3825$478,750--2
Cobains VIC 3851$705,000$313pw42.1%4
Cobaw VIC 3442$1,660,000--2
Cobblebank VIC 3338$555,000$380pw10.4%92
Cobden VIC 3266$316,000$335pw13.9%29
Cobram VIC 3644$350,000$330pw6.4%167
Cobram East VIC 3644$655,000$450pw1.8%3
Cobrico VIC 3266$220,000--1
Cobungra VIC 3898$348,000$250pw-2
Coburg VIC 3058$1,130,000$540pw7.4%309
Coburg North VIC 3058$925,500$500pw5.8%120
Cochranes Creek VIC 3475$220,000--1
Cockatoo VIC 3781$835,000$420pw8.4%11
Codrington VIC 3285$387,500--2
Coghills Creek VIC 3364$610,000$380pw-2
Cohuna VIC 3568$255,000$240pw9.4%63
Coimadai VIC 3340$900,000--3
Colac VIC 3250$390,000$340pw8.7%174
Colac East VIC 3250$980,000--2
Colac West VIC 3250$411,500--4
Colbinabbin VIC 3559-$400pw--
Colbrook VIC 3342$949,995--2
Coldstream VIC 3770$716,500$450pw7.4%30
Coleraine VIC 3315$174,500$250pw14.2%26
Colignan VIC 3494$205,000--2
Collingwood VIC 3066$1,155,000$625pw5%49
Combienbar VIC 3889$376,500--2
Concongella VIC 3384$550,000-4.7%2
Condah VIC 3303$6,867,500--2
Congupna VIC 3633$450,000$350pw1.4%3
Connewarre VIC 3227$1,625,000$700pw12.7%21
Coolaroo VIC 3048$490,000$350pw8.2%43
Cooma VIC 3616$290,000--2
Coomboona VIC 3629$397,500--2
Coomoora VIC 3461$600,000$390pw4.8%3
Coongulla VIC 3860$300,000-1.4%14
Cooriemungle VIC 3268$542,500-13%2
Cora Lynn VIC 3814$871,000-9.6%2
Coragulac VIC 3249$551,500$450pw15.1%2
Coral Bank VIC 3691$699,000--2
Corindhap VIC 3352$517,500--2
Corinella VIC 3984$666,500$400pw10.2%62
Corio VIC 3214$427,500$330pw11.9%292
Cornella VIC 3551$320,000--2
Cornishtown VIC 3683$560,000$500pw-3
Coronet Bay VIC 3984$480,000$335pw13%35
Corop VIC 3559$360,000$385pw-2
Cororooke VIC 3254$400,000$380pw6.6%8
Corringle VIC 3888$1,200,000--1
Corryong VIC 3707$235,000$280pw6.4%40
Corunnun VIC 3249$423,750--2
Costerfield VIC 3523$362,500--2
Cottles Bridge VIC 3099$1,245,000$815pw5.3%4
Cowes VIC 3922$645,000$420pw12.4%274
Cowwarr VIC 3857$520,000$215pw-3
Craigie VIC 3465$420,000--1
Craigieburn VIC 3064$595,000$400pw8%1318
Cranbourne VIC 3977$589,500$370pw8.9%402
Cranbourne East VIC 3977$632,000$415pw7%384
Cranbourne North VIC 3977$615,950$410pw8%416
Cranbourne South VIC 3977$847,500$495pw-1.5%46
Cranbourne West VIC 3977$575,000$410pw8.7%321
Creek Junction VIC 3669$452,500--2
Creightons Creek VIC 3666$835,000$403pw-2
Cremorne VIC 3121$1,545,000$650pw8.8%46
Cressy VIC 3322$360,000$255pw30.3%9
Creswick VIC 3363$450,000$340pw10%65
Creswick North VIC 3363$577,500$345pw-2
Crib Point VIC 3919$691,500$450pw13.2%52
Cross Roads VIC 3373$210,000--1
Crossley VIC 3283$625,000-9.8%5
Crossover VIC 3821$1,237,500-16.7%2
Crowlands VIC 3377$233,170--2
Croydon VIC 3136$860,444$450pw5.4%326
Croydon Hills VIC 3136$978,625$520pw6.5%74
Croydon North VIC 3136$943,000$480pw4.8%107
Croydon South VIC 3136$831,500$450pw6.7%83
Cudgee VIC 3265$1,309,440-31.3%2
Cudgewa VIC 3705$245,000-3.4%5
Culgoa VIC 3530$135,000--3
Cullulleraine VIC 3496$124,250--2
Curdies River VIC 3268$133,000--1
Curdievale VIC 3268$287,000--1
Curlewis VIC 3222$627,500$420pw5.9%66
Dadswells Bridge VIC 3385$507,500--2
Daisy Hill VIC 3465$495,000-12.8%12
Dales Creek VIC 3341$683,000$330pw11.6%6
Dallas VIC 3047$495,250$346pw8.1%82
Dalmore VIC 3981$1,300,000$620pw-3
Daltons Bridge VIC 3568$483,750--2
Dalyston VIC 3992$485,000$350pw13.3%33
Dandenong VIC 3175$675,000$365pw6.2%188
Dandenong North VIC 3175$692,000$390pw5.3%258
Dandenong South VIC 3175-$460pw--
Danyo VIC 3512$49,000--3
Dargo VIC 3862$385,000-9.9%3
Darley VIC 3340$605,000$395pw10%182
Darlimurla VIC 3871$220,000-14.9%1
Darlington VIC 3271$130,000--3
Darnum VIC 3822$507,500-11.8%10
Darraweit Guim VIC 3756$1,335,000-27.4%2
Dartmoor VIC 3304$295,000-15.8%2
Dartmouth VIC 3701$280,000-19.9%3
Daylesford VIC 3460$822,500$423pw13.1%98
Dean VIC 3363$1,125,000--2
Deans Marsh VIC 3235$790,000$450pw15.8%3
Deanside VIC 3336$569,699$400pw-37.6%33
Deddick Valley VIC 3888$192,500--2
Dederang VIC 3691$660,000--3
Deep Lead VIC 3385-$450pw--
Deepdene VIC 3103$2,810,000$975pw0.9%21
Deer Park VIC 3023$620,000$370pw8.1%226
Delacombe VIC 3356$475,000$388pw8.9%106
Delahey VIC 3037$601,250$375pw7.4%78
Delburn VIC 3871$555,000$255pw-1
Denicull Creek VIC 3377$580,000--1
Denison VIC 3858$350,000$380pw-2
Dennington VIC 3280$445,000$425pw5.5%50
Denver VIC 3461$1,042,500-4.2%4
Dereel VIC 3352$550,000-13.7%14
Dergholm VIC 3312$50,000--2
Derrimut VIC 3026-$440pw--
Derrimut VIC 3030$638,500$450pw8.2%82
Derrinal VIC 3523$555,000-4.6%2
Derrinallum VIC 3325$417,000$240pw-2
Devenish VIC 3726$460,000-23.7%5
Devils River VIC 3714$443,500--2
Devon Meadows VIC 3977$1,222,500$625pw9.1%16
Devon North VIC 3971$577,500-11.8%8
Dewhurst VIC 3808$1,375,000-9.7%2
Dhurringile VIC 3610$396,250--2
Diamond Creek VIC 3089$950,000$520pw8.8%141
Digby VIC 3309$48,000--2
Diggers Rest VIC 3427$580,000$420pw13%79
Diggora VIC 3561$372,000$298pw-3
Dimboola VIC 3414$195,000$210pw11.1%35
Dingee VIC 3571$145,000--2
Dingley Village VIC 3172$999,500$500pw6.2%122
Dingwall VIC 3579$292,000--2
Dinner Plain VIC 3898$630,000-13.1%41
Dixie VIC 3265$617,500$245pw-2
Dixons Creek VIC 3775$1,880,000$420pw16.9%7
Docker VIC 3678$364,000--2
Dockers Plains VIC 3678$862,500--2
Docklands VIC 3008$1,760,000$450pw-7.5%5
Dollar VIC 3871$470,000--3
Don Valley VIC 3139$805,000-11.7%8
Donald VIC 3480$175,000$260pw6%41
Doncaster VIC 3108$1,400,000$525pw3.1%275
Doncaster East VIC 3109$1,428,000$530pw4.1%343
Donnybrook VIC 3064$600,000$400pw-70
Donvale VIC 3111$1,400,000$500pw5.8%147
Dooen VIC 3401$382,500--0.7%2
Dookie VIC 3646$217,500$320pw-3.1%4
Doreen VIC 3754$681,000$420pw8.6%509
Doveton VIC 3177$551,000$330pw7.7%205
Dreeite VIC 3249$191,500--2
Dreeite South VIC 3249$405,000-22.2%2
Driffield VIC 3840$445,000$205pw3.3%1
Drik Drik VIC 3304$280,000--2
Dromana VIC 3936$890,000$500pw10.1%164
Drouin VIC 3818$565,000$390pw10.1%360
Drouin East VIC 3818$592,500$365pw-4
Drouin South VIC 3818$930,000-8.7%6
Drouin West VIC 3818$925,000$350pw4%3
Drumborg VIC 3304$345,000--5
Drumcondra VIC 3215$1,568,000$625pw14.8%6
Drummartin VIC 3570$232,000--1
Drummond VIC 3461$960,500$395pw9.6%6
Drummond North VIC 3446$840,000--3
Drung VIC 3401$353,500-1.4%2
Dry Diggings VIC 3461$995,000--2
Drysdale VIC 3222$680,000$400pw10.2%84
Dumbalk VIC 3956$400,000$285pw17.4%6
Dumbalk North VIC 3956$475,000--3
Dunach VIC 3371$250,000--2
Dundonnell VIC 3271$170,000$255pw-1
Dunkeld VIC 3294$579,500$280pw20.3%12
Dunluce VIC 3472$455,000--2
Dunnstown VIC 3352$553,750$450pw3.6%2
Dunolly VIC 3472$270,000$270pw8%29
Durham Lead VIC 3352$1,020,000-22.6%3
Durham Ox VIC 3576$207,000-5.4%1
Dutton Way VIC 3305$282,000--2
Eagle Point VIC 3878$365,000$365pw1.4%33
Eaglehawk VIC 3556$405,500$350pw8.4%109
Eaglehawk North VIC 3556$330,000--1
Eaglemont VIC 3084$2,270,000$700pw5%43
Earlston VIC 3669$268,000--1
East Bairnsdale VIC 3875$321,500$345pw8.9%29
East Bendigo VIC 3550$442,550$370pw7.8%52
East Geelong VIC 3219$830,000$400pw11.9%64
East Melbourne VIC 3002$3,250,000$800pw3.4%28
East Sale VIC 3852$228,500--2
East Wangaratta VIC 3678$1,005,500--2
East Warburton VIC 3799$577,500$275pw9.6%14
Eastern View VIC 3231-$475pw--
Eastwood VIC 3875$474,000$420pw6.9%49
Ebden VIC 3691-$800pw--
Echuca VIC 3564$450,000$400pw7.3%277
Echuca East VIC 3564$335,000--3
Echuca South VIC 3564$386,500--4.5%8
Echuca Village VIC 3564$690,000$375pw4.6%6
Echuca West VIC 3564$477,000$300pw3.6%4
Ecklin South VIC 3265$1,400,420--2
Eddington VIC 3472$306,875--2
Eden Park VIC 3757$1,112,500$450pw8.3%22
Edenhope VIC 3318$200,000$250pw7.4%39
Edgecombe VIC 3444$640,000--2
Edi VIC 3678$217,750--2
Edi Upper VIC 3678$617,000$210pw-2
Edithvale VIC 3196$1,166,000$525pw6.8%67
Eganstown VIC 3461$1,029,750-18.5%2
Eildon VIC 3713$338,125$300pw8.5%54
Elaine VIC 3334$630,000-18.5%3
Eldorado VIC 3746$478,000-22.3%2
Elevated Plains VIC 3461$842,500--2
Elingamite VIC 3266$285,000--2
Elingamite North VIC 3266-$260pw--
Ellaswood VIC 3875$380,000$200pw-8.7%2
Ellerslie VIC 3265$150,000--12.8%3
Elliminyt VIC 3250$533,500$450pw9.4%48
Ellinbank VIC 3821$1,025,000-14.4%4
Elmhurst VIC 3469$350,000$200pw-9
Elmore VIC 3558$255,000$280pw3.8%11
Elphinstone VIC 3448$708,750$480pw12.4%8
Elsternwick VIC 3185$2,039,000$778pw4.8%84
Eltham VIC 3095$1,171,500$545pw7.8%213
Eltham North VIC 3095$1,155,000$650pw7.7%102
Elwood VIC 3184$2,100,000$800pw4.3%129
Emerald VIC 3782$853,500$530pw8.3%104
Emu VIC 3475$149,000--3
Emu Creek VIC 3551$762,500-6.8%2
Endeavour Hills VIC 3802$721,944$410pw6.4%294
Enfield VIC 3352$528,246-11.2%7
Englefield VIC 3407$827,780--2
Ensay VIC 3895$84,250--2
Eppalock VIC 3551$569,000-2.1%7
Epping VIC 3076$616,000$390pw8.2%389
Epsom VIC 3551$492,100$390pw7.7%101
Ercildoune VIC 3352$455,000--2
Erica VIC 3825$460,000--3
Eskdale VIC 3701$162,500--1.5%6
Esmond VIC 3730$925,000--1
Essendon VIC 3040$1,655,000$530pw5.3%226
Essendon Fields VIC 3041-$600pw--
Essendon North VIC 3041$1,400,000$451pw10.2%32
Essendon West VIC 3040$1,270,000$500pw6.6%27
Eumemmerring VIC 3177$628,000$380pw8.1%22
Eurack VIC 3251$458,500--2
Eureka VIC 3350$422,500$320pw10.2%19
Euroa VIC 3666$390,000$360pw6.9%77
Eurobin VIC 3739$770,000$400pw4.6%4
Evansford VIC 3371$427,500--2
Eversley VIC 3377$1,200,000--1
Everton VIC 3678$574,750--2
Everton Upper VIC 3678$1,400,000--3
Exford VIC 3338$1,387,500--2
Eynesbury VIC 3338$625,000$430pw7.3%69
Fairfield VIC 3078$1,440,000$630pw4.1%57
Fairhaven VIC 3231$1,540,000$500pw1.4%11
Fairy Dell VIC 3561$253,000--3.7%1
Falls Creek VIC 3699$860,000--2
Faraday VIC 3451$1,014,750$320pw18.2%4
Fawcett VIC 3714$795,000--2
Fawkner VIC 3060$770,500$395pw6.5%150
Fern Hill VIC 3458$1,575,000--2
Fernbank VIC 3864-$270pw--
Ferndale VIC 3821$900,000-8.6%3
Ferntree Gully VIC 3156$810,000$440pw5.4%330
Ferny Creek VIC 3786$1,088,750$550pw7.6%30
Fiery Flat VIC 3518$955,000--1
Fingal VIC 3939$1,565,000$570pw12.7%34
Fish Creek VIC 3959$880,000$350pw15.7%7
Fitzroy VIC 3065$1,397,500$700pw0.1%100
Fitzroy North VIC 3068$1,617,000$670pw5.8%124
Flaggy Creek VIC 3875$449,500$350pw3.6%2
Flagstaff VIC 3465$357,500-17.4%2
Flemington VIC 3031$1,250,000$540pw7.1%81
Flinders VIC 3929$2,450,000$2,000pw6.8%15
Flora Hill VIC 3550$437,500$360pw6.5%85
Flowerdale VIC 3717$485,000-15.5%10
Flynn VIC 3844$591,500--4
Flynns Creek VIC 3844$485,000--1
Footscray VIC 3011$885,000$460pw3.5%157
Forbes VIC 3764$870,000--1
Forest Hill VIC 3131$1,046,000$450pw3.6%143
Forge Creek VIC 3875$565,000--3
Forrest VIC 3236$766,000$440pw21.6%3
Foster VIC 3960$455,000$300pw7.6%33
Foster North VIC 3960$598,750-9.2%2
Framlingham VIC 3265$195,000--2
Franklinford VIC 3461$422,500$150pw-2
Frankston VIC 3199$688,225$420pw8.9%710
Frankston North VIC 3200$547,500$355pw11%149
Frankston South VIC 3199$1,015,000$470pw8.3%391
Fraser Rise VIC 3336$655,000$433pw6.6%145
Freeburgh VIC 3741-$340pw--
French Island VIC 3921$600,000-0.9%3
Freshwater Creek VIC 3217$1,975,500$570pw12.9%2
Freshwater Creek VIC 3216$1,095,000-12.4%2
Fryerstown VIC 3451$575,000$395pw-4
Fulham VIC 3851$1,015,000--2
Fyans Creek VIC 3381$627,500$300pw-2
Fyansford VIC 3218$812,500$530pw6.4%20
Fyansford VIC 3221-$260pw--
Gaffneys Creek VIC 3723$246,500--2
Gainsborough VIC 3822$695,000--1
Gannawarra VIC 3568$230,000--3
Gapsted VIC 3737$605,000$390pw-3
Garden City VIC 3207$1,451,000--3
Gardenvale VIC 3185$2,230,000$775pw8%9
Garfield VIC 3814$690,000$410pw11.9%35
Garfield North VIC 3814$1,063,500$650pw-4
Garibaldi VIC 3352$560,000--2
Garvoc VIC 3265-$320pw--
Gazette VIC 3289$346,679--2
Geelong VIC 3218$565,000--2.5%3
Geelong VIC 3220$911,000$450pw9.6%83
Geelong West VIC 3218$840,000$425pw10%147
Gelantipy VIC 3885$290,000--1
Gellibrand VIC 3239$730,000-11.6%3
Gellibrand Lower VIC 3237$2,957,500--2
Gembrook VIC 3783$922,500$400pw10.2%32
Genoa VIC 3891$255,000--1
Georges Creek VIC 3700$500,000-19.2%3
Gerangamete VIC 3249$422,250--2
Gerrigerrup VIC 3289$255,000--1
Gherang VIC 3240$1,250,000$550pw12.2%11
Gheringhap VIC 3331-$460pw--
Ghin Ghin VIC 3717$3,350,000--2
Giffard West VIC 3851$385,000--2
Gilderoy VIC 3797$685,000$340pw-2
Gillieston VIC 3616$285,000--2
Gipsy Point VIC 3891$327,500--2
Girgarre VIC 3624-$215pw--
Girgarre East VIC 3616$446,250$370pw13.6%2
Gisborne VIC 3437$900,000$520pw7.2%161
Gisborne South VIC 3437$1,430,000$780pw8.5%11
Gladstone Park VIC 3043$705,700$405pw7.4%125
Gladysdale VIC 3797$1,235,500-22.8%2
Glen Alvie VIC 3979$829,000-7%5
Glen Forbes VIC 3990$1,380,000--3
Glen Huntly VIC 3163$1,691,000$600pw6.3%14
Glen Iris VIC 3146$2,310,000$750pw4.5%243
Glen Park VIC 3352$865,000--1
Glen Valley VIC 3898$165,000--2
Glen Waverley VIC 3150$1,508,500$500pw4.3%503
Glenaire VIC 3238$1,065,000--3
Glenaladale VIC 3864-$260pw--
Glenalbyn VIC 3517$310,277--1
Glenaroua VIC 3764$445,000--3
Glenburn VIC 3717$675,000$450pw2.4%3
Glendaruel VIC 3363$735,000$500pw-2
Glenfyne VIC 3266$420,000--3
Glengarry VIC 3854$425,000$370pw3.4%5
Glengarry North VIC 3854$501,250--2
Glengarry West VIC 3854$310,000$220pw-1
Glenhope VIC 3444$1,127,890--2
Glenhope East VIC 3522$402,500--2
Glenlyon VIC 3461$820,000$300pw18.1%8
Glenmaggie VIC 3858$385,500$230pw6.7%8
Glenorchy VIC 3385$129,000--5
Glenormiston North VIC 3265$190,000$200pw-1
Glenormiston South VIC 3265-$285pw--
Glenpatrick VIC 3469$307,500--2
Glenrowan VIC 3675$590,000$355pw13%15
Glenrowan West VIC 3675$435,500$390pw-2
Glenroy VIC 3046$791,000$380pw6.9%236
Glenthompson VIC 3293$255,000$305pw-6
Glomar Beach VIC 3851$250,000--2
Gnarwarre VIC 3221$1,955,250$750pw19.5%2
Gnotuk VIC 3260$337,500$350pw-2
Gobur VIC 3719$780,000$265pw22.7%3
Golden Beach VIC 3851$310,000$335pw10%48
Golden Gully VIC 3555$551,000$370pw14.5%3
Golden Point VIC 3350$492,500$320pw11.2%58
Golden Point VIC 3465$385,000$270pw-1
Golden Point VIC 3451$507,500-2.2%2
Golden Square VIC 3555$448,500$380pw7.3%207
Goldie VIC 3435$652,000-3.1%3
Goldsborough VIC 3472$299,500--2
Gong Gong VIC 3352$180,000--1
Gonn Crossing VIC 3579$359,000--3
Goon Nure VIC 3875$743,500$450pw-2
Gooram VIC 3666$537,500--2
Gooramadda VIC 3685$632,500--2
Goorambat VIC 3725$705,000$300pw25.7%3
Goornong VIC 3557$535,000$450pw6.3%4
Gorae VIC 3305$359,000$500pw-2
Gorae West VIC 3305$420,000$300pw-3
Gordon VIC 3345$650,000$450pw13.2%18
Gormandale VIC 3873$372,000-9.2%5
Goroke VIC 3412$115,000--3
Goughs Bay VIC 3723$500,000$300pw15.2%13
Goulburn Weir VIC 3608$225,000--10.6%2
Gowanbrae VIC 3043$790,000$465pw5.1%32
Grahamvale VIC 3631$631,500-6.2%8
Grand Ridge VIC 3870$615,000--2
Grangefields VIC 3335$250,000--2
Granite Rock VIC 3875$885,000-17.3%3
Grantville VIC 3984$494,750$335pw11.7%36
Granya VIC 3701$180,000$350pw10.9%1
Grassmere VIC 3281$4,475,000-63.3%2
Graytown VIC 3608$311,250--2
Great Western VIC 3374$445,000$415pw10.1%7
Green Gully VIC 3462$739,000--2
Greendale VIC 3341$950,000-10.4%3
Greenhill VIC 3444$900,500$380pw-2
Greens Creek VIC 3387$257,500--2
Greensborough VIC 3088$935,000$480pw6.3%262
Greenvale VIC 3059$800,000$450pw9.2%267
Greenwald VIC 3304$140,000--2
Grenville VIC 3352$662,500--1.1%2
Greta VIC 3675$710,000--2
Greta South VIC 3675$330,000--1
Greta West VIC 3675$776,000--2
Grey River VIC 3234$675,000--1
Grovedale VIC 3216$613,000$430pw9.7%222
Gruyere VIC 3770$1,455,000$400pw13.8%4
Guildford VIC 3451$780,000$400pw-5
Gunbower VIC 3566$340,000--2
Gundowring VIC 3691$5,000,000$280pw70.6%1
Guys Hill VIC 3807$1,250,000-4.4%4
Haddon VIC 3351$697,500$488pw10.7%12
Hadfield VIC 3046$816,000$435pw7.2%125
Hallam VIC 3803$675,000$390pw8.6%117
Hallora VIC 3818$795,000--2
Halls Gap VIC 3381$463,000$295pw9.4%9
Hallston VIC 3953$796,250--2
Hamilton VIC 3300$321,500$325pw7.4%298
Hamlyn Heights VIC 3215$658,500$400pw10.2%142
Hampton VIC 3188$2,172,500$838pw4.7%184
Hampton East VIC 3188$1,430,000$588pw4.1%75
Hampton Park VIC 3976$585,500$370pw8%370
Hansonville VIC 3675$415,750-2.4%2
Happy Valley VIC 3360$405,000--2
Harcourt VIC 3453$680,000$415pw12.8%25
Harcourt North VIC 3453$675,000$450pw-2
Harkaway VIC 3806$985,000$650pw6.8%15
Harkness VIC 3337$520,500$360pw8%234
Harmers Haven VIC 3995$1,155,000-23.6%2
Harrietville VIC 3741$667,500$550pw10.9%2
Harrow VIC 3317$237,500--2
Harston VIC 3616$450,000--2
Hastings VIC 3915$585,000$420pw9%204
Hattah VIC 3501$140,001--2
Havelock VIC 3465$454,500-16%2
Haven VIC 3401$717,500-10.9%10
Havilah VIC 3737$520,000--2
Hawkesdale VIC 3287$277,500$370pw25.5%2
Hawthorn VIC 3122$2,525,000$790pw2.3%155
Hawthorn East VIC 3123$2,216,000$660pw2.1%154
Hazeldene VIC 3658-$270pw--
Hazelwood VIC 3840$667,500$230pw7%4
Hazelwood North VIC 3840$630,000-8.6%15
Hazelwood South VIC 3840$563,500-6.6%6
Healesville VIC 3777$779,000$430pw10.4%122
Heath Hill VIC 3981$460,250--2
Heathcote VIC 3523$407,500$355pw6.3%90
Heathcote Junction VIC 3758$845,000$380pw15.8%15
Heathcote South VIC 3523$500,000--1
Heatherton VIC 3202$1,043,750$600pw5%52
Heathmere VIC 3305$472,000--8
Heathmont VIC 3135$1,023,000$468pw5.6%118
Hedley VIC 3967$580,000--2
Heidelberg VIC 3084$1,335,000$530pw4.2%61
Heidelberg Heights VIC 3081$910,000$400pw5.4%98
Heidelberg West VIC 3081$750,000$350pw4.7%86
Henty VIC 3312$117,500--2
Hepburn VIC 3461$625,000$370pw11.1%21
Hepburn Springs VIC 3461$825,000$395pw13.4%27
Herne Hill VIC 3218$675,000$398pw11.6%75
Hernes Oak VIC 3825$702,500-10.8%4
Hesket VIC 3442-$660pw--
Hexham VIC 3273$255,250--2
Heyfield VIC 3858$303,250$340pw11.4%62
Heytesbury Lower VIC 3268$220,000--1
Heywood VIC 3304$240,000$278pw9.9%34
High Camp VIC 3764$762,500-7.6%2
Highett VIC 3190$1,460,000$610pw7.4%151
Highlands VIC 3660$710,000-15.4%4
Highton VIC 3216$853,500$450pw9.8%367
Hilgay VIC 3315$169,597--1
Hill End VIC 3825-$280pw--
Hillcrest VIC 3351$375,000-4.6%2
Hilldene VIC 3660-$360pw--
Hillside VIC 3037$715,000$400pw7.2%208
Hillside VIC 3875$420,000$320pw3%4
Hoddles Creek VIC 3139$880,000-1.8%9
Hollands Landing VIC 3862$227,500--2
Homebush VIC 3465$575,000--2
Homerton VIC 3304$375,000--1
Homewood VIC 3717$705,000--2
Hopetoun VIC 3396$155,000$210pw15.6%18
Hopetoun Park VIC 3340$1,037,500$500pw7.7%8
Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029$572,000$350pw7.5%542
Hordern Vale VIC 3238$380,000--1
Horfield VIC 3567$140,000--2
Horsham VIC 3400$315,000$330pw4.7%391
Hotham Heights VIC 3741$300,000--2
Hotspur VIC 3303$212,500--2
Howes Creek VIC 3723$1,675,000--2
Howqua VIC 3723$590,250--2
Howqua Hills VIC 3723$280,000--5.5%1
Howqua Inlet VIC 3723$360,000-11.9%7
Hughesdale VIC 3166$1,400,000$470pw3.2%33
Humevale VIC 3757$1,091,250--2
Hunter VIC 3558-$180pw--
Hunterston VIC 3971$450,000--1
Huntingdale VIC 3166$1,288,000$460pw7.5%15
Huntly VIC 3551$485,000$400pw14.4%41
Huon VIC 3695$812,500-19%2
Huon Creek VIC 3691$919,500--4
Hurstbridge VIC 3099$890,500$470pw8.2%42
Icy Creek VIC 3833$730,000--1
Iguana Creek VIC 3875$560,000--1
Illabarook VIC 3351-$280pw--
Illawarra VIC 3381$320,000--2
Illowa VIC 3282$1,037,500-14.5%6
Indented Head VIC 3223$687,500$395pw12.6%52
Indigo Valley VIC 3688-$485pw--
Inglewood VIC 3517$310,000$380pw12.1%29
Ingliston VIC 3342$400,000--1
Invergordon VIC 3636$370,000-7.6%13
Inverleigh VIC 3321$1,100,000-17.1%9
Inverloch VIC 3996$817,500$450pw13.7%256
Invermay VIC 3352$1,300,000$340pw12.9%7
Invermay Park VIC 3350$655,000$450pw11.3%21
Iona VIC 3815$660,000--3
Iraak VIC 3494$350,000-3.1%1
Ironbark VIC 3550$495,000$350pw12.5%26
Irrewarra VIC 3249-$425pw--
Irrewillipe VIC 3249$414,000$280pw-2
Irrewillipe East VIC 3249$2,352,540--2
Irymple VIC 3498$520,000$400pw15.3%37
Ivanhoe VIC 3079$1,647,500$593pw6.8%100
Ivanhoe East VIC 3079$2,182,500$650pw5.1%38
Jacana VIC 3047$595,000$338pw7.8%41
Jack River VIC 3971$4,735,000--2
Jackass Flat VIC 3556$455,000$390pw5.2%32
Jacob Creek VIC 3825$440,000--2
Jam Jerrup VIC 3984$823,000$400pw-4
Jamieson VIC 3723$380,000$250pw9.1%9
Jan Juc VIC 3228$1,310,000$570pw13.3%71
Jancourt VIC 3266$720,000$250pw-1
Jancourt East VIC 3266-$310pw--
Jarrahmond VIC 3888$220,000--1
Jeeralang VIC 3840$530,000-31.5%13
Jeeralang Junction VIC 3840$632,500-12.3%12
Jeetho VIC 3945$587,000$275pw-1
Jeffcott VIC 3480$713,600--1
Jeparit VIC 3423$110,000$193pw4.3%18
Jindivick VIC 3818$950,000-12.8%7
Johanna VIC 3238$715,000--4
Johnsonville VIC 3902-$290pw--
Joyces Creek VIC 3364$2,335,000--2
Jumbuk VIC 3869$271,000--1
Jumbunna VIC 3951$340,000--1.9%2
Junction Village VIC 3977$568,196$280pw8.1%16
Jung VIC 3401$222,500-6.2%2
Junortoun VIC 3551$730,000$495pw5.6%55
Kaarimba VIC 3635$450,000--1
Kadnook VIC 3318$247,500--20.4%2
Kalimna VIC 3909$478,000$360pw10.9%43
Kalimna West VIC 3909$290,000$215pw-2
Kalkallo VIC 3064$590,000$400pw-1.6%177
Kallista VIC 3791$980,000$350pw10.6%23
Kalorama VIC 3766$900,000$450pw11.1%30
Kamarooka VIC 3570$455,000$153pw-2
Kanagulk VIC 3401$512,500--2
Kancoona VIC 3691$475,000--2
Kangaroo Flat VIC 3555$435,000$370pw7.2%217
Kangaroo Ground VIC 3097$1,680,000-7.4%3
Kaniva VIC 3419$176,500$220pw8%16
Kanumbra VIC 3719$355,000--7.9%2
Kardella VIC 3951$477,500--2
Kardella South VIC 3950$700,000--3
Katamatite VIC 3649$220,000$300pw8.9%7
Katamatite East VIC 3649$230,000$225pw-1
Katandra VIC 3634$441,500--2
Katandra West VIC 3634$300,000$260pw5.7%5
Katunga VIC 3640$432,500$310pw5.7%12
Kawarren VIC 3249$649,000$450pw13.5%5
Kealba VIC 3021$650,000$390pw7.9%39
Keilor VIC 3036$985,500$455pw5.3%74
Keilor Downs VIC 3038$732,000$410pw6.7%79
Keilor East VIC 3033$900,000$420pw5.3%207
Keilor Lodge VIC 3038$820,000$500pw6.2%11
Keilor North VIC 3036-$450pw--
Keilor Park VIC 3042$770,000$415pw4.5%39
Kelvin View VIC 3666$735,000$330pw-2
Kenley VIC 3597$221,000--1
Kennedys Creek VIC 3239$384,000--2
Kennett River VIC 3234$1,075,000--3
Kennington VIC 3550$485,000$380pw7.1%105
Kensington VIC 3031$1,132,500$580pw5.9%130
Kerang VIC 3579$240,000$260pw9.1%133
Kerang East VIC 3579$385,000--2
Kergunyah VIC 3691-$360pw--
Kergunyah South VIC 3691$252,000--10.8%1
Kernot VIC 3979-$300pw--
Kerrie VIC 3434$2,300,000--2
Kerrisdale VIC 3660$292,500--1
Kevington VIC 3723$530,000--4
Kew VIC 3101$2,470,500$755pw4%282
Kew East VIC 3102$1,965,000$760pw2.3%70
Kewell VIC 3390$240,000--2
Keysborough VIC 3173$830,000$460pw5.7%300
Kialla VIC 3631$530,000$450pw6.9%153
Kialla East VIC 3631$734,000--4
Kialla West VIC 3631$630,000$280pw7%7
Kiata VIC 3418$460,570--2
Kiewa VIC 3691$780,000$460pw11.4%3
Kilcunda VIC 3995$787,000$435pw12.5%19
Killara VIC 3691$515,000$460pw3.3%43
Killarney VIC 3283$550,000$370pw2.5%3
Killawarra VIC 3678$695,000-7.9%6
Killingworth VIC 3717$1,175,000--5
Kilmany VIC 3851$487,500$300pw0.4%4
Kilmore VIC 3764$544,050$390pw9.2%174
Kilmore East VIC 3764$842,000$370pw12.1%3
Kilsyth VIC 3137$717,000$430pw4.2%203
Kilsyth South VIC 3137$920,000$540pw4.7%29
Kimbolton VIC 3551$767,500--2
King Valley VIC 3678-$460pw--
Kinglake VIC 3763$718,000$450pw10.4%24
Kinglake Central VIC 3757$1,035,000-16.4%6
Kinglake West VIC 3757$675,000$390pw8.1%17
Kingower VIC 3517$320,000-6.4%1
Kings Park VIC 3021$580,000$360pw8%90
Kingsbury VIC 3083$795,000$395pw6.1%30
Kingston VIC 3364$720,000--4
Kingsville VIC 3012$1,175,000$530pw6.1%66
Kirkstall VIC 3283$510,000$300pw11.3%7
Kirwans Bridge VIC 3608$2,108,750--2
Knebsworth VIC 3286$535,000--2
Knowsley VIC 3523$303,000--4
Knoxfield VIC 3180$930,000$450pw5.9%107
Kolora VIC 3265-$360pw--
Kongwak VIC 3951$501,500--0.9%3
Konongwootong VIC 3315$1,279,950--2
Koo Wee Rup VIC 3981$610,000$450pw9.4%76
Koo Wee Rup North VIC 3981$620,000--1
Koondrook VIC 3580$260,000-3.7%17
Koonoomoo VIC 3644$515,000-9.6%3
Koonwarra VIC 3954$882,500$470pw-4
Koorlong VIC 3501-$350pw--
Koornalla VIC 3844$777,500$380pw-2
Kooroocheang VIC 3364$164,000--2
Koorooman VIC 3953$418,000-9.1%1
Kooyong VIC 3144$3,285,000$850pw-0.1%10
Koriella VIC 3714$825,000--3
Korobeit VIC 3341-$375pw--
Koroit VIC 3282$485,000$375pw6%49
Korong Vale VIC 3520$71,250$200pw-5%8
Koroop VIC 3579$343,500--2
Korumburra VIC 3950$480,000$360pw11.4%149
Korumburra South VIC 3950$670,000--2
Korweinguboora VIC 3461$825,000-12.4%2
Kotta VIC 3565$430,000--2
Kotupna VIC 3638$427,500--2
Koyuga VIC 3622-$495pw--
Krowera VIC 3945$1,647,500--2
Kulwin VIC 3490$1,900,000--1
Kurting VIC 3517$335,000--1
Kurunjang VIC 3337$459,500$340pw8.2%194
Kyabram VIC 3620$300,000$318pw4%129
Kyabram South VIC 3620$510,000--2
Kyneton VIC 3444$743,500$460pw9.9%126
Kyneton South VIC 3444$865,000--1
Kyvalley VIC 3621$367,500--2
Laanecoorie VIC 3463$370,000-16.8%4
Laang VIC 3265$580,002--3
Labertouche VIC 3816$1,137,500$480pw9.4%4
Laceby VIC 3678-$430pw--
Ladys Pass VIC 3523$380,000$400pw2.2%2
Lah VIC 3393$140,000--2
Laharum VIC 3401$370,000-7.4%3
Lake Boga VIC 3584$395,000$300pw9.6%8
Lake Bolac VIC 3351$255,000-16.3%13
Lake Bunga VIC 3909$430,000-9.8%11
Lake Charm VIC 3581$240,000-9.3%1
Lake Fyans VIC 3381$385,000--2
Lake Gardens VIC 3355$670,000$420pw6.5%35
Lake Goldsmith VIC 3373$281,603$350pw-2
Lake Lonsdale VIC 3381$1,085,000--2
Lake Mundi VIC 3312$1,000--1
Lake Rowan VIC 3727$390,000--1
Lake Tyers VIC 3887$308,000-5.1%1
Lake Tyers Beach VIC 3909$482,000$345pw11.6%30
Lake Wendouree VIC 3350$1,210,000$383pw13.2%63
Lakes Entrance VIC 3909$412,500$350pw8.6%158
Lal Lal VIC 3352$683,500$395pw15%8
Lalbert VIC 3542$83,500--2
Lalor VIC 3075$672,000$370pw7.4%256
Lamplough VIC 3352$270,000--1
Lancaster VIC 3620$400,000-9%5
Lance Creek VIC 3995-$350pw--
Lancefield VIC 3435$700,000$440pw11.8%55
Landsborough VIC 3384$280,000--3
Landsborough West VIC 3384$368,750--2
Lang Lang VIC 3984$626,000$390pw12%48
Lang Lang East VIC 3984$1,000,000--1
Langdons Hill VIC 3363$384,000$330pw-1
Langkoop VIC 3318$370,000--2
Langley VIC 3444$820,000--1
Langsborough VIC 3971$340,000--3
Langwarrin VIC 3910$750,000$450pw9%385
Langwarrin South VIC 3911$1,725,000$460pw14.6%16
Lara VIC 3212$640,000$450pw10.5%251
Lardner VIC 3821-$250pw--
Larpent VIC 3249$473,500$345pw-2
Lascelles VIC 3487$127,500--3
Launching Place VIC 3139$695,000$400pw9.6%38
Lauriston VIC 3444$750,000--7
Lavers Hill VIC 3238$543,000--4
Laverton VIC 3028$580,000$340pw6.9%115
Laverton North VIC 3026-$420pw--
Learmonth VIC 3352$505,000-8.1%5
Ledcourt VIC 3385$117,500--2
Leichardt VIC 3516$750,000-3.7%1
Leitchville VIC 3567$350,000--6
Lemnos VIC 3631$520,000$270pw-2
Leneva VIC 3691$546,250$470pw5.8%40
Leonards Hill VIC 3461$540,000--3
Leongatha VIC 3953$502,500$350pw10.1%145
Leongatha North VIC 3953$816,500$380pw6.4%4
Leongatha South VIC 3953$717,500$450pw9.4%8
Leopold VIC 3224$610,000$430pw9.4%226
Leslie Manor VIC 3260$330,000--2
Lethbridge VIC 3332$807,500$495pw15.1%14
Lexton VIC 3352$355,000--4
Lillico VIC 3820$495,000--8.2%2
Lillicur VIC 3371$305,000-3.4%2
Lillimur VIC 3420$110,809--2
Lilliput VIC 3682$600,250--2
Lilydale VIC 3140$800,000$430pw6.8%262
Lima VIC 3673$620,000-14.5%2
Lima East VIC 3673$360,000--2
Lima South VIC 3673$550,000-2%2
Limestone VIC 3717$890,000--2
Lindenow VIC 3865$550,000$400pw-5
Lindenow South VIC 3875$455,000$425pw4.8%6
Linton VIC 3360$430,000$300pw9.1%11
Lismore VIC 3324$190,000$283pw6.3%14
Little Hampton VIC 3458$904,900--2
Little River VIC 3211$1,235,000$650pw12%13
Llanelly VIC 3551$235,000$275pw17.5%1
Llowalong VIC 3862$600,000--3
Loch VIC 3945$777,500$330pw19.1%12
Loch Sport VIC 3851$392,000$1,000pw14%12
Lockington VIC 3563-$285pw--
Locksley VIC 3665$1,872,500--2
Lockwood VIC 3551$650,000-8.2%7
Lockwood South VIC 3551$999,000$620pw-3
Logan VIC 3475$449,999--3
Londrigan VIC 3678$502,500--2
Long Forest VIC 3340$1,100,000$520pw9.3%3
Long Gully VIC 3550$361,000$350pw8.5%93
Longford VIC 3851$637,475$395pw7.7%16
Longlea VIC 3551$659,250$400pw2.2%4
Longwarry VIC 3816$523,500$380pw8.4%45
Longwarry North VIC 3816$695,000-1.3%3
Longwood VIC 3665$265,000$300pw-4
Longwood East VIC 3666$865,000--4
Lorne VIC 3232$1,608,000$700pw12.4%35
Lovely Banks VIC 3213$665,000$520pw7.5%33
Lovely Banks VIC 3221-$330pw--
Lower Homebush VIC 3465$244,000--1
Lower Moira VIC 3639$370,000--1
Lower Norton VIC 3401$615,000--2
Lower Plenty VIC 3093$1,235,000$545pw6.4%46
Lubeck VIC 3385$1,600--1
Lucas VIC 3350$538,000$400pw8.8%101
Lucknow VIC 3875$327,000$400pw4.9%24
Lurg VIC 3673$840,000--4
Lynbrook VIC 3975$700,000$440pw6.2%95
Lyndhurst VIC 3975$750,000$450pw5.6%141
Lyons VIC 3304$2,083,920--2
Lyonville VIC 3461$1,472,500-41.7%2
Lysterfield VIC 3156$1,170,000$475pw7.3%80
Lysterfield South VIC 3156$1,451,250$1,500pw5.6%10
Macarthur VIC 3286$225,000$275pw5.5%9
Macclesfield VIC 3782$1,281,500-6.9%10
Macedon VIC 3440$1,075,000$610pw11.4%29
Macleod VIC 3085$1,070,000$465pw6.3%107
Macorna VIC 3579$53,500--2
Macs Cove VIC 3723$425,000-17.5%13
Madalya VIC 3971$150,000--19.4%1
Maddingley VIC 3340$540,000$400pw9.3%103
Maffra VIC 3860$325,000$313pw5%129
Maffra West Upper VIC 3859$512,500-3.8%2
Magpie VIC 3352-$520pw--
Maiden Gully VIC 3551$702,500$470pw9.3%92
Maidstone VIC 3012$855,250$420pw5.5%80
Mailors Flat VIC 3275$660,000-5.1%3
Main Lead VIC 3373$336,250--2
Main Ridge VIC 3928$4,151,000$540pw18%9
Maindample VIC 3723$415,000-5.1%3
Maintongoon VIC 3714$405,000--3
Majorca VIC 3465$395,000--3
Maldon VIC 3463$615,000$480pw11.9%69
Mallacoota VIC 3892$510,000-12%9
Malmsbury VIC 3446$625,000$460pw12%15
Malvern VIC 3144$2,850,000$795pw5.3%125
Malvern East VIC 3145$1,950,000$620pw3.8%241
Mambourin VIC 3024$419,750$360pw-10
Manangatang VIC 3546$120,000-34.3%2
Mandurang VIC 3551$767,500-8.8%4
Mandurang South VIC 3551$650,000$440pw5.3%3
Mangalore VIC 3663$542,500-12.8%2
Manifold Heights VIC 3218$870,000$433pw7.7%51
Mannerim VIC 3222$2,000,000-18.7%2
Mannibadar VIC 3360-$330pw--
Manns Beach VIC 3971$249,000-6.8%9
Manor Lakes VIC 3024$590,000$370pw8.4%253
Mansfield VIC 3722$640,000$410pw11.3%154
Maramingo Creek VIC 3891$82,000--1
Marcus Hill VIC 3222$950,000--1
Mardan VIC 3953$690,000$320pw13.4%4
Marengo VIC 3233$1,000,000-9.6%17
Maribyrnong VIC 3032$1,000,000$500pw2.6%129
Marionvale VIC 3634$405,000$310pw-3
Markwood VIC 3678$575,000-0.9%3
Marlo VIC 3888$430,000$315pw2.5%5
Marnoo VIC 3387$113,500-20.1%2
Marong VIC 3515$522,500$420pw6%28
Maroona VIC 3377$195,000--1
Marraweeney VIC 3669$720,000--3
Marshall VIC 3216$558,000$423pw7.2%31
Marungi VIC 3634$209,000--1.8%4
Maryborough VIC 3465$325,000$290pw9.7%210
Maryknoll VIC 3812$1,100,000-18.7%5
Marysville VIC 3779$650,000$435pw14.2%21
Maude VIC 3331$725,000--3
Mccrae VIC 3938$1,222,500$500pw13.5%98
Mcintyre VIC 3472$272,500--2
Mckenzie Creek VIC 3401$195,000--1
Mckenzie Hill VIC 3451$680,000$470pw12%28
Mckinnon VIC 3204$1,826,000$693pw2.2%79
Mcloughlins Beach VIC 3874$260,000$310pw9.4%19
Mcmahons Creek VIC 3799$690,000-20%2
Mcmillans VIC 3568$385,000--2
Mead VIC 3568$127,500--2
Meadow Creek VIC 3678$136,000--4.9%1
Meadow Heights VIC 3048$522,500$360pw7.7%130
Meatian VIC 3585$113,000--2
Meeniyan VIC 3956$540,000$305pw8.3%11
Meerlieu VIC 3862$396,000--4
Melbourne VIC 3000$761,840$395pw1%3
Melbourne VIC 3004$1,492,750$420pw-4
Melton VIC 3337$439,000$320pw10.6%158
Melton South VIC 3338$450,000$330pw10.8%244
Melton West VIC 3337$495,000$350pw9.2%187
Melville Forest VIC 3315$550,000--1
Mentone VIC 3194$1,255,000$600pw6.1%133
Menzies Creek VIC 3159$887,500$430pw7.1%14
Mepunga VIC 3277$294,000--1
Mepunga West VIC 3277$462,500--2
Merbein VIC 3505$220,000$290pw4.8%43
Merbein South VIC 3505$357,500$320pw23.4%4
Merbein West VIC 3505$390,000--2
Meredith VIC 3333$470,000$470pw13.7%11
Meringur VIC 3496$45,000--1
Merino VIC 3310$145,000-14.1%8
Mernda VIC 3754$622,500$400pw7.9%380
Merriang VIC 3737$762,000-18.6%2
Merriang South VIC 3737$452,500$225pw-2
Merricks VIC 3916$2,650,000--2.4%2
Merricks Beach VIC 3926$1,785,000-18.7%8
Merricks North VIC 3926$3,312,500$1,687pw20.6%10
Merrigum VIC 3618$175,000$255pw1.3%11
Merrijig VIC 3723$810,000$460pw19.3%13
Merrimu VIC 3340$1,330,000-24.2%3
Merton VIC 3715$549,000--5
Metcalfe VIC 3448$640,000-1.8%3
Metcalfe East VIC 3444-$500pw--
Metung VIC 3904$600,000$390pw8%15
Mia Mia VIC 3444$547,300--2
Mickleham VIC 3064$600,000$400pw13.4%475
Middle Park VIC 3206$2,838,000$800pw7%51
Middle Tarwin VIC 3956$575,000--3
Miepoll VIC 3666$470,000--2
Milawa VIC 3678$500,000$545pw1.7%6
Mildura VIC 3500$355,000$350pw6.7%707
Mill Park VIC 3082$726,500$390pw6.9%302
Millbrook VIC 3352-$600pw--
Millgrove VIC 3799$485,000$350pw10.5%47
Milloo VIC 3572$220,500--2
Milltown VIC 3304$480,000--3
Mincha VIC 3575$57,500--2
Miners Rest VIC 3352$500,000$400pw8.5%65
Minimay VIC 3413$155,000--1
Minjah VIC 3276$349,500--2
Minyip VIC 3392$124,500$300pw7.9%8
Miram VIC 3415$72,500--2
Mirboo VIC 3871$915,000$350pw19.5%5
Mirboo North VIC 3871$472,500$330pw8.4%54
Mitcham VIC 3132$1,164,000$460pw6%173
Mitchell Park VIC 3352$513,000$280pw48.9%1
Mitchell Park VIC 3355$350,000$350pw5.1%11
Mitchellstown VIC 3608$125,000$385pw-1
Mitiamo VIC 3573$85,000--18.4%4
Mitre VIC 3409$255,000-38.5%1
Mitta Mitta VIC 3701$95,000--2
Modella VIC 3816$775,500$350pw5.5%2
Modewarre VIC 3240$1,412,000-18%4
Moe VIC 3825$289,000$300pw10.7%215
Moe South VIC 3825$635,000-7.9%2
Moggs Creek VIC 3231$1,360,500-9.9%2
Molesworth VIC 3718$320,000$320pw-1
Moliagul VIC 3472$181,000--2
Molka VIC 3666$1,885,050--2
Mollongghip VIC 3352$532,500$125pw-2
Mologa VIC 3575$75,000-20.1%1
Molyullah VIC 3673$918,250--2
Monbulk VIC 3793$742,500$450pw7.2%54
Monegeetta VIC 3433$860,000--2
Mongans Bridge VIC 3691$450,000--1
Monomeith VIC 3984$1,550,000--1
Mont Albert VIC 3127$2,000,000$650pw2.4%40
Mont Albert North VIC 3129$1,510,000$548pw1.2%77
Montgomery VIC 3851$468,500$280pw-2
Montmorency VIC 3094$1,000,000$510pw5.8%93
Montrose VIC 3765$819,500$440pw5.4%104
Moolap VIC 3221-$320pw--
Moolap VIC 3224$897,500$520pw9.8%7
Moolerr VIC 3477$249,900--1
Moolort VIC 3465$345,000--2
Moonambel VIC 3478$412,500-12.9%8
Moondarra VIC 3825$490,000--2
Moonee Ponds VIC 3039$1,442,500$570pw7%144
Moonlight Flat VIC 3450$467,500--2
Moonlight Flat VIC 3465$155,000--1
Moora VIC 3612$155,000--9.1%1
Moorabbin VIC 3189$1,270,000$578pw6.7%69
Moorabool VIC 3213-$750pw--
Mooralla VIC 3314$115,000--1
Moormbool West VIC 3523$204,000--2
Moornapa VIC 3862$337,500--2
Moorngag VIC 3673$604,500--2
Moorooduc VIC 3933$1,980,000$600pw8.3%9
Mooroolbark VIC 3138$761,400$440pw5.4%380
Mooroopna VIC 3629$300,000$325pw6.4%165
Mooroopna North VIC 3629$597,500--2
Mooroopna North West VIC 3616$260,000--2
Moranding VIC 3764$1,100,000--3
Mordialloc VIC 3195$1,200,000$543pw7.3%97
Moriac VIC 3240$822,500$530pw4.7%5
Mornington VIC 3931$1,020,250$550pw8.4%525
Morrisons VIC 3334$875,000--2
Mortlake VIC 3272$282,750$350pw13.2%52
Morwell VIC 3840$250,000$290pw10.3%471
Mossiface VIC 3885$395,000--3
Mount Alfred VIC 3709$330,000--1
Mount Beauty VIC 3699$408,500$350pw18.3%36
Mount Best VIC 3960$507,500--2
Mount Bruno VIC 3675$504,500--2
Mount Buller VIC 3723$1,190,000-24.4%3
Mount Burnett VIC 3781$697,500--2
Mount Camel VIC 3523$640,000-8.8%3
Mount Clear VIC 3350$465,000$380pw6.9%65
Mount Cottrell VIC 3024$555,000$550pw-26.9%6
Mount Dandenong VIC 3767$920,000$495pw8.9%33
Mount Doran VIC 3334$503,500--2
Mount Duneed VIC 3216$805,000$398pw-7.9%1
Mount Duneed VIC 3217$653,500$470pw10.7%142
Mount Eccles VIC 3953$610,000$300pw2.6%4
Mount Egerton VIC 3352$560,000$310pw9.5%19
Mount Eliza VIC 3930$1,630,000$780pw12.4%401
Mount Evelyn VIC 3796$782,500$410pw7.7%128
Mount Franklin VIC 3461$970,000--3
Mount Glasgow VIC 3371$450,000--5
Mount Helen VIC 3350$575,000$410pw10.1%54
Mount Lonarch VIC 3468$247,500--5%2
Mount Macedon VIC 3441$1,335,000$580pw9.3%32
Mount Martha VIC 3934$1,400,000$650pw12.1%418
Mount Mercer VIC 3352$802,500--2
Mount Moriac VIC 3240$1,700,000$600pw-3
Mount Pleasant VIC 3350$426,000$360pw7.9%47
Mount Richmond VIC 3305$450,000--2
Mount Rowan VIC 3352$852,500--3
Mount Taylor VIC 3875$645,000$440pw7.7%3
Mount Toolebewong VIC 3777$755,000-6.7%1
Mount Wallace VIC 3342$650,000--2
Mount Waverley VIC 3149$1,450,000$500pw3.2%416
Mountain View VIC 3988$798,500--3
Moutajup VIC 3294$3,881,230--2
Moyarra VIC 3951$672,500--2
Moyhu VIC 3732$317,000$300pw1.7%2
Moyreisk VIC 3477$213,000--1
Moyston VIC 3377$365,000$420pw-7
Muckatah VIC 3644$340,000$345pw-2
Muckleford VIC 3451$850,000-11.4%3
Muckleford South VIC 3462$1,200,000--2
Mudgegonga VIC 3737$920,000-13.5%3
Mulgrave VIC 3170$956,400$460pw4.7%244
Mundoona VIC 3635$254,000--2
Munro VIC 3862$297,000--2
Muntham VIC 3315$210,000--2
Murchison VIC 3610$400,000$310pw16.5%13
Murchison East VIC 3610$267,500--4.1%4
Murchison North VIC 3610$475,000$480pw-3
Murgheboluc VIC 3221$785,000--2
Murgheboluc VIC 3218$1,000,000--3
Murrabit VIC 3579$133,500--2
Murrabit West VIC 3579$200,000--2
Murrawee VIC 3586$320,500$280pw-2
Murraydale VIC 3586$550,000$270pw-1
Murrayville VIC 3512$172,500--2
Murrindindi VIC 3717$952,000--3
Murroon VIC 3243$1,100,000--2
Murrumbeena VIC 3163$1,560,000$590pw5.4%89
Murtoa VIC 3390$139,000$210pw8.5%28
Musk VIC 3461$2,518,000$270pw34.1%2
Musk Vale VIC 3461$1,055,000--4
Myall VIC 3579$445,000--2
Myamyn VIC 3304$2,014,500--2
Myers Flat VIC 3556$455,000-9.4%3
Myrniong VIC 3341$1,395,000$360pw22.8%3
Myrrhee VIC 3732$610,000--5
Myrtle Creek VIC 3551$390,250--2
Myrtlebank VIC 3851$650,000--3
Myrtleford VIC 3737$455,000$390pw11.8%60
Mystic Park VIC 3579$265,000--6.5%4
Mywee VIC 3641$305,000--1
Nagambie VIC 3608$530,000$353pw9.3%39
Nalangil VIC 3249$575,000$360pw-2
Nalinga VIC 3646$280,000--1
Nambrok VIC 3847$470,000--3
Nandaly VIC 3533-$130pw--
Nangana VIC 3781$1,325,000--2
Nangiloc VIC 3494-$340pw--
Nanneella VIC 3561$382,250-2.4%2
Napoleons VIC 3352$851,500$365pw15.6%4
Nar Nar Goon VIC 3812$1,250,000$390pw21%5
Nar Nar Goon North VIC 3812$1,137,500$490pw9%8
Narbethong VIC 3778$957,500--2
Nareen VIC 3315$446,000--2
Nariel Valley VIC 3707$515,000--3
Naring VIC 3636$1,970,000--2
Naringal VIC 3277$850,600--2
Naroghid VIC 3266$735,000$270pw-2
Narracan VIC 3824$747,000-9.1%2
Narrawong VIC 3285$380,000-10.2%7
Narre Warren VIC 3805$664,000$395pw7%418
Narre Warren East VIC 3804$1,527,500-4%5
Narre Warren North VIC 3804$1,360,000$610pw8.5%97
Narre Warren South VIC 3805$720,000$430pw7.4%470
Nathalia VIC 3638$285,000$290pw11.6%43
Natimuk VIC 3409$385,000$283pw-4
Natte Yallock VIC 3465$237,500$210pw-2
Navarre VIC 3384$255,000--4
Navigators VIC 3352-$490pw--
Nayook VIC 3832$234,000--2
Neerim VIC 3831$1,104,250$375pw-2
Neerim East VIC 3831-$375pw--
Neerim Junction VIC 3832$1,050,000--2
Neerim North VIC 3832$644,500--2
Neerim South VIC 3831$600,000$480pw9.6%25
Neilborough VIC 3570$388,850-0.6%2
Nelson VIC 3292$340,000$380pw7.4%20
Nerrena VIC 3953-$350pw--
Nerrin Nerrin VIC 3351$240,000--3
Nerrina VIC 3350$620,000$450pw3.8%23
Nerring VIC 3373$239,000--1
Netherby VIC 3418$47,000--2
New Gisborne VIC 3438$807,000$500pw8%30
Newborough VIC 3825$344,000$320pw10.4%125
Newbridge VIC 3551$245,000--4
Newbury VIC 3458$345,000$550pw-3
Newcomb VIC 3219$550,000$365pw12.5%86
Newfield VIC 3268-$220pw--
Newham VIC 3442$1,160,000$400pw7.2%8
Newhaven VIC 3925$779,000$350pw12.9%12
Newington VIC 3350$780,000$350pw16.1%32
Newlands Arm VIC 3875$503,500$410pw5.3%28
Newlyn VIC 3364$660,000-21.4%3
Newlyn North VIC 3364$680,000--3
Newmerella VIC 3886-$220pw--
Newport VIC 3015$1,173,000$550pw5.6%198
Newry VIC 3859$575,000$265pw-3
Newstead VIC 3462$532,000$320pw8.8%16
Newtown VIC 3220$1,020,000$470pw8.7%193
Newtown VIC 3351$274,000--2
Nhill VIC 3418$172,500$230pw5%55
Nichols Point VIC 3501$640,000$415pw5.3%13
Nicholson VIC 3882$655,000$350pw-7
Niddrie VIC 3042$1,152,500$460pw6.3%106
Nilma VIC 3821$765,000$340pw16.9%3
Nilma North VIC 3821$1,742,500-21.2%4
Nintingbool VIC 3351$650,000$650pw8.1%3
Ninyeunook VIC 3527$194,508--1
Nirranda VIC 3268-$200pw--
Nirranda East VIC 3268$315,000--1
Nirranda South VIC 3268$2,823,110--2
Noble Park VIC 3174$740,000$380pw5.7%223
Noble Park North VIC 3174$740,000$390pw6.5%103
Noojee VIC 3833$460,000-14.1%5
Noorat VIC 3265$352,500$308pw7.1%2
Noorinbee VIC 3890$317,500--2
Noradjuha VIC 3409$213,000--2
Norlane VIC 3214$430,000$303pw13.6%211
Norong VIC 3682$709,500--2
North Bendigo VIC 3550$420,000$370pw7.8%82
North Blackwood VIC 3458$1,025,000--1
North Geelong VIC 3215$520,000$390pw9.8%39
North Melbourne VIC 3051$1,150,000$583pw2%83
North Shore VIC 3214$658,000$363pw8.4%10
North Wangaratta VIC 3678$628,500-4.1%6
North Warrandyte VIC 3113$1,253,000$650pw9.4%39
North Wonthaggi VIC 3995$466,250$435pw12.5%82
Northcote VIC 3070$1,645,500$650pw7.9%274
Northwood VIC 3660$650,000--6
Norval VIC 3377$400,000--2
Notting Hill VIC 3168$1,101,500$380pw5.3%18
Nowa Nowa VIC 3887$300,000--5
Nowhere Creek VIC 3469$217,888--4.9%2
Nug Nug VIC 3737$440,000--2
Nuggetty VIC 3463$435,000--1
Nulla Vale VIC 3435$1,410,000--2
Nullawarre VIC 3268$422,500-7.8%4
Nullawil VIC 3529$110,000--2
Numurkah VIC 3636$303,500$270pw8.7%124
Nunawading VIC 3131$1,186,500$450pw5.3%114
Nungurner VIC 3909$720,000$460pw-10
Nutfield VIC 3099$1,170,000--2
Nyah VIC 3594$285,000$300pw12.6%7
Nyah West VIC 3595$210,000$270pw-3
Nyora VIC 3987$850,000$400pw14.1%11
Oak Park VIC 3046$1,037,000$450pw7.3%81
Oaklands Junction VIC 3063-$550pw--
Oakleigh VIC 3166$1,351,000$500pw6.1%51
Oakleigh East VIC 3166$1,105,000$450pw3.4%33
Oakleigh South VIC 3167$1,100,000$490pw5.1%83
Ocean Grange VIC 3880$500,000--1
Ocean Grove VIC 3226$883,000$520pw10%437
Officer VIC 3809$610,000$400pw12.1%439
Officer South VIC 3809$580,000$445pw-7
Old Tallangatta VIC 3701$475,000--2
Olinda VIC 3788$988,000$588pw8.4%31
Ombersley VIC 3241$1,220,000--2
Omeo VIC 3898-$320pw--
Ondit VIC 3249$297,000$230pw-3
Orbost VIC 3888$245,500$250pw8.6%92
Ormond VIC 3204$1,756,250$595pw4.8%70
Orrvale VIC 3631$470,000$340pw3.8%3
Osbornes Flat VIC 3691$580,000--3
Outtrim VIC 3951$1,000,000-12.3%4
Ouyen VIC 3490$138,000$285pw3.7%45
Ovens VIC 3738$967,500-26.5%2
Oxley VIC 3678$812,000$500pw13.6%10
Oxley Flats VIC 3678$565,000--3
Paaratte VIC 3268$350,000--1
Painswick VIC 3551$215,000--1
Pakenham VIC 3810$575,000$380pw8.1%1246
Pakenham South VIC 3810$1,210,000$370pw15.3%5
Pakenham Upper VIC 3810$1,120,000$560pw7.8%15
Panmure VIC 3265$427,500$520pw7.3%6
Panton Hill VIC 3759-$900pw--
Paradise VIC 3477$408,750--2
Paradise Beach VIC 3851$302,500$300pw9.2%32
Paraparap VIC 3240-$550pw--
Park Orchards VIC 3114$1,809,000$1,000pw5.6%64
Parkdale VIC 3195$1,357,500$610pw6.1%134
Parkville VIC 3052$1,705,000$850pw-3.4%29
Parwan VIC 3340-$640pw--
Pascoe Vale VIC 3044$990,000$440pw6.7%165
Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044$1,201,000$498pw9.1%141
Pastoria VIC 3444$1,500,000--2
Pastoria East VIC 3444$1,233,700--2
Patchewollock VIC 3491$72,500--2
Patho VIC 3564$311,800--2
Patterson Lakes VIC 3197$1,065,000$650pw5.3%127
Paynesville VIC 3880$442,500$380pw8.1%152
Pearcedale VIC 3912$785,000$465pw7.8%64
Pearsondale VIC 3851$390,000--1
Peechelba VIC 3678$535,000$380pw15.9%2
Peechelba East VIC 3678$467,500--2
Pennyroyal VIC 3235$1,387,500--2
Penshurst VIC 3289$194,000$290pw4.7%12
Pental Island VIC 3586$575,000--3
Pentland Hills VIC 3341$885,500--2
Percydale VIC 3478$650,500--2
Perry Bridge VIC 3862$350,000--2
Peterborough VIC 3270$612,500$600pw12.5%8
Pheasant Creek VIC 3757$810,000$400pw-7
Piangil VIC 3597$167,500-9.6%2
Picola VIC 3639$189,750--6
Piedmont VIC 3833$823,000-17%2
Pimpinio VIC 3401$222,500--4
Pine Lodge VIC 3631-$260pw--
Pine Mountain VIC 3709$400,000--3
Pioneer Bay VIC 3984$300,000$300pw6.4%3
Pipers Creek VIC 3444$1,938,750$565pw-2
Piries VIC 3723$1,229,780-12.3%2
Pirron Yallock VIC 3249$275,000-3.2%2
Pitfield VIC 3351$362,000--1
Plenty VIC 3090$1,475,250$550pw9.7%24
Plumpton VIC 3336$625,000--9
Plumpton VIC 3335-$440pw--
Point Cook VIC 3030$700,000$400pw8.1%1270
Point Leo VIC 3916-$650pw--
Point Lonsdale VIC 3225$1,065,000$500pw11.9%108
Pomborneit VIC 3260-$350pw--
Pomborneit North VIC 3260$502,500--2
Pomonal VIC 3381$580,000$365pw7.9%2
Poolaijelo VIC 3312$170,000--1
Pootilla VIC 3352$695,500-6.2%2
Poowong VIC 3988$510,000$360pw17.8%24
Poowong East VIC 3988$1,250,000-26.6%3
Poowong North VIC 3988$1,605,000$250pw23.9%2
Porcupine Ridge VIC 3461$1,390,000$405pw16.3%3
Porepunkah VIC 3740$769,500$390pw16.7%14
Port Albert VIC 3971$339,100$275pw10.6%10
Port Campbell VIC 3269$581,250-11.7%12
Port Fairy VIC 3284$800,000$400pw8.9%83
Port Franklin VIC 3964$230,000-5.9%3
Port Melbourne VIC 3207$1,650,000$695pw4.6%211
Port Welshpool VIC 3965$276,000$375pw-3
Portarlington VIC 3223$780,000$395pw11.1%128
Portland VIC 3305$345,000$360pw9.4%288
Portland North VIC 3305$442,500$370pw8.2%16
Portland West VIC 3305$628,500$370pw15.2%8
Portsea VIC 3944$2,962,500$1,050pw11.6%72
Pound Creek VIC 3996$972,500-11.6%2
Powelltown VIC 3797-$315pw--
Powlett Plains VIC 3517$370,000--1
Prahran VIC 3181$1,702,500$690pw2.6%134
Preston VIC 3072$1,161,000$500pw7.5%325
Princes Hill VIC 3054$1,862,000$728pw7%23
Princetown VIC 3269$507,000--2
Purnim VIC 3278$480,000-30.7%5
Pyalong VIC 3521-$340pw--
Pyramid Hill VIC 3575$155,000$170pw6.9%9
Quambatook VIC 3540-$200pw--
Quantong VIC 3401$375,000-6.4%4
Quarry Hill VIC 3550$515,750$390pw6.9%54
Queenscliff VIC 3225$1,350,000$440pw14.2%43
Raglan VIC 3373$398,750$200pw21.6%4
Rainbow VIC 3424$95,000$190pw10.4%11
Ranceby VIC 3951$825,000-9.7%3
Ravenhall VIC 3023$530,500-10.1%2
Ravenswood VIC 3453$896,000$420pw-8
Ravenswood South VIC 3453$372,500-0.4%1
Rawson VIC 3825$325,000$280pw14.2%8
Raymond Island VIC 3880$409,000$333pw7%21
Raywood VIC 3570-$163pw--
Red Cliffs VIC 3496$302,500$300pw9.2%103
Red Hill VIC 3937$2,500,000$1,000pw29.3%13
Red Hill South VIC 3937$2,555,000$688pw11.1%14
Red Lion VIC 3371$405,000--2
Redan VIC 3350$447,750$330pw12.6%73
Redbank VIC 3477$217,500--2
Redcastle VIC 3523$547,500-6.3%2
Redesdale VIC 3444$422,500$400pw-4
Reedy Creek VIC 3658-$450pw--
Reedy Flat VIC 3895$366,000--1
Reefton VIC 3799$402,500-15.5%2
Research VIC 3095$1,610,000$620pw10%43
Reservoir VIC 3073$885,000$400pw6.4%566
Rheola VIC 3517$245,000--1
Rhyll VIC 3923$852,500$425pw8.5%8
Rhymney VIC 3377$425,000--2
Richmond VIC 3121$1,403,250$650pw3%318
Riddells Creek VIC 3431$855,000$500pw9.2%61
Ringwood VIC 3134$960,000$450pw3.6%211
Ringwood East VIC 3135$952,000$450pw4.5%105
Ringwood North VIC 3134$1,101,110$480pw6.5%138
Ripplebrook VIC 3818$2,025,000-29.8%2
Rippleside VIC 3215$941,750$450pw3.8%18
Ripponlea VIC 3185$2,075,000$700pw7.3%9
Riverside VIC 3401$467,000--2
Riverslea VIC 3860$441,000-2.5%2
Robertsons Beach VIC 3971$449,500-20.4%2
Robinvale VIC 3549$292,500$260pw10.2%38
Robinvale Irrigation District Section B VIC 3549$255,000-3.5%1
Robinvale Irrigation District Section C VIC 3549$182,500--2
Rochester VIC 3561$315,000$340pw6.5%76
Rochester West VIC 3561$270,000--1
Rochford VIC 3442$1,082,500--11%2
Rockbank VIC 3335$537,500$390pw8.7%66
Rocklyn VIC 3364$507,500--2
Rokeby VIC 3821$950,000-21.8%5
Rokewood VIC 3330$565,000$295pw-2
Rokewood Junction VIC 3351$87,500--2
Romsey VIC 3434$758,750$430pw11.3%124
Rosanna VIC 3084$1,265,000$480pw6.5%91
Rosebrook VIC 3285$525,000-8.8%2
Rosebud VIC 3939$761,250$420pw10.8%428
Rosebud West VIC 3940$430,000$320pw3.6%125
Rosedale VIC 3847$347,500$345pw8.6%44
Rosewhite VIC 3737-$420pw--
Roslynmead VIC 3564$412,500--1
Ross Creek VIC 3351$650,000$395pw9.5%12
Rossbridge VIC 3377$84,250--2
Rowsley VIC 3340-$1,200pw--
Rowville VIC 3178$935,000$485pw4.5%415
Roxburgh Park VIC 3064$610,500$400pw7.3%314
Rubicon VIC 3712$200,000--3
Ruby VIC 3953$890,000-13.6%2
Ruffy VIC 3666$340,000--2
Running Creek VIC 3691$172,000--1
Runnymede VIC 3558$435,000$300pw-1
Rupanyup VIC 3388$100,000$240pw4.3%13
Rushworth VIC 3612$285,000$300pw8.4%25
Russells Bridge VIC 3331-$530pw--
Rutherglen VIC 3685$385,000$340pw7.4%53
Ryanston VIC 3992$720,000-11.9%5
Rye VIC 3941$1,000,000$500pw13.1%448
Rythdale VIC 3810$2,250,000$245pw-2
Safety Beach VIC 3936$930,000$600pw8.1%188
Sailors Falls VIC 3461$235,000--13.9%2
Sailors Gully VIC 3556$360,000-9.3%23
Sailors Hill VIC 3461$721,000--1
Sale VIC 3850$370,000$390pw4.7%399
Samaria VIC 3673$569,750--2
San Remo VIC 3925$810,000$468pw11.5%56
Sanctuary Lakes VIC 3030$678,500$493pw-72
Sandford VIC 3312$180,000--5
Sandhurst VIC 3977$900,000$555pw6.5%105
Sandon VIC 3462$735,000--1
Sandringham VIC 3191$2,035,000$850pw5.4%127
Sandy Creek VIC 3695$585,000--2
Sandy Point VIC 3959$840,000--7
Sarsfield VIC 3875$647,500$400pw11.5%10
Sassafras VIC 3787$807,500$430pw4.3%18
Sawmill Settlement VIC 3723$550,000$585pw11.1%17
Scarsdale VIC 3351$495,500$350pw5.2%8
Scoresby VIC 3179$917,000$430pw5.9%77
Scotchmans Lead VIC 3352$667,500--2
Scotsburn VIC 3352$1,000,000-13.5%3
Scotts Creek VIC 3267$525,000$330pw-3
Sea Lake VIC 3533$125,000$295pw18.9%13
Seabrook VIC 3028$702,250$380pw7%66
Seacombe VIC 3851$141,250--2
Seaford VIC 3198$769,500$440pw7.7%262
Seaholme VIC 3018$1,115,000$500pw6.2%30
Seaspray VIC 3851$330,000$320pw7.3%15
Seaton VIC 3858-$450pw--
Seaview VIC 3821$1,277,500$360pw-2
Sebastian VIC 3556$330,000$308pw-4.2%6
Sebastopol VIC 3356$385,000$320pw9.3%232
Seddon VIC 3011$1,115,000$550pw5%96
Sedgwick VIC 3551$760,000$500pw8.3%7
Selby VIC 3159$808,000$550pw9.8%34
Separation Creek VIC 3234$1,750,000-70.9%3
Separation Creek VIC 3221$465,000--9.8%2
Serpentine VIC 3517-$185pw--
Serviceton VIC 3420$34,000--2
Seville VIC 3139$750,000$470pw8.3%35
Seville East VIC 3139$722,500$450pw7.4%12
Seymour VIC 3660$387,500$340pw9.2%104
Shady Creek VIC 3821$990,000-12%3
She Oaks VIC 3331$695,000$330pw8.5%2
Sheans Creek VIC 3666$675,000$350pw-3
Shelbourne VIC 3515$700,000-9.5%7
Shelford VIC 3329$1,035,000$450pw-2
Shepherds Flat VIC 3461$1,556,000--2
Shepparton VIC 3630$347,500$350pw5.9%627
Shepparton East VIC 3631$575,000$330pw9.4%3
Shepparton North VIC 3631$374,500$440pw0.7%30
Sherbrooke VIC 3789$1,265,000-15.5%4
Shoreham VIC 3916$3,400,000$785pw12.3%4
Silvan VIC 3795$1,242,500$365pw7.9%12
Silverleaves VIC 3922$873,000$450pw12.7%15
Simpson VIC 3266-$380pw--
Simson VIC 3465$221,500$270pw-2
Skenes Creek VIC 3233$745,000$475pw-2
Skenes Creek North VIC 3233$840,000--1
Skibo VIC 3260$400,000-1.1%2
Skipton VIC 3361$270,000$275pw8.9%10
Skye VIC 3977$700,000$460pw8.6%117
Slaty Creek VIC 3477$251,500--2
Smeaton VIC 3364$437,500--6
Smiths Beach VIC 3922$794,775$380pw10%26
Smiths Gully VIC 3760-$290pw--
Smokeytown VIC 3364$100,000--1
Smoko VIC 3741$1,459,500$260pw-2
Smythes Creek VIC 3351$745,000$400pw9.2%25
Smythesdale VIC 3351$552,000$350pw6.3%11
Snake Valley VIC 3351-$360pw--
Soldiers Hill VIC 3350$520,000$350pw9.2%70
Somers VIC 3927$1,726,380$500pw18.2%56
Somerton VIC 3062$2,877,000--1
Somerville VIC 3912$756,000$488pw9.9%229
Sorrento VIC 3943$1,950,000$775pw14.4%165
South Dudley VIC 3995$419,500$355pw12.4%10
South Geelong VIC 3220$905,000$470pw11%20
South Kingsville VIC 3015$1,030,500$500pw6.2%44
South Melbourne VIC 3205$1,600,000$620pw2%131
South Morang VIC 3752$683,750$415pw7.2%266
South Purrumbete VIC 3260$813,890--2
South Wharf VIC 3006-$60pw--
South Yarra VIC 3141$2,015,000$720pw2.5%152
Southbank VIC 3006$594,500$400pw-8.9%16
Southern Cross VIC 3283$615,000$250pw-4
Spargo Creek VIC 3461$210,000--1
Speed VIC 3488$55,000--1.7%3
Spotswood VIC 3015$1,151,500$500pw6.2%43
Spring Gully VIC 3550$488,000$395pw7%52
Spring Hill VIC 3444$889,783--2
Springbank VIC 3352$503,600--2
Springfield VIC 3434$1,762,500--2
Springhurst VIC 3682-$310pw--
Springmount VIC 3364$577,000-1.9%3
Springvale VIC 3171$813,500$390pw4.1%176
Springvale South VIC 3172$783,150$395pw5.2%62
St Albans VIC 3021$655,000$350pw6.9%389
St Albans Park VIC 3219$560,000$398pw11.2%65
St Andrews VIC 3761-$350pw--
St Andrews Beach VIC 3941$1,450,000$950pw16.7%35
St Arnaud VIC 3478$203,000$250pw8.1%55
St Arnaud East VIC 3477$179,000--1
St Clair VIC 3995$2,335,000--2
St Helena VIC 3088$982,999$550pw5.5%36
St Helens VIC 3285$299,000--1
St James VIC 3727$140,750--2
St Kilda VIC 3182$1,605,000$650pw6.1%77
St Kilda East VIC 3183$1,738,000$685pw3.6%55
St Kilda West VIC 3182$2,075,000$825pw2.1%23
St Leonards VIC 3223$660,000$420pw9%157
Staffordshire Reef VIC 3351$256,500--2
Staghorn Flat VIC 3691-$300pw--
Stanhope VIC 3623$196,000$218pw4.3%17
Stanley VIC 3747$712,500--2
Staughton Vale VIC 3340$430,000--1
Stavely VIC 3379$60,000--1
Stawell VIC 3380$259,500$295pw8%130
Steels Creek VIC 3775$1,885,000-18%4
Steiglitz VIC 3331$580,000-1.2%2
Stewarton VIC 3725$3,000,000--1
Stockdale VIC 3862$388,500--2
Stonehaven VIC 3218$3,536,250$1,100pw-2
Stony Creek VIC 3957$627,500--6
Stonyford VIC 3260$285,000$230pw19.9%1
Stradbroke VIC 3851$568,000--3
Strangways VIC 3461$592,500--1
Stratford VIC 3862$368,000$410pw6.2%58
Strath Creek VIC 3658-$250pw--
Strathallan VIC 3622$449,000--13.9%1
Strathbogie VIC 3666$420,000--6
Strathdale VIC 3550$616,537$400pw7.5%108
Strathdownie VIC 3312$230,000--2
Strathewen VIC 3099-$220pw--
Strathfieldsaye VIC 3551$595,500$460pw7%126
Strathkellar VIC 3301$780,000--1
Strathmerton VIC 3641$265,000$305pw8.3%13
Strathmore VIC 3041$1,500,000$550pw7.2%140
Strathmore Heights VIC 3041$990,000$525pw4.4%13
Strathtulloh VIC 3338$574,000$380pw3.8%53
Streatham VIC 3351$209,000--2
Strzelecki VIC 3950$797,500$415pw14.8%4
Stuart Mill VIC 3477$200,000--3
Sugarloaf VIC 3234$1,197,500--2
Sugarloaf Creek VIC 3658$1,200,000$490pw-2
Sulky VIC 3352$1,125,000--3
Sunbury VIC 3429$630,000$395pw10.1%651
Sunday Creek VIC 3658$750,000-27.3%5
Sunderland Bay VIC 3922$720,000$400pw18.1%19
Sunset Strip VIC 3922$570,000$390pw11.9%31
Sunshine VIC 3020$857,000$360pw7%113
Sunshine North VIC 3020$722,500$360pw6%135
Sunshine West VIC 3020$690,000$360pw7.4%182
Surf Beach VIC 3922$678,012$420pw11.2%31
Surrey Hills VIC 3127$2,100,000$650pw4%144
Sutton Grange VIC 3448$600,000--2
Swan Bay VIC 3225$1,840,000$540pw-2
Swan Hill VIC 3585$365,000$345pw7%184
Swan Marsh VIC 3249$590,685--2
Swan Reach VIC 3903$472,500$380pw-3.7%5
Swanpool VIC 3673$410,000--2
Swifts Creek VIC 3896-$330pw--
Sydenham VIC 3037$661,250$390pw7.3%70
Tabilk VIC 3607-$245pw--
Taggerty VIC 3714$347,500--2
Tahara VIC 3301$142,000--1
Talbot VIC 3371$330,000$305pw14.2%4
Talgarno VIC 3691$1,351,500$600pw27.9%2
Tallandoon VIC 3701$1,380,000$325pw-2
Tallangatta VIC 3700$330,000$330pw8.3%33
Tallangatta Valley VIC 3701$640,000--2
Tallarook VIC 3659$737,500$610pw10.8%4
Tallygaroopna VIC 3634-$350pw--
Tambo Upper VIC 3885$1,624,250-32.9%2
Tamboon VIC 3890$260,000-21.1%1
Taminick VIC 3675$1,310,000--2
Tamleugh VIC 3669$385,000--1
Tangambalanga VIC 3691$575,000$320pw12.8%11
Tanjil Bren VIC 3833$237,500--2
Tanjil South VIC 3825$620,000-0.9%5
Tanybryn VIC 3249$537,500--2
Taradale VIC 3447$353,500--2
Tarcombe VIC 3666$994,360$450pw-2
Tarnagulla VIC 3551$224,000--2
Tarneit VIC 3029$580,000$380pw6.6%1087
Tarnook VIC 3670$445,000--2
Tarra Valley VIC 3971$590,000--2
Tarraville VIC 3971$235,000--4.1%3
Tarrawingee VIC 3678$590,000$395pw6.8%5
Tarrayoukyan VIC 3315$170,000--1
Tarrengower VIC 3463$650,000$365pw-3
Tarrington VIC 3301-$318pw--
Tarrone VIC 3283$789,103--2
Tarwin VIC 3956$373,000--1
Tarwin Lower VIC 3956$865,000-16.2%18
Tatong VIC 3673$657,500-11.7%4
Tatura VIC 3616$350,000$330pw8.1%93
Tatura East VIC 3616$680,000--2
Tawonga VIC 3697$459,000$575pw3.9%9
Tawonga South VIC 3698$490,000$375pw6.1%15
Taylor Bay VIC 3713$902,500-12.5%6
Taylors Hill VIC 3037$775,000$450pw6%139
Taylors Lakes VIC 3038$842,500$450pw7.1%132
Tecoma VIC 3160$838,250$493pw7.6%30
Teesdale VIC 3328$791,000$523pw12.4%16
Templestowe VIC 3106$1,593,500$690pw4.3%210
Templestowe Lower VIC 3107$1,317,500$545pw4.1%180
Tempy VIC 3489$113,000--1
Tenby Point VIC 3984$508,750-12.3%4
Terang VIC 3264$280,000$280pw11.4%56
Terip Terip VIC 3719$960,000--1
Terrick Terrick East VIC 3573$331,567--1
Tesbury VIC 3260$293,500--2
Tetoora Road VIC 3821$850,000$480pw-3
The Basin VIC 3154$792,500$425pw7.1%51
The Gurdies VIC 3984$675,000-15.5%4
The Heart VIC 3851$392,500--2
The Honeysuckles VIC 3851$397,500$320pw13.8%14
The Patch VIC 3792$825,000$440pw5.7%16
Thomastown VIC 3074$690,000$370pw8.9%208
Thomson VIC 3219$475,000$355pw9.6%29
Thoona VIC 3726-$295pw--
Thornbury VIC 3071$1,377,500$620pw6.8%182
Thornhill Park VIC 3335$567,500$370pw23.7%86
Thornton VIC 3712$620,000-11.5%3
Thorpdale VIC 3835$385,000$355pw3.8%5
Thowgla Valley VIC 3707$315,000--3
Three Bridges VIC 3797$759,000--2
Timboon VIC 3268$465,000$370pw14.1%26
Timboon West VIC 3268$1,560,000--1
Timor VIC 3465$304,000--2
Timor West VIC 3465$380,000--1
Tinamba VIC 3859-$320pw--
Tinamba West VIC 3859$390,000--1
Tintaldra VIC 3708$1,825,000$220pw-1
Tol Tol VIC 3549$510,000--2
Tolmie VIC 3723$555,000$450pw6.9%12
Tongala VIC 3621$340,000$270pw13.7%35
Tonimbuk VIC 3815$950,500--2
Tooborac VIC 3522$475,000--2
Toolamba VIC 3614$562,000$400pw9.3%14
Toolamba West VIC 3614$375,000$290pw-2
Toolangi VIC 3777$935,000$185pw15.6%4
Toolern Vale VIC 3337$937,000$300pw8.8%2
Toolleen VIC 3551$697,000$345pw-2
Toolondo VIC 3401$224,500--2
Toolong VIC 3285$456,500--2
Toongabbie VIC 3856$525,000$270pw5.3%13
Toora VIC 3962$370,000$360pw8.6%18
Toora North VIC 3962$430,000--2
Tooradin VIC 3980$847,500$485pw8.3%14
Toorak VIC 3142$5,250,000$1,100pw4.1%147
Toorloo Arm VIC 3909$690,000-8.9%5
Tootgarook VIC 3941$794,250$450pw11.4%128
Torquay VIC 3228$1,050,000$580pw9.8%374
Torrumbarry VIC 3562$402,000$480pw-3
Torwood VIC 3821$1,240,000$530pw-1
Tottenham VIC 3012-$230pw--
Tottington VIC 3477$140,777--1
Tower Hill VIC 3283$270,000--1
Towong VIC 3707$465,000--4
Towong Upper VIC 3707$365,000--2
Trafalgar VIC 3824$440,000$380pw8.1%81
Trafalgar East VIC 3824$442,000$390pw-0.1%3
Trafalgar South VIC 3824$550,000-3.9%3
Tragowel VIC 3579$267,500--2
Traralgon VIC 3844$380,000$380pw6.7%683
Traralgon East VIC 3844$600,000$480pw6.2%35
Traralgon South VIC 3844$575,000-5%13
Travancore VIC 3032$1,700,000$480pw9.1%21
Trawalla VIC 3373$422,500--2
Trawool VIC 3660$730,000--3
Traynors Lagoon VIC 3477$95,000--2
Tremont VIC 3785$711,000-2.7%2
Trentham VIC 3458$815,000$480pw12.2%51
Trentham East VIC 3458$1,312,500-23.9%4
Tresco VIC 3583$97,250--2
Tresco West VIC 3584-$210pw--
Trida VIC 3953$707,500--4
Truganina VIC 3029$600,000$395pw7.7%608
Tuerong VIC 3915$3,307,500-8.4%7
Tullamarine VIC 3043$720,000$390pw7.8%73
Tungamah VIC 3728$242,500$250pw19.6%10
Turoar VIC 3546$402,846--1
Turriff VIC 3488$76,000--1
Turtons Creek VIC 3960$380,000$230pw-1
Tyaak VIC 3658$710,000--2
Tyabb VIC 3913$820,000$500pw13.3%43
Tyers VIC 3844$526,250$350pw11.7%4
Tylden VIC 3444$730,000$513pw2.9%5
Tynong VIC 3813$640,000$370pw12%6
Tynong North VIC 3813$1,206,120$575pw11.5%10
Tyntynder VIC 3586-$400pw--
Tyntynder South VIC 3586$510,000--2
Tyrendarra VIC 3285-$300pw--
Ullina VIC 3370$2,050,000--1
Ultima VIC 3544$127,500--4
Ulupna VIC 3641$421,400--2
Undera VIC 3629$440,000$300pw-6
Underbool VIC 3509-$150pw--
Upotipotpon VIC 3669$890,000--1
Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156$800,000$440pw6.2%51
Upper Gundowring VIC 3691$335,000$340pw-2
Upper Lurg VIC 3673$725,000$460pw20.3%3
Upper Plenty VIC 3756$925,000-3.3%3
Upper Ryans Creek VIC 3673$350,000--1
Upwey VIC 3158$856,000$470pw9.1%84
Valencia Creek VIC 3860$650,000--4
Vaughan VIC 3451$537,500-0.5%2
Vectis VIC 3401-$295pw--
Ventnor VIC 3922$739,250$420pw12%38
Venus Bay VIC 3956$480,500$340pw13.1%90
Vermont VIC 3133$1,140,000$475pw5.8%105
Vermont South VIC 3133$1,335,000$530pw4.8%147
Viewbank VIC 3084$1,192,500$530pw5.9%90
Vinifera VIC 3591$262,500--2
Violet Town VIC 3669$386,250$293pw10.2%20
Vite Vite VIC 3325$170,000--3.7%1
Waaia VIC 3637$240,000-0.5%5
Waanyarra VIC 3551$311,000--2
Waggarandall VIC 3646$315,000--1
Wahgunyah VIC 3687$387,000$340pw6.4%24
Wahring VIC 3608$572,500--2
Wairewa VIC 3887$105,000--1
Wal Wal VIC 3385$295,000--3
Waldara VIC 3678$790,000-10.5%9
Walhalla VIC 3825$363,500--6
Walkerville VIC 3956$442,800-10.2%12
Walkerville North VIC 3956$850,000-0.6%2
Walkerville South VIC 3956$355,000--10.3%1
Wallace VIC 3352$780,000-15.3%3
Wallacedale VIC 3303$126,500$210pw-2
Wallagaraugh VIC 3891$600,000--1
Wallan VIC 3756$580,000$385pw9.5%308
Wallinduc VIC 3351$312,750--1
Wallington VIC 3222$1,990,000$450pw20.6%9
Wallington VIC 3221$1,125,000$600pw11%2
Walmer VIC 3463$512,000--5
Walpa VIC 3875$250,000-1.5%2
Walpeup VIC 3507-$210pw--
Walwa VIC 3709-$250pw--
Wanalta VIC 3612$473,220--2
Wandana Heights VIC 3216$875,000$583pw7.1%39
Wandella VIC 3579$380,000--2
Wandiligong VIC 3744$751,000-10.1%8
Wandin East VIC 3139$975,000$330pw2.7%2
Wandin North VIC 3139$768,500$450pw9.3%48
Wando Bridge VIC 3312$3,062,500--2
Wando Vale VIC 3312$232,500--4
Wandong VIC 3758$877,500$480pw13.9%12
Wangandary VIC 3678$957,500$520pw-2
Wangaratta VIC 3677$408,000$380pw8.6%399
Wangaratta South VIC 3678$630,000-5.8%5
Wangoom VIC 3279$360,500--2
Wannon VIC 3301$525,000--2
Wantirna VIC 3152$1,027,500$470pw5.1%162
Wantirna South VIC 3152$1,110,000$483pw5.4%193
Waranga Shores VIC 3612$451,000$373pw14.4%5
Waratah Bay VIC 3959$732,500-9.3%6
Warburton VIC 3799$645,000$410pw12.1%62
Wareek VIC 3465$536,000-9.1%2
Warncoort VIC 3243-$440pw--
Warneet VIC 3980$600,000$380pw9.7%15
Warracknabeal VIC 3393$145,000$250pw3.9%71
Warragul VIC 3820$560,000$400pw10.2%455
Warragul South VIC 3821$1,545,000--2
Warragul West VIC 3821$210,000--1
Warrak VIC 3377$295,000-10.1%2
Warrandyte VIC 3113$1,385,000$650pw6.5%86
Warrandyte South VIC 3134$2,170,000-6.2%12
Warranwood VIC 3134$1,085,000$553pw5%53
Warrenbayne VIC 3670-$400pw--
Warrenheip VIC 3352$788,000$228pw10.5%6
Warrion VIC 3249$541,250-8.3%2
Warrnambool VIC 3280$460,000$400pw7.6%559
Warrong VIC 3283$635,000--2
Wartook VIC 3401$492,000--2
Watchem VIC 3482$60,000$195pw-3
Waterford Park VIC 3658$420,000$320pw10.9%7
Waterloo VIC 3373$261,500--2
Waterways VIC 3195$1,497,500$720pw9.3%36
Watsonia VIC 3087$895,000$420pw7.1%73
Watsonia North VIC 3087$885,000$430pw5%45
Wattle Bank VIC 3995$612,500-4.8%2
Wattle Flat VIC 3352$1,197,500--2
Wattle Glen VIC 3096$945,750$670pw7.8%24
Waubra VIC 3352$535,000$350pw22.4%3
Waurn Ponds VIC 3216$712,500$480pw7.3%55
Weatherboard VIC 3352$730,000--1
Wedderburn VIC 3518$173,500$260pw3%32
Wee Wee Rup VIC 3568$435,000--2
Weering VIC 3251$825,000--4
Weerite VIC 3260$471,000--2
Weir Views VIC 3338$510,000$370pw5%107
Wellsford VIC 3551$772,500--2
Welshmans Reef VIC 3462$580,000$375pw-3
Welshpool VIC 3966$445,000--5
Wemen VIC 3549$230,000--1
Wendouree VIC 3355$420,000$330pw11.2%219
Wensleydale VIC 3241$1,095,000--2
Werneth VIC 3352$466,080--1
Werona VIC 3364$965,500--2
Werribee VIC 3030$546,000$350pw8.7%852
Werribee South VIC 3030$760,000$430pw8.9%36
Werrimull VIC 3496$86,250--2
Wesburn VIC 3799$670,000$390pw6%13
West Bendigo VIC 3550$410,000$395pw10.7%13
West Creek VIC 3992$865,000--2
West Footscray VIC 3012$907,500$470pw6.2%134
West Melbourne VIC 3003$1,232,500$573pw6.5%20
West Wodonga VIC 3690$415,000$400pw5.7%252
Westbury VIC 3825$593,500--2
Westby VIC 3579$515,000--2
Westmeadows VIC 3049$671,000$415pw8.5%107
Westmere VIC 3351$137,500$220pw-2
Whanregarwen VIC 3714$449,000--2
Wharparilla VIC 3564$615,000-0.8%11
Wheatsheaf VIC 3461$700,000-8.5%4
Wheelers Hill VIC 3150$1,320,000$510pw5.7%217
Whipstick VIC 3556$415,000--1
White Hills VIC 3550$428,250$370pw6.9%90
Whiteheads Creek VIC 3660$820,000-16.6%3
Whitelaw VIC 3950$460,000--2
Whitfield VIC 3733$380,500$380pw-4
Whittington VIC 3219$454,000$350pw11.7%46
Whittlesea VIC 3757$665,000$405pw8.3%118
Whorouly VIC 3735$420,000--3
Whorouly East VIC 3735$375,000--2
Whroo VIC 3612$337,000-3.4%1
Wickliffe VIC 3379$78,500--3
Wilby VIC 3728$250,000-12.3%9
Wild Dog Valley VIC 3953$717,500--2
Wildwood VIC 3429$1,288,500$750pw16.5%2
Willatook VIC 3283-$300pw--
Willaura VIC 3379$143,500$180pw12.4%8
Williams Landing VIC 3027$719,499$430pw6.7%158
Williamstown VIC 3016$1,561,500$665pw5.4%202
Williamstown North VIC 3016$1,165,000$540pw5.7%16
Willow Grove VIC 3825$590,500$360pw33.4%8
Willowmavin VIC 3764$1,300,000-17.7%3
Willung VIC 3847-$215pw--
Willung South VIC 3847$580,000-7%2
Wilsons Hill VIC 3515$635,000--1
Wimbledon Heights VIC 3922$515,000$400pw11.8%25
Winchelsea VIC 3241$503,500$400pw11.1%62
Winchelsea South VIC 3241-$350pw--
Windermere VIC 3352$1,490,000--3
Windsor VIC 3181$1,404,000$695pw1.3%73
Wingeel VIC 3321$905,000-4.6%2
Winnindoo VIC 3858$657,500$310pw-2
Winslow VIC 3281$530,000-6.3%13
Winter Valley VIC 3358$530,000$400pw7.5%63
Winton VIC 3673$380,000$355pw-2
Wiseleigh VIC 3885$370,000--2
Wodonga VIC 3690$410,000$390pw5.8%440
Wollert VIC 3750$600,000$420pw6.3%627
Won Wron VIC 3971$501,000--4
Wonga VIC 3960$900,000--1
Wonga Park VIC 3115$1,660,000$490pw7.2%47
Wongarra VIC 3234$1,812,500--2
Wongarra VIC 3221$462,500--5.7%2
Wongungarra VIC 3862$270,000--1
Wonthaggi VIC 3995$481,500$390pw13.4%136
Wonwondah VIC 3401$108,750$333pw-16.4%2
Wonyip VIC 3962$320,000--2
Wood Wood VIC 3596$220,000--1
Woodend VIC 3442$932,500$575pw12.4%116
Woodend North VIC 3442$1,750,000$765pw21.9%3
Woodfield VIC 3715$640,000--3
Woodford VIC 3281$820,000-34.7%5
Woodglen VIC 3875$300,000--1
Woodleigh VIC 3945$615,000--2
Woods Point VIC 3723$192,500--6
Woodside VIC 3874$585,000--4
Woodside Beach VIC 3874$432,500$225pw8.3%8
Woodstock VIC 3751-$600pw--
Woodvale VIC 3556$400,000$395pw2.3%5
Wool Wool VIC 3249$252,500--2
Woolamai VIC 3995$1,750,000-22.9%2
Woolsthorpe VIC 3276$403,000--3
Woomelang VIC 3485$98,000-1.3%9
Wooragee VIC 3747$695,000-26.9%11
Woorarra East VIC 3962$333,787--2
Woorarra West VIC 3960$520,000--2
Wooreen VIC 3953$539,000--2
Woori Yallock VIC 3139$620,000$390pw10.6%52
Woorinen VIC 3589-$340pw--
Woorinen North VIC 3589$385,000--2
Woorinen South VIC 3588-$245pw--
Woorndoo VIC 3272$204,950--2
Wuk Wuk VIC 3875$630,000--1
Wunghnu VIC 3635$375,000-17.2%4
Wurdiboluc VIC 3241$880,000--2.4%2
Wurruk VIC 3850$640,000$320pw20.9%20
Wy Yung VIC 3875$504,500$410pw6.4%36
Wycheproof VIC 3527$142,500$220pw6.5%11
Wychitella VIC 3525$759,483--4
Wye River VIC 3221$430,000$270pw-11.1%1
Wye River VIC 3234$1,912,500--2
Wyelangta VIC 3237$675,000--2
Wyndham Vale VIC 3024$510,000$350pw8.1%360
Wyuna VIC 3620$600,000-13.9%2
Wyuna East VIC 3620$340,000--3
Yaapeet VIC 3424$50,000--3
Yabba North VIC 3646$325,000--3
Yackandandah VIC 3749$713,000$390pw12.7%26
Yalca VIC 3637$664,000--2
Yallambie VIC 3085$930,000$470pw5.8%39
Yallourn VIC 3825$475,000$379pw-5
Yallourn North VIC 3825$245,000$270pw10%37
Yambuk VIC 3285-$500pw--
Yan Yean VIC 3755$965,500$555pw-4
Yanac VIC 3418$83,000--2
Yanakie VIC 3960$860,364$350pw19.3%4
Yandoit VIC 3461$862,500-15.5%4
Yandoit Hills VIC 3461$282,500--2
Yangery VIC 3283$700,000-6.1%2
Yannathan VIC 3981-$350pw--
Yapeen VIC 3451$515,000-4.8%2
Yarck VIC 3719-$320pw--
Yarpturk VIC 3283$472,000--2
Yarra Glen VIC 3775$800,000$450pw7.5%60
Yarra Junction VIC 3797$650,000$440pw8.6%35
Yarragon VIC 3823$480,000$408pw12.2%32
Yarragon South VIC 3823-$270pw--
Yarram VIC 3971$351,000$320pw7.9%70
Yarrambat VIC 3091$1,500,000$560pw6.3%13
Yarraville VIC 3013$1,150,000$530pw6%221
Yarrawalla VIC 3575$230,000--1
Yarrawonga VIC 3730$529,500$385pw10.6%206
Yarroweyah VIC 3644$385,000$250pw6.4%7
Yea VIC 3717$550,000$360pw15.7%35
Yellingbo VIC 3139$895,000-2.3%3
Yelta VIC 3505$555,000-5.2%5
Yendon VIC 3352$775,000--3
Yeo VIC 3249$772,500--2
Yeodene VIC 3249$820,000$420pw-3
Yering VIC 3770$2,000,000--2
Yielima VIC 3638$210,000--1
Yinnar VIC 3869$475,000$400pw9.6%22
Yinnar South VIC 3869$590,000-12.3%11
Youarang VIC 3728$167,500--2
Yulecart VIC 3301-$270pw--
Yundool VIC 3727$755,000--2
Yuroke VIC 3063-$416pw--
Yuulong VIC 3237$1,017,500--2
Zeerust VIC 3634$375,000--2