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Australian Property Market Data QLD Australia

Below you will find links to suburb property market data and house price reports within the state of QLD, Australia.

SuburbSold PriceRental PriceAnnual Growth# Sold
Abbeywood QLD 4613$285,000$210pw-1
Abbotsford QLD 4670$120,000--1
Abercorn QLD 4627$38,000--15.8%1
Abergowrie QLD 4850$320,000$250pw-5
Abington QLD 4660$507,500--6
Acacia Ridge QLD 4110$455,000$380pw3.5%109
Acland QLD 4401-$290pw--
Adare QLD 4343$428,000$400pw3.2%37
Adelaide Park QLD 4703$650,000$400pw1.8%7
Advancetown QLD 4211$1,500,000$725pw14.9%13
Aeroglen QLD 4870$515,000$475pw2%9
Agnes Water QLD 4677$460,000$400pw4.3%145
Airdmillan QLD 4807$486,500--2
Airlie Beach QLD 4802$837,500$690pw4.3%33
Airville QLD 4807$477,000--2
Aitkenvale QLD 4814$280,000$350pw-1.9%71
Alabama Hill QLD 4820$285,000--2
Albany Creek QLD 4035$710,000$520pw4.7%234
Alberta QLD 4702$160,000--1
Alberton QLD 4207$1,215,000$480pw10.1%10
Albion QLD 4010$892,500$550pw5.4%22
Alderley QLD 4051$970,000$600pw5.6%83
Aldershot QLD 4650$238,000$278pw6.3%27
Alexandra QLD 4740-$380pw--
Alexandra Headland QLD 4572$1,350,000$728pw6.2%37
Alexandra Hills QLD 4161$555,000$480pw4.5%320
Algester QLD 4115$582,987$470pw3.6%146
Alice River QLD 4817$600,000$485pw6.2%53
Allan QLD 4370$427,500--4
Allandale QLD 4310$425,000--2
Allenstown QLD 4700$265,000$330pw4.6%58
Allenview QLD 4285$552,500--0.4%2
Alligator Creek QLD 4740$612,500$1,200pw6.8%8
Alligator Creek QLD 4816$515,000$475pw2.7%35
Allingham QLD 4850$450,000$280pw-1
Allora QLD 4362$282,500$300pw4.7%48
Alloway QLD 4670$550,000-13.1%2
Aloomba QLD 4871$242,500-0.4%2
Alpha QLD 4724$45,000$150pw-21.4%7
Alton Downs QLD 4702$467,500$220pw1.2%10
Alva QLD 4807$285,000$350pw-4
Amamoor QLD 4570$850,000$410pw10.6%3
Amamoor Creek QLD 4570$662,500--2
Amberley QLD 4306$1,500,000--1
Ambrose QLD 4695$218,750--10.9%4
Amby QLD 4462$74,000--2
Amiens QLD 4380-$200pw--
Amity QLD 4183$850,000--2
Andergrove QLD 4740$365,000$445pw4.4%196
Anderleigh QLD 4570$520,000$575pw-4
Andromache QLD 4800$610,000--2
Anduramba QLD 4355$2,720,000$308pw-2
Annandale QLD 4814$445,000$435pw2.7%165
Annerley QLD 4103$873,000$520pw5.1%99
Anstead QLD 4070$900,000$590pw1.9%30
Anthony QLD 4310$780,000-9.7%2
Antigua QLD 4650$465,000--6
Apple Tree Creek QLD 4660$245,000$370pw-0.4%25
Applethorpe QLD 4378$297,000$278pw-4.3%3
Araluen QLD 4570$540,000$495pw9%15
Aramac QLD 4726$3,800,000$200pw-3
Aramara QLD 4620$100,000--2
Arana Hills QLD 4054$696,000$490pw6%133
Aratula QLD 4309$420,000$398pw5.5%21
Arcadia QLD 4819$420,000$410pw-0.4%9
Archerfield QLD 4108$493,000$380pw5.8%5
Argoon QLD 4702-$380pw--
Argyll QLD 4721$40,000--1
Armstrong Beach QLD 4737$370,000$400pw3.6%20
Armstrong Creek QLD 4520$1,217,500$485pw16.8%6
Aroona QLD 4551$755,500$618pw8.6%67
Arriga QLD 4880-$420pw--
Arundel QLD 4214$730,500$620pw6%174
Ascot QLD 4007$1,737,500$850pw5%101
Ascot QLD 4359$205,000--1
Ashfield QLD 4670$495,000$550pw2.2%26
Ashgrove QLD 4060$1,250,000$600pw8.6%174
Ashmore QLD 4214$760,000$615pw5.9%221
Ashwell QLD 4340$442,420$540pw-1
Aspley QLD 4034$720,000$530pw4.1%190
Atherton QLD 4883$345,000$375pw1.8%209
Athol QLD 4350$760,000-2%2
Atkinsons Dam QLD 4311-$525pw--
Aubigny QLD 4401$865,000-3.7%5
Auchenflower QLD 4066$1,245,000$600pw7.2%53
Augathella QLD 4477$80,000-3.5%6
Augustine Heights QLD 4300$615,000$420pw2.8%137
Austinville QLD 4213$910,000$630pw10.2%3
Avenell Heights QLD 4670$300,000$350pw3.5%129
Avoca QLD 4670$330,000$380pw0.9%137
Avondale QLD 4670$320,000$330pw13.8%18
Ayr QLD 4807$220,000$280pw4.7%171
Ayton QLD 4895$170,000--2.5%1
Babinda QLD 4861$230,000$250pw-0.8%23
Back Plains QLD 4361-$330pw--
Baffle Creek QLD 4674$410,000--6
Bahrs Scrub QLD 4207$480,000$425pw2.2%119
Bajool QLD 4699$282,500--2
Bakers Creek QLD 4740$425,000$495pw0.4%33
Baking Board QLD 4413$392,500--2
Balberra QLD 4740$580,000-8.5%5
Bald Hills QLD 4036$545,000$450pw5.7%132
Bald Knob QLD 4552$1,550,000-23%8
Balgal Beach QLD 4816$288,000$340pw4.6%32
Ball Bay QLD 4741$410,000$380pw4%5
Ballandean QLD 4382$285,000$335pw-3
Ballard QLD 4352$499,000$420pw7.4%7
Ballaroo QLD 4455$5,400,000--2
Ballogie QLD 4610$230,000$250pw5%9
Balmoral QLD 4171$1,263,500$750pw6.2%108
Balmoral Ridge QLD 4552$942,500-9%6
Balnagowan QLD 4740$740,000$350pw3.2%7
Bambaroo QLD 4850-$295pw--
Bamboo QLD 4873$725,000--2
Bamboo Creek QLD 4860$430,000-8.2%1
Banana QLD 4702$200,000$380pw-2
Bancroft QLD 4630$925,000--2
Bangalee QLD 4703$525,000$550pw-0.9%8
Banks Creek QLD 4306$500,000--1
Banks Pocket QLD 4570$767,500$695pw-4
Banksia Beach QLD 4507$759,000$520pw7.4%239
Bannockburn QLD 4207$760,000$410pw2%5
Banyo QLD 4014$702,500$495pw5.7%88
Bapaume QLD 4352$360,000--2
Baralaba QLD 4702-$425pw--
Barcaldine QLD 4725$270,000$270pw11%19
Bardon QLD 4065$1,272,500$660pw8.3%162
Baree QLD 4714$123,000--3
Barellan Point QLD 4306$620,000$440pw5.5%19
Bargara QLD 4670$459,500$390pw3.7%232
Baringa QLD 4551$575,000$530pw2.8%157
Barlil QLD 4605$645,000-38.8%1
Barlows Hill QLD 4703$473,000$500pw0.7%26
Barmaryee QLD 4703$780,000$630pw5.2%16
Barmoya QLD 4703-$295pw--
Barney Point QLD 4680$210,000$280pw4.6%15
Barney View QLD 4287$410,000--1
Barratta QLD 4809$450,000--1
Barrine QLD 4872$615,000$490pw-5.3%10
Barringha QLD 4816$412,000--1
Barron Gorge QLD 4870$490,000--1
Bartle Frere QLD 4861$337,500-5%4
Basin Pocket QLD 4305$275,000$305pw3.3%29
Battery Hill QLD 4551$729,000$550pw8.7%43
Bauhinia QLD 4718$35,000--18.9%1
Bauple QLD 4650$320,000$300pw7.6%19
Bayview Heights QLD 4868$440,000$460pw2.4%107
Beachmere QLD 4510$509,500$398pw9.1%112
Beaconsfield QLD 4740$400,000$440pw3.4%145
Beatrice QLD 4886$430,000--3
Beaudesert QLD 4285$375,000$350pw3.6%192
Beaver Rock QLD 4650$275,000--6.5%1
Bedourie QLD 4829$130,000--2
Beebo QLD 4385$304,000--4
Beecher QLD 4680$610,000-0.3%10
Beechmont QLD 4211$730,000$460pw8.2%11
Beelbi Creek QLD 4659$740,000--3
Beenaam Valley QLD 4570$671,000--2
Beenleigh QLD 4207$392,250$370pw4.2%162
Beerburrum QLD 4517$675,000$620pw-13
Beeron QLD 4626$220,000--1
Beerwah QLD 4519$600,000$460pw6.9%170
Belcong QLD 4723$635,000--1
Belgian Gardens QLD 4810$530,000$443pw4.9%31
Belivah QLD 4207$672,000$440pw-0.1%13
Bell QLD 4408$177,500$250pw-3.8%4
Bella Creek QLD 4570$860,000--2
Bellara QLD 4507$461,250$415pw7.3%52
Bellbird Park QLD 4300$445,000$380pw5.7%145
Bellbowrie QLD 4070$686,000$500pw4.8%85
Bellenden Ker QLD 4871$670,000--2
Belli Park QLD 4562$852,500$558pw8.1%14
Bellmere QLD 4510$415,750$360pw3.8%130
Bells Bridge QLD 4570$470,000-6.7%5
Bells Creek QLD 4551-$515pw--
Bellthorpe QLD 4514$655,000$340pw6.2%2
Belmont QLD 4153$872,500$565pw6.8%46
Belmunda QLD 4740$455,000--2
Belvedere QLD 4860$297,500-3.9%24
Bemerside QLD 4850-$250pw--
Benair QLD 4610$331,250$300pw-2
Benaraby QLD 4680$549,500-3.6%24
Benarkin QLD 4306$135,000$230pw-13
Benarkin North QLD 4306$245,000-2.6%11
Benholme QLD 4754$460,000--1.9%1
Benobble QLD 4275$440,000-16.3%1
Benowa QLD 4217$1,100,000$840pw6.1%223
Bentley Park QLD 4869$388,000$450pw1.7%197
Berajondo QLD 4674$405,000$250pw-2
Berat QLD 4362$530,000$250pw16.2%1
Bergen QLD 4353$580,000--2
Berrinba QLD 4117$485,500$430pw3.1%59
Berserker QLD 4701$230,000$350pw2.9%151
Bethania QLD 4205$405,000$360pw4.3%79
Biarra QLD 4313$490,000$305pw5.1%5
Biboohra QLD 4880$564,500--2
Biddaddaba QLD 4275$1,342,500$675pw15%6
Biddeston QLD 4401$300,000--3.1%6
Bidwill QLD 4650$382,000$300pw5.7%7
Biggenden QLD 4621$200,000$250pw6%31
Biggera Waters QLD 4216$910,000$600pw6.2%73
Bilinga QLD 4225$958,000$675pw10.8%7
Billa Billa QLD 4390$1,150,000--1
Biloela QLD 4715$245,000$330pw-0.5%103
Bilyana QLD 4854-$350pw--
Bingil Bay QLD 4852$399,000$470pw9.8%15
Binjour QLD 4625$380,000--2
Birdsville QLD 4482$58,000--3
Birkalla QLD 4854-$250pw--
Birkdale QLD 4159$700,000$520pw5.5%249
Birnam QLD 4352$457,500$650pw-2
Birnam QLD 4285$1,000,000-6.5%2
Birtinya QLD 4575$800,000$650pw4.2%57
Black Jack QLD 4820$260,000--4.5%1
Black Mountain QLD 4563$885,000$735pw10.9%37
Black River QLD 4818$379,000$450pw-2%18
Black Snake QLD 4600$460,500--2
Blackall QLD 4472$130,000$180pw5.4%25
Blackbutt QLD 4306$225,000-2.4%19
Blackbutt QLD 4314-$250pw--
Blackbutt North QLD 4314-$280pw--
Blackbutt North QLD 4306$254,000--10
Blackbutt South QLD 4306$300,000-1.2%4
Blackrock QLD 4850$155,000--3
Blacks Beach QLD 4740$407,000$430pw5.6%79
Blacksoil QLD 4306$685,000-9.3%3
Blackstone QLD 4304$373,000$350pw3%32
Blackswamp QLD 4413$380,000--1
Blackwater QLD 4717$140,000$300pw3.1%90
Blanchview QLD 4352$930,000$450pw12.9%4
Blantyre QLD 4310$1,199,500--2
Blenheim QLD 4341$514,750$550pw0.6%4
Bli Bli QLD 4560$677,500$550pw7%210
Bloomfield QLD 4895$275,000--3
Bloomsbury QLD 4799$390,000$300pw9.7%15
Blue Mountain Heights QLD 4350$702,500$650pw3.6%16
Bluewater QLD 4818$412,000$400pw2.6%22
Bluewater Park QLD 4818$420,000$513pw2.7%14
Bluff QLD 4702-$300pw--
Blythdale QLD 4455$505,000--1
Bogie QLD 4805$445,000--2
Bohle QLD 4818-$330pw--
Bohle Plains QLD 4817$371,500$420pw-2.3%78
Bokarina QLD 4575$1,192,500$655pw13.3%46
Bollier QLD 4570-$410pw--
Bollon QLD 4488-$180pw--
Bombeeta QLD 4871$470,000$250pw24%1
Bon Accord QLD 4625$330,000--1
Bondoola QLD 4703$630,000--3.4%6
Bongaree QLD 4507$565,000$440pw6.9%159
Bongeen QLD 4356$135,000--12.9%1
Bonnie Doon QLD 4873$435,000$460pw1.9%9
Bonogin QLD 4213$1,050,000$850pw7.1%83
Bony Mountain QLD 4370$618,500--2
Boodua QLD 4401$620,000-13.8%1
Boogan QLD 4871$275,000--1
Booie QLD 4610$472,500-5.2%12
Boolboonda QLD 4671$407,500--2
Boompa QLD 4621$318,000--1
Boonah QLD 4310$357,500$330pw5.8%87
Boonara QLD 4601$440,000--2
Boonarga QLD 4413$240,000--1
Boondall QLD 4034$618,000$470pw5.6%125
Boondooma QLD 4613$436,750--2
Boonooroo QLD 4650$372,500$440pw5%26
Booral QLD 4655$512,500$440pw6.2%40
Booroobin QLD 4552$802,500$360pw8.2%4
Booubyjan QLD 4601$430,000--4
Booval QLD 4304$328,250$305pw3.2%74
Booyal QLD 4671$390,000$280pw-5
Borallon QLD 4306$850,000--2
Boreen Point QLD 4565$610,000$475pw9.8%17
Boronia Heights QLD 4124$390,000$380pw2.7%145
Bororen QLD 4678$305,000$250pw-5
Bouldercombe QLD 4702$395,000$370pw4.2%28
Boulia QLD 4829$277,500--2
Bowen QLD 4805$315,000$368pw4.7%240
Bowen Hills QLD 4006$1,370,000$498pw-4
Bowenville QLD 4404-$180pw--
Boyland QLD 4275$782,500$670pw7.3%22
Boyne Island QLD 4680$364,000$360pw-0.5%120
Boyne Valley QLD 4680$126,750$250pw-1%4
Boynedale QLD 4680$2,410,200--1
Boynewood QLD 4626$362,500--2
Bracalba QLD 4512$512,500--2
Bracewell QLD 4695$425,000--2
Bracken Ridge QLD 4017$596,000$490pw4.9%271
Braemeadows QLD 4850$280,000-6.4%3
Braemore QLD 4313$439,250--6
Bramston Beach QLD 4871-$420pw--
Brandon QLD 4808$340,000$265pw14.5%7
Brandy Creek QLD 4800$550,000--3
Branyan QLD 4670$413,500$380pw4.1%96
Brassall QLD 4305$370,000$330pw2.3%291
Bray Park QLD 4500$500,000$425pw4.6%175
Breadalbane QLD 4800$375,000--1
Breakaway QLD 4825$699,000--1.3%4
Breddan QLD 4820$373,750--3.8%6
Brendale QLD 4500$287,500$375pw1.6%20
Bridgeman Downs QLD 4035$875,000$650pw2.7%145
Bridges QLD 4561$627,500$473pw-6
Brigalow QLD 4412$157,500$320pw-2
Brightly QLD 4741$120,000--26.9%2
Brighton QLD 4017$703,000$475pw7.4%184
Brightview QLD 4311$375,000$325pw4.2%21
Brigooda QLD 4613$635,000--2
Brinsmead QLD 4870$550,000$500pw3.9%106
Brisbane City QLD 4000-$450pw--
Brisk Bay QLD 4805$385,000$250pw4.4%1
Broadbeach QLD 4218$2,000,000$525pw-1.5%3
Broadbeach Waters QLD 4218$1,460,000$900pw6.8%318
Broadwater QLD 4380$350,000$300pw-2
Bromelton QLD 4285$725,000--2
Brookfield QLD 4069$1,287,500$718pw7.3%58
Brookhill QLD 4816$1,417,500$370pw-2
Brooklands QLD 4615$299,000$370pw4.5%9
Brookstead QLD 4364-$295pw--
Brookwater QLD 4300$914,393$595pw7%100
Brooloo QLD 4570$512,000$425pw9.9%5
Brooweena QLD 4620$392,500--2
Broughton QLD 4820$439,000$370pw-0.9%7
Browns Plains QLD 4118$422,500$370pw4.9%92
Broxburn QLD 4356$546,000$385pw3.3%3
Bryden QLD 4312$245,000--1
Brymaroo QLD 4403$250,000-38%1
Buaraba QLD 4311$560,000--4
Bucasia QLD 4750$399,500$450pw4.3%152
Bucca QLD 4670$410,000$475pw3.4%27
Buccan QLD 4207$800,000$650pw6.1%23
Buddina QLD 4575$1,250,000$580pw12.8%77
Buderim QLD 4556$870,000$650pw8.1%639
Budgee QLD 4359$527,000--2
Bukali QLD 4630$340,000--1
Bulgun QLD 4854$348,000$400pw-2.7%5
Bulimba QLD 4171$1,380,000$850pw3.7%123
Bullcamp QLD 4615$146,250--2
Bullyard QLD 4671$317,500-1.2%4
Bulwer QLD 4025$703,750-4.1%2
Bunburra QLD 4310$466,250--2
Bundaberg Central QLD 4670$265,000$320pw-3
Bundaberg East QLD 4670$319,000$335pw3.4%71
Bundaberg North QLD 4670$257,000$350pw4.2%140
Bundaberg South QLD 4670$243,500$320pw0.7%70
Bundaberg West QLD 4670$255,000$310pw0.1%51
Bundall QLD 4217$1,462,500$750pw8.7%152
Bundamba QLD 4304$325,000$320pw2.7%161
Bungadoo QLD 4671$364,000-5.4%9
Bungalow QLD 4870$365,000$420pw0.6%30
Bungeworgorai QLD 4455$691,000--1
Bungil QLD 4455$539,000--1
Bungundarra QLD 4703$830,000--7
Bungunya QLD 4494$110,000-6.6%1
Bunjurgen QLD 4310$660,000--4
Bunya QLD 4055$1,080,000$650pw4.4%32
Bunya Creek QLD 4655$758,750--2
Bunya Mountains QLD 4405$457,000-4.3%11
Burbank QLD 4156$1,650,000$900pw7.2%13
Burdell QLD 4818$370,000$410pw-1.8%188
Burgowan QLD 4659$415,000--1
Burketown QLD 4830$200,000--1
Burleigh Heads QLD 4220$1,185,000$750pw10.8%110
Burleigh Waters QLD 4220$1,180,000$760pw12%252
Burncluith QLD 4413$585,000--1
Burnett Creek QLD 4310$280,000--1
Burnett Heads QLD 4670$370,000$350pw6.1%129
Burnside QLD 4560$575,000$500pw6.5%65
Burpengary QLD 4505$495,000$400pw3.3%257
Burpengary East QLD 4505$574,250$460pw2.7%216
Burrum Heads QLD 4659$502,500$435pw8%54
Burrum River QLD 4659$738,000-11%7
Burrum Town QLD 4659$251,500$300pw5.4%4
Burua QLD 4680$687,500$465pw-12
Bushland Beach QLD 4818$425,000$420pw2.8%184
Butchers Creek QLD 4885$1,200,000--1
Buxton QLD 4660$295,000$315pw9.1%14
Byee QLD 4605$10,000--1
Byfield QLD 4703$260,000$550pw-2.8%7
Bymount QLD 4455$3,350,000--2
Byrnestown QLD 4625$82,500--2
Cabarlah QLD 4352$720,000$550pw4.4%24
Caboolture QLD 4510$425,000$350pw4.9%590
Caboolture South QLD 4510$395,000$365pw6.4%183
Caffey QLD 4343$165,000--1
Cainbable QLD 4285$665,000--4
Cairns City QLD 4870-$250pw--
Cairns North QLD 4870$486,500$450pw0.5%23
Calamvale QLD 4116$705,000$500pw1.3%147
Calavos QLD 4670$482,000--0.9%4
Calen QLD 4798$285,000--7
Calico Creek QLD 4570$505,000-3.8%3
Callide QLD 4715$450,000--1
Calliope QLD 4680$324,000$360pw-0.6%96
Caloundra QLD 4551$700,000$470pw7.4%19
Caloundra West QLD 4551$600,000$520pw5.5%185
Calvert QLD 4340$225,200$445pw-7.4%5
Cambooya QLD 4358$352,000$340pw0.7%35
Cambroon QLD 4552-$340pw--
Camira QLD 4300$490,000$400pw4.9%105
Camooweal QLD 4828$23,500--2
Camp Creek QLD 4871$400,000--2
Camp Hill QLD 4152$1,166,000$600pw8.2%246
Camp Mountain QLD 4520$1,400,000$710pw9.2%13
Campbells Pocket QLD 4521$1,400,000$525pw-2
Campwin Beach QLD 4737$352,500$478pw-0.7%20
Canaga QLD 4413$1,250,000-11.5%1
Canina QLD 4570$660,000$525pw7.5%7
Canning Creek QLD 4357$330,000--1
Canningvale QLD 4370-$460pw--
Cannon Creek QLD 4380$455,000-1.6%1
Cannon Creek QLD 4310$657,500--2
Cannon Hill QLD 4170$936,000$560pw5.5%114
Cannon Valley QLD 4800$630,500$550pw-1.4%26
Cannonvale QLD 4802$485,000$500pw2.8%152
Canoona QLD 4702$1,030,000--2
Canungra QLD 4275$630,000$548pw8.6%27
Capalaba QLD 4157$581,250$475pw3.2%268
Cape Cleveland QLD 4810$400,000$350pw-7
Cape Gloucester QLD 4800$335,000--2.4%3
Cape Hillsborough QLD 4740$647,000$360pw-11.8%1
Cape Tribulation QLD 4873$167,500--5.3%2
Capella QLD 4723$232,500$300pw15.1%2
Captain Creek QLD 4677$365,000$370pw5.1%12
Captains Mountain QLD 4357$305,000--1
Caravonica QLD 4878$630,000$470pw12.2%39
Carbrook QLD 4130$900,000$480pw2%7
Cardwell QLD 4849$339,000$310pw7.2%45
Carina QLD 4152$785,500$520pw4.5%134
Carina Heights QLD 4152$835,750$500pw3.9%82
Carindale QLD 4152$1,119,000$650pw5.8%229
Carmila QLD 4739$70,000--3
Carmoo QLD 4852$370,000--7
Carneys Creek QLD 4310$554,500--2
Carole Park QLD 4300-$320pw--
Carpendale QLD 4344-$440pw--
Carrara QLD 4211$780,000$590pw7.2%182
Carrington QLD 4883$382,500--2
Carruchan QLD 4816$332,500-5.7%4
Carseldine QLD 4034$747,500$570pw4.3%120
Carstairs QLD 4806$200,000--2
Carters Ridge QLD 4563$780,000$650pw12.9%11
Cashmere QLD 4500$855,500$590pw6.8%82
Cassowary QLD 4873$537,500$525pw2.9%1
Castaways Beach QLD 4567$1,550,000$925pw8.5%13
Castle Creek QLD 4715$3,525,000--1
Castle Hill QLD 4810$1,112,500$725pw5.4%32
Cattle Creek QLD 4626$280,000--1
Causeway Lake QLD 4703$369,000$400pw5.8%5
Cawarral QLD 4702$413,000$430pw1.4%16
Cawdor QLD 4352$575,000$500pw0.4%4
Cecil Plains QLD 4407-$230pw--
Cedar Creek QLD 4207$930,000$520pw7.3%16
Cedar Creek QLD 4520$1,175,000$625pw5.5%7
Cedar Grove QLD 4285$575,000$585pw5.2%27
Cedar Pocket QLD 4570$525,000$385pw-0.7%7
Cedar Vale QLD 4285$580,000$455pw4.9%53
Cedarton QLD 4514$897,500-1.9%2
Centenary Heights QLD 4350$410,000$390pw2.4%163
Ceratodus QLD 4627$1,150,250--1
Chambers Flat QLD 4133$889,000$640pw8.2%23
Chances Plain QLD 4413-$500pw--
Chandler QLD 4155$1,600,000$773pw3.8%23
Chapel Hill QLD 4069$1,015,000$650pw5.8%131
Charlestown QLD 4608$345,000--2
Charleville QLD 4470$97,500$220pw-7.6%42
Charlwood QLD 4309-$300pw--
Charters Towers City QLD 4820$172,500$288pw6.6%59
Chatsworth QLD 4570$535,000$330pw7.7%35
Chelmer QLD 4068$1,387,510$645pw7.1%58
Chelmsford QLD 4606-$285pw--
Chelona QLD 4740$300,000--4.3%2
Chermside QLD 4032$720,000$425pw4.8%75
Chermside West QLD 4032$710,000$490pw5.3%115
Cherry Creek QLD 4306$900,000--1
Cherry Gully QLD 4370$440,000--1
Cherwell QLD 4660$550,000--1
Chevallum QLD 4555$1,550,000$600pw14.3%10
Chewko QLD 4880$700,000-8.2%1
Childers QLD 4660$263,250$355pw2.8%66
Chillagoe QLD 4871$65,000--2
Chinchilla QLD 4413$255,000$300pw2.4%150
Chinghee Creek QLD 4285$315,000--1
Christmas Creek QLD 4285$2,091,250--2
Churchable QLD 4311$390,000--1.2%8
Churchill QLD 4305$320,000$323pw5.4%39
Chuwar QLD 4306$550,000$358pw2.5%51
Cinnabar QLD 4600$722,500--2
Clagiraba QLD 4211$1,195,000$575pw10.1%14
Clairview QLD 4741$315,000-0.4%10
Clare QLD 4807$180,000--3
Clarendon QLD 4311$215,000$480pw-3.7%2
Clayfield QLD 4011$1,450,000$650pw6.3%115
Clear Island Waters QLD 4226$1,350,000$1,000pw2.3%82
Clear Mountain QLD 4500$966,200$695pw7%20
Clermont QLD 4721$227,000$350pw3.1%37
Cleveland QLD 4163$731,000$520pw4.6%309
Clifton QLD 4361$250,000$260pw1.9%35
Clifton Beach QLD 4879$637,000$590pw3.7%81
Clinton QLD 4680$327,500$335pw1.1%104
Clintonvale QLD 4370$395,000$290pw-2
Cloncurry QLD 4824$205,000$310pw6.4%48
Clontarf QLD 4357-$430pw--
Clontarf QLD 4019$560,000$420pw6.2%189
Closeburn QLD 4520$1,250,000$770pw8.5%7
Cloyna QLD 4605$195,000$310pw-9.3%3
Cluden QLD 4811$285,000$473pw-1%3
Clumber QLD 4309$691,000--6
Coal Creek QLD 4312$330,000$300pw-2
Coalbank QLD 4352$950,000--1
Coalfalls QLD 4305$365,000$335pw3.3%33
Coalstoun Lakes QLD 4621$90,000--16.9%1
Cobraball QLD 4703$550,000-15.3%1
Coconuts QLD 4860-$245pw--
Coen QLD 4871$650,000-13.2%1
Coes Creek QLD 4560$565,000$550pw7.5%33
Coles Creek QLD 4570$525,000$340pw-2
Coleyville QLD 4307$1,015,000$320pw-2
Colinton QLD 4306$302,500--6
College View QLD 4343$195,000$150pw-2
Collingwood Park QLD 4301$388,000$350pw3.4%152
Collinsville QLD 4804$95,000$260pw10.8%27
Colosseum QLD 4677$226,000--7.2%1
Columbia QLD 4820$420,000$390pw-2
Columboola QLD 4415$332,500--2
Comet QLD 4702$665,000--2
Commissioners Flat QLD 4514$1,150,000--1
Como QLD 4571$701,500--2
Comoon Loop QLD 4858$185,000--1
Condamine QLD 4416$247,500$220pw-6
Condon QLD 4815$279,000$350pw-0.1%67
Conondale QLD 4552$587,500$450pw2.7%26
Conway QLD 4800$342,000--10.2%3
Conway Beach QLD 4800$295,000--0.1%3
Coochiemudlo Island QLD 4184$395,000$380pw4.3%73
Coochin QLD 4310$815,000-20.5%4
Coochin Creek QLD 4519-$330pw--
Cooee Bay QLD 4703$492,500$425pw10.6%20
Cooeeimbardi QLD 4313$2,450,000--2
Cooktown QLD 4895$360,000$625pw1.2%28
Coolabine QLD 4574$1,150,000$483pw-2
Coolabunia QLD 4610$215,000--3
Coolana QLD 4311$599,000--5
Coolangatta QLD 4225$1,174,000$680pw9%20
Coolbie QLD 4850$105,000--1
Coolmunda QLD 4387-$220pw--
Cooloola Cove QLD 4580$390,000$385pw7.2%149
Cooloolabin QLD 4560$777,500-9%4
Coolum Beach QLD 4573$955,500$723pw11.3%178
Coombabah QLD 4216$619,000$500pw6.3%124
Coomera QLD 4209$610,000$490pw3.6%542
Coominya QLD 4311$310,000$400pw1.7%7
Coonambula QLD 4626$122,500--2
Coonarr QLD 4670$405,000$380pw1.3%6
Coondoo QLD 4570$1,567,500--4
Coopers Plains QLD 4108$650,000$430pw4%86
Cooran QLD 4569$652,500$480pw10.3%45
Cooranga QLD 4408$402,500--2
Cooroibah QLD 4565$1,020,000$690pw11.8%66
Coorooman QLD 4702$425,000--2
Cooroy QLD 4563$692,500$578pw8%106
Cooroy Mountain QLD 4563$1,690,000--5.5%3
Coorparoo QLD 4151$1,110,000$560pw5.5%199
Coorumba QLD 4860$355,000--2
Cootharaba QLD 4565$855,000$550pw12.2%11
Coowonga QLD 4702$517,500$380pw12.7%2
Cooya Beach QLD 4873-$410pw--
Cooyar QLD 4402$332,500$195pw-6
Coppabella QLD 4741-$160pw--
Coquette Point QLD 4860$270,000$240pw-2
Coral Cove QLD 4670$475,000$450pw4.8%58
Cordalba QLD 4660$245,000$338pw-26
Cordelia QLD 4850$180,000--2
Corella QLD 4570$420,000--2
Corfield QLD 4733$10,000--1
Corinda QLD 4075$882,500$500pw6.8%68
Coringa QLD 4621$335,000--4
Cornubia QLD 4130$685,000$550pw3.6%136
Cosgrove QLD 4818$360,000$410pw-1.7%21
Cotswold Hills QLD 4350$580,000$430pw0.2%25
Cottonvale QLD 4375$191,500--16%4
Coulson QLD 4310$397,500--5.7%4
Coverty QLD 4613$235,000--3
Cow Bay QLD 4873$285,000$300pw1.5%17
Cowan Cowan QLD 4025$600,000--2
Cowley QLD 4871$180,000$300pw-6.4%1
Cowley Beach QLD 4871$285,000$240pw-2
Cracow QLD 4719$53,500--2
Craiglie QLD 4877$549,500$625pw4%30
Craignish QLD 4655$586,500$480pw6.7%84
Cranbrook QLD 4814$282,000$345pw1.3%83
Cranley QLD 4350$480,000$390pw2.3%17
Crawford QLD 4610$395,000--2
Crediton QLD 4757$65,000--34.3%1
Cremorne QLD 4740$220,000--2
Cressbrook QLD 4313$305,000--2
Cressbrook Creek QLD 4355$415,000--1
Crestmead QLD 4132$370,000$360pw2.9%229
Crinum QLD 4723$655,000--1
Croftby QLD 4310$525,000$600pw-4
Crohamhurst QLD 4519-$360pw--
Crossdale QLD 4312-$400pw--
Crowley Vale QLD 4342$283,750$285pw-2
Crownthorpe QLD 4605$555,000--2
Crows Nest QLD 4355$340,000$305pw5.9%78
Croydon QLD 4871$133,500-43.4%2
Cryna QLD 4285$450,000--2
Crystal Brook QLD 4800$500,000--4
Cullinane QLD 4860$275,000--2.4%10
Cungulla QLD 4816$247,500$260pw1%8
Cunnamulla QLD 4490$65,000$350pw13.2%11
Cunningham QLD 4370$500,000-3.1%1
Curra QLD 4570$395,000$400pw8.4%67
Currajah QLD 4871$1,450,000--1
Currajong QLD 4812$289,000$360pw3.1%65
Curramore QLD 4552$1,375,000$750pw14.4%3
Currimundi QLD 4551$703,000$550pw7.5%102
Currumbin QLD 4223$1,265,000$790pw12.3%38
Currumbin Valley QLD 4223$1,250,000$575pw11.2%39
Currumbin Waters QLD 4223$903,000$725pw9%126
Curtis Island QLD 4680$275,000--2.4%3
Cushnie QLD 4608$383,000$265pw-2
Cutella QLD 4352$357,000--2
Cypress Gardens QLD 4357$174,000--2
D'Aguilar QLD 4514$599,000$360pw6.1%25
Dagun QLD 4570$385,000$360pw-0.3%3
Daintree QLD 4873$297,500--2
Daisy Hill QLD 4127$641,000$473pw6.4%101
Dajarra QLD 4825$10,000--1
Dakabin QLD 4503$497,500$385pw2%48
Dakenba QLD 4715$450,000--2
Dalbeg QLD 4807$102,000--5.9%1
Dalby QLD 4405$266,000$290pw1.2%244
Dalcouth QLD 4380-$210pw--
Dallarnil QLD 4621$250,000$250pw-7
Dalma QLD 4702$310,000--2
Dalrymple Creek QLD 4850$195,000--1
Dalrymple Heights QLD 4757$372,500--2
Dalveen QLD 4374$520,000$300pw9.9%3
Dalwogon QLD 4415$1,300,000-23.9%1
Dalysford QLD 4671$285,000--1%3
Damascus QLD 4671$450,000-7.7%1
Damper Creek QLD 4849$210,000$300pw-1
Danbulla QLD 4872$586,500$360pw-2
Danderoo QLD 4370$490,000$250pw3.9%1
Dangore QLD 4610$283,750--2
Daradgee QLD 4860$135,000$250pw-12.7%1
Dargal Road QLD 4455$570,500--2.4%2
Darling Heights QLD 4350$375,000$355pw1.4%110
Darlington QLD 4285-$350pw--
Darra QLD 4076$487,500$370pw3%43
Darts Creek QLD 4695$318,750--2
Dauan Island QLD 4875$350,000--1
Daveson QLD 4855$280,000--6.9%1
Dayboro QLD 4521$648,000$500pw5.3%33
Deagon QLD 4017$562,500$450pw5.7%70
Deception Bay QLD 4508$430,000$360pw4.8%357
Deebing Heights QLD 4306$441,000$390pw2.2%118
Deepwater QLD 4674$222,000-5.5%14
Deeragun QLD 4818$310,000$360pw1.9%81
Deeral QLD 4871$145,000--11.9%2
Degarra QLD 4895$300,000-46.2%1
Degilbo QLD 4621$242,000$220pw-5.6%7
Delan QLD 4671$162,000$300pw-3
Delaneys Creek QLD 4514$697,500$375pw8.4%10
Depot Hill QLD 4700$154,500$295pw2.7%24
Derri Derra QLD 4626$412,500--2
Derrymore QLD 4352$630,000--3
Deuchar QLD 4362$340,000-4.3%9
Devereux Creek QLD 4753$480,000-2.3%7
Devon Park QLD 4401$330,000--1
Diamond Valley QLD 4553$790,000-6.7%14
Diamondvale QLD 4380$380,000--1
Dicky Beach QLD 4551$1,150,000$535pw10.7%35
Didcot QLD 4621$93,750--0.5%2
Diddillibah QLD 4559$892,500$610pw6.4%16
Diglum QLD 4680$750,000--1
Dimbulah QLD 4872$304,500--2
Dingo QLD 4702$1,197,500--2
Dingo Beach QLD 4800-$375pw--
Dingo Pocket QLD 4854-$360pw--
Dinmore QLD 4303$270,000$325pw1.9%15
Dirnbir QLD 4625$610,000--2
Dirranbandi QLD 4486$53,750$170pw6.1%6
Dittmer QLD 4800$152,500--2
Diwan QLD 4873$310,000-2.8%7
Djarawong QLD 4854$425,000--1
Djuan QLD 4352$575,000--2
Doctor Creek QLD 4352$330,000--1
Dolphin Heads QLD 4740$807,500$480pw2%8
Donnybrook QLD 4510$467,500$390pw6%32
Doolandella QLD 4077$515,000$463pw2.8%72
Doolbi QLD 4660$262,500--8
Doonan QLD 4562$1,353,500$800pw13.4%108
Doongul QLD 4620$180,000$265pw-3
Doughboy QLD 4671$270,000--3
Douglas QLD 4814$385,000$420pw0.3%139
Douglas QLD 4354$630,000$580pw-3
Downsfield QLD 4570$662,500$450pw-2
Dows Creek QLD 4754$232,500--2
Draper QLD 4520$1,290,000$700pw6.8%11
Drayton QLD 4350$345,000$355pw-1.5%22
Drewvale QLD 4116$660,000$500pw3.1%76
Drillham QLD 4424-$325pw--
Drillham South QLD 4424$475,000-25.1%1
Drinan QLD 4671$475,000--3
Duaringa QLD 4712$57,500--2
Duckinwilla QLD 4650$250,000--1
Ducklo QLD 4405$250,000--1.1%4
Dugandan QLD 4310$487,000$410pw8.4%13
Duingal QLD 4671$280,000--1
Dulacca QLD 4425$67,000$250pw-7%3
Dulong QLD 4560$830,000$1,100pw4.4%19
Dululu QLD 4702$100,000--2
Dumbleton QLD 4740$435,000-2.2%3
Dumgree QLD 4715$272,500--2
Dundas QLD 4306$500,000--3
Dundathu QLD 4650-$500pw--
Dundowran QLD 4655$449,000$480pw4.4%27
Dundowran Beach QLD 4655$710,000$460pw6.4%84
Dunmora QLD 4650$515,000--3
Dunnrock QLD 4740$235,000--2
Dunwich QLD 4183$465,000-7.1%2
Durack QLD 4077$467,000$420pw3.4%61
Durong QLD 4610$220,000--5
Dutton Park QLD 4102$1,203,500$595pw6.2%14
Dysart QLD 4745$146,500$280pw16.3%38
Eagle Farm QLD 4009$25,350,000-69.5%1
Eagleby QLD 4207$350,000$350pw3.6%222
Earlville QLD 4870$404,000$425pw1.2%62
East Barron QLD 4883-$300pw--
East Brisbane QLD 4169$1,107,500$600pw7.2%64
East Deep Creek QLD 4570$520,000-5%16
East End QLD 4695$310,000$180pw-2.4%1
East Feluga QLD 4854$126,500--2
East Greenmount QLD 4359$525,000$450pw7.5%9
East Innisfail QLD 4860$190,000$315pw0.5%36
East Ipswich QLD 4305$350,000$320pw5.5%77
East Mackay QLD 4740$444,500$460pw5.3%76
East Nanango QLD 4615$406,000-16.4%6
East Palmerston QLD 4860$287,500--2
East Russell QLD 4861$330,000-1.9%3
East Toowoomba QLD 4350$600,000$400pw7.5%97
East Trinity QLD 4871$910,000$550pw-3
Eastern Heights QLD 4305$345,500$338pw3.6%109
Eaton QLD 4860$372,500--11.7%2
Eatons Hill QLD 4037$740,000$565pw4.5%125
Ebbw Vale QLD 4304$287,500$295pw2.5%14
Ebenezer QLD 4340$635,000$598pw-3
Edens Landing QLD 4207$434,000$395pw3.8%99
Edge Hill QLD 4870$580,000$488pw4.2%80
Edmonton QLD 4869$370,000$428pw1.4%221
Eerwah Vale QLD 4562$685,000$438pw6.5%21
Eidsvold QLD 4627$95,000$250pw-4.1%5
Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113$814,500$530pw1.7%120
Eimeo QLD 4740$418,000$450pw4.3%89
Einasleigh QLD 4871$225,000-1.1%2
El Arish QLD 4855$235,000$370pw1.3%4
Elaman Creek QLD 4552$874,500--2
Elanora QLD 4221$950,000$720pw8.9%181
Elbow Valley QLD 4370$506,500--2
Electra QLD 4670$650,000-10.9%2
Elgin Vale QLD 4615$2,350,000--1
Eli Waters QLD 4655$410,875$405pw5.2%92
Elimbah QLD 4516$735,000$585pw6.6%63
Ellangowan QLD 4361-$420pw--
Ellen Grove QLD 4078$430,000$350pw9.7%20
Ellerbeck QLD 4816$655,000--3
Ellesmere QLD 4610$270,000$363pw12.5%7
Ellinjaa QLD 4886$450,000--1
Ellinthorp QLD 4362$258,750--2
Elliott QLD 4670$405,000-4.8%2
Elliott Heads QLD 4670$447,500$365pw8%60
Elphinstone QLD 4361$1,645,000--2
Emerald QLD 4720$335,000$380pw6.5%297
Emu Creek QLD 4355$490,000--2
Emu Park QLD 4710$450,000$400pw8.1%65
Emu Vale QLD 4371$500,000$325pw19.8%2
England Creek QLD 4306$260,000--1
Enoggera QLD 4051$850,000$505pw4.8%71
Enoggera Reservoir QLD 4520-$425pw--
Erakala QLD 4740$691,000$705pw0.3%6
Eromanga QLD 4480$30,500--2
Esk QLD 4312$330,000$320pw5.3%77
Etna Creek QLD 4702$439,000-2.9%7
Eton QLD 4741$572,500$420pw-8
Etty Bay QLD 4858$375,000--3.3%5
Eubenangee QLD 4860$507,500--4
Eudlo QLD 4554$1,187,500$500pw20.2%2
Eukey QLD 4380-$365pw--
Euleilah QLD 4674$275,000$300pw6.8%3
Eulo QLD 4491$80,000--1
Eumundi QLD 4562$850,000$650pw5.9%67
Eungella QLD 4757$312,500$350pw17.4%4
Euramo QLD 4854-$280pw--
Eureka QLD 4660$192,500--12.1%2
Eurong QLD 4581$500,000--2
Euthulla QLD 4455$450,000--2
Evelyn QLD 4888$357,000--2
Everton Hills QLD 4053$710,000$500pw5.8%85
Everton Park QLD 4053$753,100$525pw5%138
Fairdale QLD 4606$477,500--2
Fairfield QLD 4103$930,000$500pw6.6%40
Fairney View QLD 4306$730,000$550pw-9
Fairy Bower QLD 4700$525,000--2
Fairyland QLD 4413$75,000--25.5%1
Fairymead QLD 4670$48,000$280pw-1
Farleigh QLD 4741$825,000$350pw9.9%4
Farnborough QLD 4703$634,000$550pw0.3%12
Farnsfield QLD 4660$1,450,000$300pw-2
Fassifern QLD 4309$384,300--2
Fassifern Valley QLD 4309$680,000--5
Federal QLD 4568$705,000$670pw11.3%7
Felton QLD 4358$755,000--2
Felton South QLD 4358$290,160--1
Feluga QLD 4854-$310pw--
Ferney QLD 4650$600,000--2
Fernvale QLD 4306$368,000$370pw1.4%70
Ferny Glen QLD 4275$1,375,000$750pw-2
Ferny Grove QLD 4055$757,250$530pw7%82
Ferny Hills QLD 4055$692,500$500pw6.1%162
Ficks Crossing QLD 4606$262,500$270pw-2
Fifteen Mile QLD 4352$400,000--2
Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069$1,325,000$700pw7.8%88
Finch Hatton QLD 4756$284,000$300pw23.8%6
Fishermans Pocket QLD 4570$578,500--2
Fishery Falls QLD 4871$377,500-8.6%2
Fitzgerald Creek QLD 4860$863,000--1
Fitzgibbon QLD 4018$540,000$440pw4.1%117
Flagstone QLD 4280$500,000$385pw3.3%132
Flagstone Creek QLD 4344$685,000$330pw5.1%3
Flametree QLD 4802-$630pw--
Flaxton QLD 4560$820,000$608pw8.5%41
Fletcher QLD 4381$221,500--2
Fleurbaix QLD 4375$353,750--2
Flinders View QLD 4305$410,000$350pw2.8%112
Flinton QLD 4422$3,139,890--2
Florence Bay QLD 4819$1,759,000--1
Flying Fish Point QLD 4860-$290pw--
Flying Fox QLD 4275$557,500--2
Fordsdale QLD 4343$678,750$350pw-2
Foreshores QLD 4678$436,000--2
Forest Creek QLD 4873$310,000--2.9%3
Forest Glen QLD 4556$830,000$585pw4.8%36
Forest Hill QLD 4342$273,500$300pw0.6%22
Forest Lake QLD 4078$500,500$420pw2.8%414
Forest Ridge QLD 4357$124,000--2
Forest Springs QLD 4362$670,000--2
Forestdale QLD 4118$935,000$585pw4.5%38
Foresthome QLD 4850$167,500--2
Forrest Beach QLD 4850$248,750$340pw-0.1%48
Forsayth QLD 4871$61,000--2
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006$1,535,000$425pw-0.5%9
Fraser Island QLD 4581$297,500-11.2%12
Frazerview QLD 4309$670,000--1
Fredericksfield QLD 4806$272,500--2
Freestone QLD 4370$319,000$250pw-0.1%3
Frenches Creek QLD 4310$700,000--6
Frenchville QLD 4701$330,000$400pw0.6%220
Freshwater QLD 4870$571,210$480pw0.6%36
Freshwater Point QLD 4737-$370pw--
Friday Pocket QLD 4855$320,000--1
Fulham QLD 4313$460,000--1
Gaeta QLD 4671$225,000--5
Gailes QLD 4300$335,000$310pw5.2%31
Gairloch QLD 4850$91,500--1
Garbutt QLD 4814$270,000$365pw1.4%31
Gargett QLD 4741$270,000--4
Garnant QLD 4702$557,500--2
Garners Beach QLD 4852$735,000$400pw-1
Garradunga QLD 4860$480,000--1
Gatton QLD 4343$290,000$330pw1.1%206
Gaven QLD 4211$950,000$770pw7.9%26
Gayndah QLD 4625$183,000$268pw4.8%29
Gaythorne QLD 4051$792,500$490pw4.7%25
Geebung QLD 4034$666,250$488pw5.5%86
Geham QLD 4352$948,500-2.8%4
Georgetown QLD 4871$187,500--2
Germantown QLD 4871$186,500--2
Gheerulla QLD 4574$470,000--2.4%5
Gilldora QLD 4570$745,500$330pw26.8%2
Gilston QLD 4211$800,000$635pw7%60
Gin Gin QLD 4671$200,000$275pw2.5%24
Gindie QLD 4702-$300pw--
Giru QLD 4809$155,000$218pw-2.1%6
Givelda QLD 4670$455,000$380pw-2
Gladfield QLD 4370$292,000$240pw-2
Gladstone Central QLD 4680$280,000$320pw-1%12
Gladstone Harbour QLD 4680$185,000$300pw-2
Glamorgan Vale QLD 4306$681,250$400pw4.8%4
Glan Devon QLD 4615$325,000-11.8%10
Glanmire QLD 4570$378,750$320pw-2
Glass House Mountains QLD 4518$645,000$550pw6.4%131
Glastonbury QLD 4570$700,000$405pw6.8%8
Glen Allyn QLD 4885$518,750-5.7%2
Glen Aplin QLD 4381$240,500$280pw1.8%10
Glen Cairn QLD 4342$560,000--2
Glen Echo QLD 4570$752,500--2
Glen Eden QLD 4680$340,000$380pw-64
Glen Esk QLD 4312$575,000--2
Glen Isla QLD 4800-$300pw--
Glen Niven QLD 4377$407,500--2
Glen Russell QLD 4880$257,000--2
Glenarbon QLD 4385$120,000--1
Glenaven QLD 4355-$250pw--
Glenbar QLD 4620$150,000--1
Glencoe QLD 4352$607,500$440pw6.4%4
Glendale QLD 4711$529,000$495pw3.9%11
Glenden QLD 4743-$300pw--
Gleneagle QLD 4285$495,000$335pw3.1%32
Glenella QLD 4740$489,000$500pw2.6%81
Glenlee QLD 4711$509,380$600pw2.4%17
Glenlogan QLD 4280$716,000$560pw5.8%23
Glenlyon QLD 4380$400,000--1
Glenmorgan QLD 4423$9,487,500--2
Glenorchy QLD 4650$363,000-7.9%1
Glenore Grove QLD 4342$400,000$430pw5.3%19
Glenrae QLD 4626$375,000--1
Glenrock QLD 4605$70,000--1
Glenvale QLD 4350$387,250$380pw0.1%160
Glenview QLD 4553$867,500$950pw5.3%18
Glenwood QLD 4570$300,000$360pw7.9%83
Godwin Beach QLD 4511$522,500$430pw3.9%13
Gogango QLD 4702$3,765,000--1
Golden Beach QLD 4551$780,000$523pw8.7%99
Golden Fleece QLD 4621$390,000--1
Goldsborough QLD 4865$620,000$530pw4.8%11
Gooburrum QLD 4670$422,500$400pw3.8%22
Good Night QLD 4671$425,000$240pw-2
Goodar QLD 4390$925,000-20.8%1
Goodger QLD 4610$360,000$320pw2.3%5
Goodna QLD 4300$341,000$340pw2.1%159
Goodwood QLD 4660$307,000--11
Googa Creek QLD 4306$155,000--2
Goolman QLD 4306$350,000--1
Goomboorian QLD 4570$495,000$430pw8.4%25
Goombungee QLD 4354$311,500$230pw3.5%26
Goomburra QLD 4362$440,000$260pw-3
Goomeri QLD 4601$260,000$230pw15.2%27
Goomeribong QLD 4601$140,000--1
Goondi QLD 4860-$230pw--
Goondi Bend QLD 4860$150,000-3.7%21
Goondi Hill QLD 4860$170,000-10.1%9
Goondiwindi QLD 4390$340,000$335pw0.8%101
Goorganga Creek QLD 4800$350,000--1
Gooroolba QLD 4625$207,500--2
Gootchie QLD 4650$712,500--2
Goovigen QLD 4702$77,500--4
Goowarra QLD 4702$435,000--1
Goranba QLD 4421$83,000--8
Gordon Park QLD 4031$1,000,000$613pw6.2%51
Gordonbrook QLD 4610$445,000-4.9%3
Gordonvale QLD 4865$390,000$420pw4%135
Gore QLD 4352$47,500--1
Gowrie Junction QLD 4352$542,500$420pw5.5%30
Gowrie Little Plain QLD 4352$652,500--2
Gowrie Mountain QLD 4350$505,000$455pw3.8%5
Gracemere QLD 4702$315,000$410pw1%285
Graceville QLD 4075$1,200,000$600pw7.3%65
Grahams Creek QLD 4650$695,000$295pw-3
Granadilla QLD 4855$195,750--2
Grand Secret QLD 4820$257,500--2
Grandchester QLD 4340$557,500$278pw7.8%3
Grange QLD 4051$1,102,000$650pw6%48
Grantham QLD 4347$240,000$260pw-9.4%7
Granville QLD 4650$269,500$330pw4.6%67
Grapetree QLD 4352$762,500$215pw-2
Grasstree Beach QLD 4740$432,500$510pw4.9%22
Great Sandy Strait QLD 4655$518,000--1
Green Hill QLD 4865-$550pw--
Greenbank QLD 4124$700,000$460pw4.4%103
Greenlands QLD 4380$352,500--2
Greenmount QLD 4359$355,000$300pw-0.8%5
Greenmount QLD 4751$430,000--5
Greens Creek QLD 4570$835,000-16.7%5
Greenslopes QLD 4120$940,000$520pw4.9%91
Greenswamp QLD 4413$545,000--2
Greenvale QLD 4816$85,750$120pw-2
Greenview QLD 4606$368,750--2
Greenwood QLD 4401$1,250,000--1
Gregors Creek QLD 4313$514,000$368pw3.6%2
Gregory QLD 4830$90,000--1
Gregory River QLD 4660$387,995--2
Gregory River QLD 4800$511,000$600pw-3.5%11
Greymare QLD 4370$1,016,250--2
Griffin QLD 4503$530,000$430pw3.3%167
Groomsville QLD 4352-$280pw--
Groper Creek QLD 4806$180,000--4.4%3
Guanaba QLD 4210$1,675,000$1,000pw20.8%14
Gulliver QLD 4812$278,500$310pw-0.1%56
Gumdale QLD 4154$1,000,000$660pw2.1%39
Gumlow QLD 4815$737,500-6.6%4
Gumlu QLD 4805-$300pw--
Gunalda QLD 4570$543,500$360pw15.7%4
Gundiah QLD 4650$347,500--2
Gungaloon QLD 4620$278,000-9.4%2
Gurgeena QLD 4626$320,000-8.7%1
Guthalungra QLD 4805$600,000--1
Gympie QLD 4570$355,000$355pw7.3%389
Habana QLD 4740$612,000$400pw4%19
Haden QLD 4353-$350pw--
Haigslea QLD 4306$625,000$440pw-4
Haliday Bay QLD 4740$490,000--6.8%2
Halifax QLD 4850$185,000$230pw-1%8
Haly Creek QLD 4610$1,230,000--2
Hamilton QLD 4007$1,500,000$750pw8.9%83
Hamilton Creek QLD 4714$344,500--6
Hamilton Plains QLD 4800-$290pw--
Hampden QLD 4741$472,500$400pw1.2%6
Hampton QLD 4352$511,000$360pw5%14
Hannaford QLD 4406$3,250,000--2
Happy Valley QLD 4825$270,000--6%13
Harlaxton QLD 4350$300,000$330pw2.3%55
Harlin QLD 4306$260,000--7.4%2
Harristown QLD 4350$355,000$360pw2.4%182
Harrisville QLD 4307$615,000$320pw-7
Hatton Vale QLD 4341$502,750$398pw6.6%22
Hawkins Creek QLD 4850-$255pw--
Hawthorne QLD 4171$1,450,000$750pw7.8%99
Hay Point QLD 4740$395,000$400pw4.6%34
Hazeldean QLD 4515$760,000$380pw14.3%13
Hazledean QLD 4741$280,000--1
Headington Hill QLD 4361$360,000--2
Healy QLD 4825$386,500-0.3%39
Heathwood QLD 4110$625,000$480pw1.9%77
Heatley QLD 4814$256,500$350pw1.3%67
Hebel QLD 4486$51,000--1
Helens Hill QLD 4850$350,000--1
Helensvale QLD 4212$820,000$723pw6.2%411
Helidon QLD 4344$315,000$360pw3.9%37
Helidon Spa QLD 4344$520,000-7.3%9
Hemmant QLD 4174$575,000$545pw3.6%31
Hendon QLD 4362$252,500$305pw0.8%2
Hendra QLD 4011$1,252,500$775pw6.7%112
Herberton QLD 4887$260,000$330pw7%21
Heritage Park QLD 4118$530,000$430pw4.1%99
Hermit Park QLD 4812$375,000$360pw3.2%59
Herston QLD 4006$932,750$510pw3.4%18
Hervey Range QLD 4817$490,000--2%2
Hibernia QLD 4723$505,000--2
Hidden Valley QLD 4703$425,000$450pw-1.3%13
Hideaway Bay QLD 4800$490,000$420pw5.2%11
Highfields QLD 4352$610,000$480pw4.1%193
Highgate Hill QLD 4101$1,370,000$583pw6%44
Highgrove QLD 4352$235,000--1
Highland Park QLD 4211$692,750$585pw7%104
Highvale QLD 4520$1,297,500$830pw8.4%24
Highworth QLD 4560$600,000-9.3%7
Hillcrest QLD 4118$425,000$375pw2.8%83
Hillview QLD 4285$345,000-2%2
Hirstglen QLD 4359$760,000--2
Hivesville QLD 4612$77,000--4
Hodgleigh QLD 4610$300,000--1
Hodgson QLD 4455$250,000$450pw-1
Hodgson Vale QLD 4352$700,000$510pw4.1%25
Holland Park QLD 4121$900,000$530pw5.7%127
Holland Park West QLD 4121$880,000$550pw4.8%121
Holloways Beach QLD 4878$450,000$450pw2.6%39
Hollywell QLD 4216$892,500$750pw7.5%66
Holmview QLD 4207$424,000$410pw3.4%121
Home Hill QLD 4806$140,000$265pw-3.2%59
Homebush QLD 4740-$300pw--
Homestead QLD 4816$100,000--6.8%1
Hope Island QLD 4212$1,030,000$780pw5.7%598
Hope Vale QLD 4895$242,500--2
Hopeland QLD 4413$400,000$250pw-1
Horn QLD 4875$672,500-1.2%2
Horse Camp QLD 4671$235,000-6.7%13
Horse Creek QLD 4714-$280pw--
Horseshoe Bay QLD 4819$520,000$330pw3.9%30
Horseshoe Lagoon QLD 4809$822,500$280pw-2
Horton QLD 4660$262,000$525pw-7
Howard QLD 4659$300,000$350pw6.2%49
Hoya QLD 4310$450,000-7.6%7
Hudson QLD 4860$170,000--5.9%5
Hughenden QLD 4821$120,000-11.4%15
Hull Heads QLD 4854$334,500$320pw-2
Hunchy QLD 4555$828,000$790pw9.9%19
Hungerford QLD 4493$3,000--1
Hyde Park QLD 4812$330,000$390pw-3.3%21
Idalia QLD 4811$510,000$480pw2.3%103
Ideraway QLD 4625$130,000--2
Ilbilbie QLD 4738$255,000--4
Ilfracombe QLD 4727-$210pw--
Ilkley QLD 4554$877,500$798pw8.6%10
Illinbah QLD 4275-$490pw--
Image Flat QLD 4560-$700pw--
Imbil QLD 4570$440,000$368pw5.5%9
Inala QLD 4077$389,500$350pw2.2%142
Indooroopilly QLD 4068$1,273,000$550pw8.5%150
Ingham QLD 4850$150,000$250pw-2.5%81
Inglewood QLD 4387$150,000$230pw6.4%15
Ingoldsby QLD 4343$580,000--1
Injune QLD 4454$55,000$275pw-13
Inkerman QLD 4806-$240pw--
Innes Park QLD 4670$462,000$408pw2.9%64
Innisfail QLD 4860$210,000$318pw0.5%9
Innisfail Estate QLD 4860$271,500$450pw2.1%24
Innisplain QLD 4285-$600pw--
Innot Hot Springs QLD 4872$500,000--3
Inverlaw QLD 4610$396,250--6
Inverness QLD 4703$710,000-6%12
Ipswich QLD 4305$425,000$343pw4.7%45
Iredale QLD 4344$452,500$400pw0.8%2
Iron Range QLD 4892$400,000--1
Ironbark QLD 4306$545,000$380pw-4
Irongate QLD 4356$553,750--2
Ironpot QLD 4701$925,000--2
Irvinebank QLD 4887$140,000-1.7%1
Irvingdale QLD 4404$382,500--2
Isis Central QLD 4660$325,000$370pw8.6%4
Isis River QLD 4660$345,000-5.6%1
Isisford QLD 4731$45,000-10.4%2
Isla QLD 4719$270,000--1
Island Plantation QLD 4650$335,000$400pw-4
Iveragh QLD 4680$330,000--2
Ivory Creek QLD 4313$363,500--2
Jackson QLD 4426$30,000--4.9%1
Jacobs Well QLD 4208$717,500$530pw10.6%90
Jaffa QLD 4855$412,500--2
Jaggan QLD 4885$437,500--4
Jambin QLD 4702$320,000$375pw-2
Jamboree Heights QLD 4074$619,000$435pw5.6%56
Jandowae QLD 4410$121,500$235pw4%24
Japoonvale QLD 4856$315,000$300pw44.5%1
Jardine QLD 4702$920,000--2
Jarra Creek QLD 4854$375,000--3
Jarvisfield QLD 4807$360,000--3
Jensen QLD 4818$490,000$475pw4.1%23
Jericho QLD 4728-$180pw--
Jerona QLD 4809$200,000--3
Jimboomba QLD 4280$700,000$460pw8.3%116
Jimbour East QLD 4406$340,000--1
Jimna QLD 4515$140,000$200pw5.4%2
Jindalee QLD 4074$677,500$518pw3.9%98
Johnstown QLD 4615$875,000--2
Jollys Lookout QLD 4520$1,200,000$2,200pw-3
Jondaryan QLD 4403$188,750$300pw-2
Jones Gully QLD 4355$230,000--1
Jones Hill QLD 4570$457,500$400pw6.5%40
Josephville QLD 4285$568,000--2
Joyner QLD 4500$698,500$500pw5.3%45
Jubilee Heights QLD 4860$430,000--5
Jubilee Pocket QLD 4802$423,000$450pw2.7%65
Julago QLD 4816-$480pw--
Julatten QLD 4871$450,000$363pw-0.7%13
Julia Creek QLD 4823$217,500-8.1%2
Junabee QLD 4370-$500pw--
Junction View QLD 4343$195,000--2
Jundah QLD 4736$40,000--25.8%2
Kaban QLD 4888$240,000--1
Kabra QLD 4702$484,500--0.2%2
Kagaru QLD 4285$550,000--1
Kaimkillenbun QLD 4406$297,500$280pw-2
Kairi QLD 4872$385,000--9
Kalapa QLD 4702$330,000--1
Kalbar QLD 4309$375,000$330pw1.8%18
Kalinga QLD 4030$1,155,000$800pw4.7%28
Kalkadoon QLD 4825$700,000--2
Kalkie QLD 4670$375,000$380pw-0.1%72
Kallangur QLD 4503$470,000$390pw5.2%392
Kalpowar QLD 4630$77,500-3.9%2
Kalunga QLD 4887$310,000--2
Kamerunga QLD 4870$497,500$490pw0.3%26
Kandanga QLD 4570$657,500$400pw13.4%14
Kandanga Creek QLD 4570$607,500$250pw-2
Kangaroo Point QLD 4169$1,200,000$550pw6%29
Kanigan QLD 4570$334,000-1%2
Kanimbla QLD 4870$570,000$545pw3.6%55
Kapaldo QLD 4630$540,000-15.3%1
Karalee QLD 4306$680,000$400pw4.7%93
Karana Downs QLD 4306$620,000$465pw5.7%95
Karara QLD 4352$420,000--6
Karawatha QLD 4117$965,000$610pw-3
Karrabin QLD 4306$675,000$400pw-2
Karragarra Island QLD 4184$384,500$365pw12.5%16
Karumba QLD 4891$155,000$300pw4.4%4
Kawana QLD 4701$296,500$380pw-0.6%84
Kawl Kawl QLD 4612$305,000--2
Kawungan QLD 4655$459,000$400pw6.6%132
Kearneys Spring QLD 4350$420,000$400pw1.7%191
Kedron QLD 4031$930,000$550pw8.1%109
Kelsey Creek QLD 4800$317,500--4
Kelso QLD 4815$265,000$340pw-1.2%178
Kelvin Grove QLD 4059$961,000$450pw4.7%49
Kenilworth QLD 4574$405,000$385pw-6.9%9
Kenmore QLD 4069$856,000$550pw5.5%171
Kenmore Hills QLD 4069$1,040,000$700pw4%32
Kennedy QLD 4816$285,000$260pw16.6%3
Kensington QLD 4670$289,000$270pw-5.3%9
Kensington Grove QLD 4341$455,000$410pw3.7%36
Kents Lagoon QLD 4309$575,000$400pw-2
Kentville QLD 4341$380,000--3
Keperra QLD 4054$660,000$480pw6.1%117
Kepnock QLD 4670$295,000$350pw2%108
Keppel Sands QLD 4702-$270pw--
Kerry QLD 4285$750,000$445pw5.5%3
Kewarra Beach QLD 4879$493,000$495pw1.8%183
Keysland QLD 4612$500,000--2
Kholo QLD 4306$1,300,000$560pw14.5%3
Khosh Bulduk QLD 4723$940,000--1
Kia Ora QLD 4570-$420pw--
Kiamba QLD 4560$4,050,000$685pw48.3%2
Kianga QLD 4718-$500pw--
Kidaman Creek QLD 4574$590,000$560pw9.2%2
Kiels Mountain QLD 4559$817,500$600pw4.8%10
Kilbirnie QLD 4354$483,000-7.9%1
Kilcoy QLD 4515$329,500$320pw7.9%62
Kilkivan QLD 4600$234,500$293pw8.6%20
Killaloe QLD 4877$923,000-1.2%2
Killarney QLD 4373$247,500$293pw5.4%40
Kimberley QLD 4873$435,000--2
Kin Kin QLD 4571$781,000$435pw7.3%16
Kin Kora QLD 4680$330,000$350pw0.3%54
Kinbombi QLD 4601$126,000--1
Kinchant Dam QLD 4741$536,250$390pw1.9%2
Kincora QLD 4356$480,000--3
King Scrub QLD 4521$1,180,000-10%4
Kingaroy QLD 4610$270,000$320pw2.4%375
Kings Beach QLD 4551$999,000$525pw10.1%12
Kings Creek QLD 4361$595,000--2
Kingsholme QLD 4208$1,304,500$700pw11.3%20
Kingsthorpe QLD 4400$374,000$375pw2.6%62
Kingston QLD 4114$335,000$350pw1.6%189
Kinka Beach QLD 4703$350,000$458pw4.5%20
Kinkuna QLD 4670$350,000--2
Kinleymore QLD 4613$397,500--2
Kippa-Ring QLD 4021$525,000$420pw5.1%146
Kirknie QLD 4806$215,000--2
Kirkwood QLD 4680$415,000$380pw1.4%61
Kirwan QLD 4817$330,000$380pw0.6%384
Kitoba QLD 4605$275,000--1
Kleinton QLD 4352$587,000$460pw2.6%80
Knapp Creek QLD 4285$795,000--3
Koah QLD 4881$555,000$365pw2.7%7
Kobble Creek QLD 4520$764,000$600pw-0.3%3
Kogan QLD 4406$202,500$233pw-4.1%2
Kokotungo QLD 4702$5,300,000--1
Kolonga QLD 4671$342,500--2
Koongal QLD 4701$250,000$350pw1%92
Kooralbyn QLD 4285$375,000$410pw2.1%81
Kooralgin QLD 4402$296,000--2
Kooringal QLD 4025$1,200,000$1,000pw-3
Kooroongarra QLD 4357$1,090,000--2
Koumala QLD 4738$550,000$250pw20.1%13
Kowguran QLD 4415$94,000--2
Kowrowa QLD 4872$310,000--1
Kulangoor QLD 4560$742,500$545pw11.5%8
Kulgun QLD 4309$523,500--3
Kullogum QLD 4660$400,000--1
Kulpi QLD 4352$124,000$230pw-2
Kuluin QLD 4558$677,500$550pw8.3%41
Kumbarilla QLD 4405$288,750-7.6%2
Kumbia QLD 4610-$310pw--
Kunioon QLD 4615$350,000--1
Kunwarara QLD 4702$615,000--1
Kuraby QLD 4112$765,000$500pw2.7%95
Kuranda QLD 4881$499,500$480pw5.1%59
Kureelpa QLD 4560$750,000$675pw6.6%17
Kureen QLD 4885$447,500--2
Kuridala QLD 4824$20,000--1
Kurrimine Beach QLD 4871$315,000$350pw1%11
Kurrowah QLD 4352$1,637,500--2
Kurwongbah QLD 4503$707,500$445pw3.9%16
Kuttabul QLD 4741$575,000-10.1%11
Kybong QLD 4570$630,000--7
Kyoomba QLD 4380$760,000--2
Labrador QLD 4215$645,000$450pw5.5%133
Laceys Creek QLD 4521$677,500$495pw4.4%2
Lagoon Pocket QLD 4570$757,500$595pw9.8%6
Laguna Quays QLD 4800-$260pw--
Laidley QLD 4341$265,000$325pw2.4%87
Laidley Creek West QLD 4341$950,000--2
Laidley Heights QLD 4341$398,500$420pw4.2%42
Laidley North QLD 4341$300,000$330pw0.3%30
Laidley South QLD 4341$250,000$330pw-5%2
Lake Barrine QLD 4884$556,000$450pw5%4
Lake Clarendon QLD 4343$477,500$400pw4.1%4
Lake Eacham QLD 4884$499,000$255pw-12
Lake Macdonald QLD 4563$870,000$670pw7.2%41
Lake Manchester QLD 4306$930,000--1
Lake Mary QLD 4703$840,500--2
Lakeland QLD 4871$232,500--2
Lakes Creek QLD 4701$328,000$325pw2.5%8
Lakeside QLD 4621$240,000--1
Lamb Island QLD 4184$270,000$270pw10.1%21
Lamington QLD 4285$464,500$400pw-2
Lammermoor QLD 4703$520,986$550pw3%85
Landers Shoot QLD 4555-$975pw--
Landsborough QLD 4550$630,000$480pw8.2%88
Lanefield QLD 4340$487,500$700pw-4
Langshaw QLD 4570$1,225,000$288pw-6
Lannercost QLD 4850$442,500--4
Larapinta QLD 4110$9,320,000--4
Laravale QLD 4285$347,500--3.1%4
Lark Hill QLD 4306$582,500--2
Lavelle QLD 4357$580,000--2
Lawgi Dawes QLD 4716$835,000-23.6%1
Lawnton QLD 4501$505,000$400pw6.1%92
Lefthand Branch QLD 4343$332,500--2
Leichhardt QLD 4305$275,000$310pw3.8%109
Lemontree QLD 4357-$360pw--
Leslie QLD 4370$324,000--2
Leslie Dam QLD 4370$667,500--2
Lethebrook QLD 4800$350,000--3
Leyburn QLD 4365$350,000$233pw7.8%7
Leydens Hill QLD 4714$340,000-13.6%1
Lilyvale QLD 4352$835,000$400pw-2
Limestone QLD 4714$420,000--1
Limestone Creek QLD 4701$715,000--5
Limestone Ridges QLD 4305$392,500--4.8%2
Limevale QLD 4384$735,000--2
Linthorpe QLD 4356$665,000$410pw3.8%7
Linville QLD 4314-$290pw--
Linville QLD 4306$70,000--2
Little Mountain QLD 4551$699,000$590pw5.7%200
Little Mulgrave QLD 4865$675,000-1.3%5
Loch Lomond QLD 4370$976,500--2
Lockrose QLD 4342$289,000$335pw-1%12
Lockyer QLD 4344$789,000$400pw15.9%5
Lockyer Waters QLD 4311$352,500$420pw1.8%12
Logan Central QLD 4114$333,500$340pw1.3%104
Logan Reserve QLD 4133$440,000$400pw1.3%148
Logan Village QLD 4207$675,000$495pw4.7%74
Loganholme QLD 4129$460,000$410pw2.7%146
Loganlea QLD 4131$410,000$350pw2.6%145
Lonesome Creek QLD 4719-$450pw--
Long Flat QLD 4570$561,500--2
Long Pocket QLD 4850$229,000--2
Longreach QLD 4730$205,000$273pw3.7%63
Lota QLD 4179$740,000$490pw4.7%55
Lower Beechmont QLD 4211$540,000$500pw3.9%37
Lower Cressbrook QLD 4313$84,000--1
Lower Daintree QLD 4873$230,000--2
Lower Mount Walker QLD 4340$708,000-10.2%1
Lower Tenthill QLD 4343$421,001--2
Lower Tully QLD 4854$1,270,000-47.6%2
Lower Wonga QLD 4570$1,070,000$490pw25.4%4
Lowmead QLD 4676$162,500-3.8%2
Lowood QLD 4311$280,000$313pw1.5%108
Lucinda QLD 4850$275,000$385pw-19%7
Luscombe QLD 4207$870,000$300pw5.4%3
Lutwyche QLD 4030$906,250$520pw3.7%34
Lynam QLD 4818$725,000--1
Lynford QLD 4342$320,000--2
Lyra QLD 4382$230,000--1
Ma Ma Creek QLD 4347$447,000$250pw1.3%11
Maadi QLD 4855$335,000--1
Maalan QLD 4886$385,000--2
Maaroom QLD 4650$295,000-7.6%12
MacAlister QLD 4406-$220pw--
Macalister Range QLD 4871$690,000--1
Macgregor QLD 4109$766,100$495pw-0.4%81
Machans Beach QLD 4878$463,000$468pw5.2%24
Machine Creek QLD 4695$340,000--3
Mackay QLD 4740$331,500$373pw7.1%28
Mackay Harbour QLD 4740-$615pw--
Mackenzie QLD 4156$890,000$650pw2.9%25
Macknade QLD 4850-$220pw--
Maclagan QLD 4352$112,000--2
Macleay Island QLD 4184$278,000$350pw4.1%174
Magnolia QLD 4650$502,500--2
Maidenwell QLD 4615$230,000$250pw4.7%5
Main Beach QLD 4217$2,100,000$815pw2.3%12
Majors Creek QLD 4816$410,000$435pw-3
Malanda QLD 4885$317,500$345pw4.1%36
Maleny QLD 4552$770,000$600pw7.9%93
Malling QLD 4352$97,500--2
Malmoe QLD 4627$725,000--2
Malu QLD 4403$670,000--1
Manapouri QLD 4361$845,000--1
Mandalay QLD 4802$535,000$680pw9.1%11
Mango Hill QLD 4509$590,000$455pw3.4%243
Manly QLD 4179$991,000$520pw4.9%73
Manly West QLD 4179$755,000$540pw5.4%159
Mannuem QLD 4610$327,500--1
Manoora QLD 4870$345,000$400pw2.8%63
Mansfield QLD 4122$804,000$510pw4.7%106
Manunda QLD 4870$385,000$375pw2.8%55
Manyung QLD 4605$300,000--2
Mapleton QLD 4560$705,000$625pw10%26
Marburg QLD 4346$520,000$375pw9.9%16
Marcoola QLD 4564$1,000,000$650pw11.6%44
Marcus Beach QLD 4573$1,920,000$750pw19.1%14
Mareeba QLD 4880$349,000$380pw3.8%178
Margate QLD 4019$564,250$430pw6.9%147
Maria Creeks QLD 4855$405,000--0.1%4
Marian QLD 4753$480,000$450pw1.1%60
Marlborough QLD 4705$10,000--39.7%1
Marmor QLD 4702$215,000$290pw-4
Maroochy River QLD 4561$1,150,000$710pw13.5%30
Maroochydore QLD 4558$795,000$580pw7.3%257
Maroon QLD 4310$610,000--3
Maroondan QLD 4671$333,000$275pw3.1%9
Marsden QLD 4132$400,000$370pw2.4%249
Martyville QLD 4858$165,000-7.5%1
Maryborough QLD 4650$259,000$313pw6.6%495
Maryborough West QLD 4650$387,500$385pw8.7%16
Marys Creek QLD 4570$525,000--2
Maryvale QLD 4703$300,000--1
Maryvale QLD 4370$187,000$350pw4.4%17
Massie QLD 4370$307,500$460pw1%2
Maudsland QLD 4210$717,500$600pw6.1%162
Maxwelton QLD 4822$32,500--1
Mcdesme QLD 4807$150,000--1.6%3
Mcdowall QLD 4053$750,000$570pw3.2%107
Mcewens Beach QLD 4740$395,000-14.3%7
Mcilwraith QLD 4671$412,500$340pw5.9%6
Mcintosh Creek QLD 4570$885,000$535pw13.7%3
Mckinlay QLD 4823$20,000-67.9%1
Meadowbrook QLD 4131$507,500$430pw4.3%54
Meadowvale QLD 4670$372,000-0.4%5
Meandarra QLD 4422$75,000--4
Meikleville Hill QLD 4703$463,000-7.6%12
Melawondi QLD 4570$465,000$315pw-1.7%1
Meldale QLD 4510$667,500-1.7%8
Memerambi QLD 4610$189,500$275pw-8
Mena Creek QLD 4871-$340pw--
Menzies QLD 4825$185,000--3.8%3
Meridan Plains QLD 4551$566,000$543pw3.4%94
Merinda QLD 4805$280,000-1.3%1
Meringandan QLD 4352$411,500$395pw4.5%8
Meringandan West QLD 4352$479,000$408pw3.9%57
Merlwood QLD 4605$420,000$350pw-5
Mermaid Beach QLD 4218$2,037,500$700pw7.9%64
Mermaid Waters QLD 4218$1,335,000$850pw11.8%270
Merrimac QLD 4226$700,000$573pw7.1%75
Merritts Creek QLD 4352$809,000$600pw10%4
Merryburn QLD 4854$300,000$350pw-2
Merryvale QLD 4340$790,000--1
Mia Mia QLD 4754$777,500--2
Miallo QLD 4873$635,000$440pw2.7%3
Miami QLD 4220$1,142,000$670pw12.2%82
Miara QLD 4673$350,000--2
Mica Creek QLD 4825$740,000--2
Middle Park QLD 4074$710,000$500pw3.7%47
Middle Ridge QLD 4350$622,500$490pw4.1%154
Middlebrook QLD 4886$415,000--2
Middlemount QLD 4746-$375pw--
Midge Point QLD 4799$410,000$330pw9.7%8
Midgee QLD 4702$787,165-27.4%1
Midgenoo QLD 4854$162,500--2
Midgeree Bar QLD 4852$499,000--1
Mighell QLD 4860$293,750-9.7%6
Milbong QLD 4310$717,500-4.7%2
Miles QLD 4415$192,000$270pw1.3%31
Miles End QLD 4825$370,000-7.3%5
Milford QLD 4310$637,500$375pw-4
Millaa Millaa QLD 4886$262,500$320pw9.1%12
Millaroo QLD 4807$510,000-30.5%1
Millbank QLD 4670$281,000$340pw3.2%76
Millchester QLD 4820$180,000$300pw-5.2%14
Millmerran QLD 4357$230,000$270pw5%35
Millmerran Downs QLD 4357$147,500--2
Millmerran Woods QLD 4357$46,500--2
Millstream QLD 4888$270,000--8
Milman QLD 4702-$450pw--
Milora QLD 4309$662,499--2
Milton QLD 4064$860,000$610pw-2%11
Minbun QLD 4886$530,000--2.3%1
Minden QLD 4311$460,000$390pw8.5%22
Mingela QLD 4816$7,000--46.8%1
Mingoola QLD 4380$320,000--1
Minyama QLD 4575$1,950,000$780pw14.1%79
Mirani QLD 4754$375,000$430pw5.6%10
Miriam Vale QLD 4677-$250pw--
Mirriwinni QLD 4871$420,000--4
Missen Flat QLD 4361$475,000--1
Mission Beach QLD 4852$430,000$380pw6.4%47
Mitchell QLD 4465$87,500$190pw2.9%14
Mitchelton QLD 4053$813,500$500pw5.6%150
Miva QLD 4570$180,000--2
Moffat Beach QLD 4551$1,085,000$585pw10.1%53
Moffatdale QLD 4605$250,000$320pw-9
Moggill QLD 4070$667,111$500pw3.7%79
Molendinar QLD 4214$712,500$670pw4.5%104
Mon Repos QLD 4670$510,000--2
Mona Mona QLD 4881$816,250--2
Mona Park QLD 4807$635,000$300pw-1
Monduran QLD 4671$400,000--1
Mondure QLD 4611$160,000--4
Monkland QLD 4570$310,000$330pw5.3%31
Monogorilby QLD 4626$50,000--1
Mons QLD 4556$1,225,000$800pw7.6%34
Monsildale QLD 4515$755,000-5.6%1
Monto QLD 4630$125,000$265pw-0.6%57
Montrose QLD 4413$260,000--1
Montville QLD 4560$860,000$595pw9.2%34
Moodlu QLD 4510$700,000-2.9%3
Mooga QLD 4455$650,000--1
Moogerah QLD 4309$632,500-4.4%6
Moolboolaman QLD 4671$290,000$310pw11.5%11
Mooloo QLD 4570$534,000$315pw15.7%4
Mooloolaba QLD 4557$1,115,000$680pw10.8%102
Mooloolah Valley QLD 4553$710,000$530pw9.3%70
Moomin QLD 4887$444,250-12.2%2
Moondooner QLD 4605$237,500--13.2%1
Moonford QLD 4630$530,000--2
Moongan QLD 4714$135,000--14.5%1
Moonie QLD 4406-$245pw--
Moorang QLD 4340$350,000--1
Moore QLD 4306$82,500--14%2
Moore QLD 4314-$283pw--
Moore Park Beach QLD 4670$376,000$350pw0.6%120
Moores Pocket QLD 4305$280,000$425pw-5.6%4
Moorina QLD 4506$800,000$600pw1.5%8
Moorland QLD 4670$486,250--4
Mooroobool QLD 4870$460,000$445pw4.7%97
Moorooka QLD 4105$820,000$460pw7.2%160
Moranbah QLD 4744$283,500$440pw15.2%154
Morayfield QLD 4506$425,000$350pw4%499
Moregatta QLD 4886$470,000--2
Moresby QLD 4871$550,000$240pw29.9%1
Morgan Park QLD 4370$1,287,500--2
Morganville QLD 4671-$260pw--
Morningside QLD 4170$890,000$570pw4%155
Mornington QLD 4825$273,500-6.5%22
Morton Vale QLD 4343$340,000$320pw-3
Morven QLD 4468$43,500-12.6%2
Mosman Park QLD 4820$351,000$380pw4.8%4
Mossman QLD 4873$330,000$360pw2.8%33
Mossman Gorge QLD 4873$620,000-9.2%6
Mothar Mountain QLD 4570$550,500-6.6%16
Mount Abundance QLD 4455$1,300,000--2
Mount Alford QLD 4310$621,500$300pw7.2%2
Mount Archer QLD 4514$532,000$750pw6.1%3
Mount Archer QLD 4701$412,000--5
Mount Barney QLD 4287$1,225,000--1
Mount Beppo QLD 4313$440,000--7
Mount Berryman QLD 4341$485,000--3
Mount Binga QLD 4306$400,000--1
Mount Carbine QLD 4871$130,500--2
Mount Chalmers QLD 4702$465,000$500pw14.8%8
Mount Charlton QLD 4741$332,500--2
Mount Colliery QLD 4370$219,000--2
Mount Coolon QLD 4804$125,000--1
Mount Coolum QLD 4573$915,000$713pw10.1%55
Mount Cotton QLD 4165$628,000$490pw4.3%154
Mount Crosby QLD 4306$730,000$595pw6.3%37
Mount Delaney QLD 4514-$565pw--
Mount Edwards QLD 4309$715,000--4
Mount Forbes QLD 4340$370,000--2
Mount Fox QLD 4850$205,000--2
Mount French QLD 4310$428,000-1.7%3
Mount Garnet QLD 4872$209,000-12.7%4
Mount Glorious QLD 4520$600,000$650pw2.6%10
Mount Gravatt QLD 4122$782,000$473pw4.6%43
Mount Gravatt East QLD 4122$778,000$490pw5.6%202
Mount Hallen QLD 4312$190,000$300pw-16.2%11
Mount Isa QLD 4825-$450pw--
Mount Isa City QLD 4825-$530pw--
Mount Jukes QLD 4740$493,000--5.4%5
Mount Julian QLD 4800$495,000$685pw6.9%5
Mount Kelly QLD 4807$225,000--10%2
Mount Kilcoy QLD 4515-$420pw--
Mount Kynoch QLD 4350$435,000$450pw0.2%3
Mount Larcom QLD 4695-$160pw--
Mount Lawless QLD 4625$1,800,000--1
Mount Lofty QLD 4350$533,000$400pw4.1%92
Mount Louisa QLD 4814$375,000$420pw-0.7%199
Mount Low QLD 4818$368,000$410pw-1.4%109
Mount Luke QLD 4352$900,000-14.6%2
Mount Maria QLD 4674$340,000-6.3%8
Mount Marlow QLD 4800$590,000--2
Mount Marrow QLD 4306$550,000$425pw3.6%2
Mount Marshall QLD 4362$425,500$425pw6.5%6
Mount Martin QLD 4754$499,000--3
Mount Mceuen QLD 4606$555,000--3
Mount Mee QLD 4521$650,000$350pw8.7%8
Mount Mellum QLD 4550$980,000$750pw11.4%7
Mount Molar QLD 4361$587,500--2
Mount Molloy QLD 4871$260,000--3
Mount Morgan QLD 4714$121,000$240pw2.9%57
Mount Mort QLD 4340-$445pw--
Mount Murchison QLD 4715$584,000--2
Mount Nathan QLD 4211$892,000$700pw4.4%21
Mount Nebo QLD 4520$610,000$440pw1.1%15
Mount Ommaney QLD 4074$1,170,000$750pw8%33
Mount Ossa QLD 4741$660,000--3
Mount Pelion QLD 4741-$325pw--
Mount Perry QLD 4671$202,000$235pw12.9%20
Mount Peter QLD 4869$405,000$495pw-16
Mount Pleasant QLD 4521$1,137,500$500pw12.2%4
Mount Pleasant QLD 4740$420,000$460pw5.6%97
Mount Rascal QLD 4350$558,750-2.7%2
Mount Samson QLD 4520$1,290,500$520pw2.7%12
Mount Sheridan QLD 4868$397,500$430pw1.7%180
Mount Sturt QLD 4370$550,000--1
Mount Surprise QLD 4871$59,000--14.6%1
Mount Surround QLD 4809$411,844-0.6%2
Mount Sylvia QLD 4343-$300pw--
Mount Tabor QLD 4370$570,000--2
Mount Tarampa QLD 4311$509,500$385pw11.6%6
Mount Tom QLD 4677$200,000--3
Mount Tully QLD 4380$437,500--4
Mount Tyson QLD 4356$1,677,500$300pw-2
Mount Urah QLD 4650$505,000--2
Mount Walker QLD 4340$850,000-19.1%3
Mount Walker West QLD 4340$300,000--1
Mount Warren Park QLD 4207$444,500$400pw3.1%106
Mount Whitestone QLD 4347$432,500--6
Mountain Creek QLD 4557$748,500$595pw6.7%192
Moura QLD 4718$141,000$280pw8.2%62
Mourilyan QLD 4858$237,000-5.4%4
Mourilyan Harbour QLD 4858$317,500--2
Mowbray QLD 4877$613,500$400pw5.5%12
Moy Pocket QLD 4574$627,500-9%4
Mp Creek QLD 4606$175,000--2
Muckadilla QLD 4461$80,000--1
Mudgeeraba QLD 4213$804,000$640pw7.7%188
Mudjimba QLD 4564$1,167,500$610pw13.7%36
Muirlea QLD 4306$430,000--2
Mulambin QLD 4703$484,000$550pw3.6%54
Mulara QLD 4703$392,500--0.6%2
Mulgildie QLD 4630$60,000--2
Mulgowie QLD 4341$539,500$520pw-6
Mullett Creek QLD 4670$512,500--2
Munbilla QLD 4309$653,750-8%6
Munbura QLD 4740-$485pw--
Mundingburra QLD 4812$370,000$350pw1.2%66
Mundoo QLD 4860$381,000--2
Mundoolun QLD 4285$700,000$660pw5.7%58
Mundowran QLD 4626$150,000$250pw-3
Mundubbera QLD 4626$130,000$300pw-2.4%23
Mungallala QLD 4467$40,000--1
Mungalli QLD 4886$995,000--2
Mungar QLD 4650$321,500$395pw3.8%10
Mungungo QLD 4630$437,500--2
Muniganeen QLD 4352$620,000--1
Munna Creek QLD 4570$845,000--2
Munro Plains QLD 4854$315,000--5
Munruben QLD 4125$702,500$580pw5.5%38
Murarrie QLD 4172$730,500$500pw4%102
Murgon QLD 4605$152,000$255pw-0.1%101
Murphys Creek QLD 4352$390,000$650pw-2.6%10
Murray Upper QLD 4854-$300pw--
Murrays Bridge QLD 4370$440,000--3
Murrigal QLD 4854$900,000-24.6%1
Murrumba Downs QLD 4503$605,000$450pw5.2%173
Mutarnee QLD 4816$610,000$450pw12.5%2
Mutchilba QLD 4872$772,500--4
Mutdapilly QLD 4307$612,500$525pw-2
Muttaburra QLD 4732$47,500-3.9%2
Myall Park QLD 4415$513,000--1
Myrtlevale QLD 4800$319,000--3
Mysterton QLD 4812$435,000$420pw1.7%15
Nahrunda QLD 4570$492,500$490pw-6
Nambour QLD 4560$520,000$480pw7.9%248
Nanango QLD 4615$217,000$275pw3.1%111
Nankin QLD 4701$400,000--2
Nanum QLD 4874$520,000$800pw-3
Narangba QLD 4504$566,000$440pw4.3%430
Nathan QLD 4111$716,500$540pw4.8%10
Natural Bridge QLD 4211$2,120,000-31.2%2
Nebo QLD 4742$190,000$300pw18.2%11
Neerdie QLD 4570$260,000--3
Nelly Bay QLD 4819$365,000$455pw4.2%39
Nerada QLD 4860$205,000--2
Nerang QLD 4211$615,000$520pw7.6%228
Neranwood QLD 4213$730,000--2
Nerimbera QLD 4701$435,000--7
Netherdale QLD 4756$515,000--2
Neumgna QLD 4614$279,000--2
Neurum QLD 4514$1,092,500$290pw-4
Neusa Vale QLD 4570$670,000$610pw-2
Nevilton QLD 4361-$320pw--
New Auckland QLD 4680$335,000$380pw-1.1%128
New Beith QLD 4124$740,000$710pw5%54
New Farm QLD 4005$2,064,500$825pw5%68
New Harbourline QLD 4858$282,500--2
New Moonta QLD 4671$175,000--3
Newell QLD 4873$365,000$395pw-5
Newmarket QLD 4051$965,000$580pw2.7%68
Newport QLD 4020$905,000$550pw-161
Newstead QLD 4006-$590pw--
Newtown QLD 4305$449,500$330pw7.8%44
Newtown QLD 4350$336,250$350pw2%248
Nikenbah QLD 4655$525,000$450pw9.7%29
Nindaroo QLD 4740$697,500--4
Ninderry QLD 4561$982,000$610pw11.4%28
Nindooinbah QLD 4285$6,150,000--1
Nine Mile QLD 4702$707,500--2
Ningi QLD 4511$515,000$408pw2.9%119
Nirimba QLD 4551$535,400$575pw-51
No 4 Branch QLD 4856$330,000--1
No 6 Branch QLD 4859$170,000--2
Nobby QLD 4360$230,000$350pw-2%13
Nome QLD 4816$540,000$265pw5.1%13
Nonda QLD 4822$32,500--1
Noosa Heads QLD 4567$1,485,000$850pw13.2%116
Noosa North Shore QLD 4565$1,600,000$1,900pw28%9
Noosaville QLD 4566$1,520,000$800pw12.2%165
Norman Gardens QLD 4701$410,000$460pw2.1%204
Norman Park QLD 4170$1,112,500$600pw7.5%140
Normanton QLD 4890$295,000-5.6%2
North Aramara QLD 4620$442,500--2
North Arm QLD 4561$690,000$590pw8.3%9
North Booval QLD 4304$300,000$330pw2.9%96
North Branch QLD 4370$485,000--2
North Branch QLD 4356$580,000--1
North Deep Creek QLD 4570$572,500$450pw11%10
North Eton QLD 4741$426,000--2
North Gregory QLD 4660-$200pw--
North Ipswich QLD 4305$338,500$340pw4.2%120
North Isis QLD 4660$447,000$550pw8.4%13
North Johnstone QLD 4885$857,500--2
North Lakes QLD 4509$552,000$460pw3.3%579
North Mackay QLD 4740$328,500$395pw6.9%126
North Maclagan QLD 4352$1,600,000--1
North Maclean QLD 4280$658,000$475pw6.6%19
North Maleny QLD 4552$1,080,000$615pw6.5%16
North Stradbroke Island QLD 4183$2,300,000--3
North Talwood QLD 4496$200,000--1
North Tivoli QLD 4305$332,250$410pw0.1%2
North Toowoomba QLD 4350$365,000$350pw3.8%78
North Ward QLD 4810$740,000$370pw2.6%44
Northgate QLD 4013$785,000$475pw5.4%68
Norville QLD 4670$260,000$340pw2.7%89
Norwell QLD 4208-$400pw--
Nudgee QLD 4014$745,000$573pw3.4%58
Nudgee Beach QLD 4014$907,500$600pw8.1%2
Nukku QLD 4306$400,000--1
Numinbah Valley QLD 4211$1,950,000--3
Nundah QLD 4012$823,500$495pw4.7%90
Nundubbermere QLD 4380$485,000--2
O'bil Bil QLD 4626$365,000-6.6%2
O'Briens Hill QLD 4860$331,000--2
O'Connell QLD 4680$430,000$400pw-13.2%6
Oak Beach QLD 4877$767,000$430pw-5
Oak Valley QLD 4811$749,000$460pw4.8%3
Oakenden QLD 4741-$480pw--
Oakey QLD 4401$255,500$290pw0.4%102
Oakey Creek QLD 4714$550,000--1
Oakhurst QLD 4650$455,000$493pw3.9%34
Oakview QLD 4600$285,000$330pw-2
Oakwood QLD 4670$425,000$330pw6.7%9
Oaky Creek QLD 4285$780,000--2
Obi Obi QLD 4574$852,500$310pw1.2%2
Obum Obum QLD 4309$735,000$340pw-3
Ocean View QLD 4521$855,000$668pw3.6%23
Ogmore QLD 4706$96,000--2
Okeden QLD 4613$115,000--1
One Mile QLD 4305$292,500$308pw4.5%46
Oonoonba QLD 4811$320,000$380pw2.3%41
Ooralea QLD 4740$470,000$500pw3.3%93
Opalton QLD 4735$340,000--1
Orange Hill QLD 4455$825,000--2
Ormeau QLD 4208$585,000$475pw4.9%315
Ormeau Hills QLD 4208$580,000$480pw3.6%136
Ormiston QLD 4160$820,000$550pw6.3%109
Osborne QLD 4806$390,000--1
Ottaba QLD 4313$722,500--2
Owanyilla QLD 4650$300,000$320pw-5
Owens Creek QLD 4741$510,000$250pw-3
Oxenford QLD 4210$667,500$550pw7%192
Oxley QLD 4075$662,500$490pw4.1%156
Oyster Creek QLD 4674$172,500--3
Pacific Haven QLD 4659$440,000$400pw1.3%23
Pacific Heights QLD 4703$545,000$520pw2.8%51
Pacific Paradise QLD 4564$640,000$530pw8.4%38
Pacific Pines QLD 4211$668,000$575pw5.5%282
Packers Camp QLD 4865$492,500--2
Paddington QLD 4064$1,381,500$670pw8.3%152
Paddys Green QLD 4880$339,500--2
Paget QLD 4740$315,000--5
Palen Creek QLD 4287$635,000--2
Pallara QLD 4110$620,000$485pw-6.2%69
Pallarenda QLD 4810$507,500$440pw6.2%18
Palm Beach QLD 4221$1,272,500$750pw12.7%198
Palm Cove QLD 4879$780,000$625pw3.2%91
Palm Grove QLD 4800$425,000--1
Palmtree QLD 4352$1,185,000--2
Palmview QLD 4553$646,750$550pw-1.2%136
Palmwoods QLD 4555$679,000$560pw7%173
Palmyra QLD 4751-$420pw--
Paluma QLD 4816$260,000$350pw4.9%3
Paradise Point QLD 4216$1,270,000$595pw5.5%243
Park Avenue QLD 4701$265,000$350pw2.4%115
Park Ridge QLD 4125$466,175$365pw-7.8%174
Park Ridge South QLD 4125$750,000$500pw4.9%18
Parkhurst QLD 4702$357,000$420pw-3.8%61
Parkinson QLD 4115$733,888$505pw2.9%124
Parklands QLD 4560-$450pw--
Parkside QLD 4825$310,000-3.4%23
Parkwood QLD 4214$735,000$640pw5.6%145
Parramatta Park QLD 4870$491,000$480pw2.1%38
Parrearra QLD 4575$885,000$650pw7.1%91
Passchendaele QLD 4352$485,000--1
Paterson QLD 4570$507,000-22.3%5
Patrick Estate QLD 4311$499,000$370pw-5
Peachester QLD 4519$732,500$505pw5.4%36
Peacock Siding QLD 4850$332,500--1
Peak Crossing QLD 4306$585,000$450pw8.2%13
Pechey QLD 4352$410,000--3
Peeramon QLD 4885$545,000$330pw6.9%24
Pelican Waters QLD 4551$967,500$680pw7.3%218
Pentland QLD 4816$30,500$160pw-17%4
Peranga QLD 4352$45,000--17.8%2
Peregian Beach QLD 4573$1,152,500$710pw9.8%114
Peregian Springs QLD 4573$835,000$620pw8.7%267
Perseverance QLD 4352$940,000--3
Perwillowen QLD 4560$870,000$470pw11.9%5
Petrie QLD 4502$535,000$425pw5.3%175
Petrie Terrace QLD 4000$1,095,000$600pw7.4%20
Philpott QLD 4626$600,000--1
Pialba QLD 4655$410,000$395pw7.7%93
Picnic Bay QLD 4819$340,000$210pw4.7%15
Pie Creek QLD 4570$620,000$500pw8.4%29
Pierces Creek QLD 4355$620,000-12%3
Pikedale QLD 4380$420,000--1
Pilerwa QLD 4650$295,000--3
Pilton QLD 4361$500,000--2
Pimlico QLD 4812$311,800$345pw-1%29
Pimpama QLD 4209$519,000$460pw2%575
Pimpimbudgee QLD 4615$166,000--1
Pin Gin Hill QLD 4860$390,000--0.5%5
Pinbarren QLD 4568$825,000$500pw10.9%14
Pindi Pindi QLD 4798$257,500--2
Pine Creek QLD 4670$395,000-7.9%5
Pine Mountain QLD 4306$685,000$498pw5.5%18
Pinelands QLD 4355$272,500--5.7%1
Pinjarra Hills QLD 4069$970,000$750pw3.7%7
Pink Lily QLD 4702-$480pw--
Pinkenba QLD 4008$465,000$450pw2%4
Pinnacle QLD 4741$375,000--3
Pinnacles QLD 4815$500,000--1
Pioneer QLD 4825$170,000--6.3%29
Pioneers Rest QLD 4650$280,000--2
Pirrinuan QLD 4405$375,000--3
Pittsworth QLD 4356$345,000$300pw3.3%83
Placid Hills QLD 4343$425,000$400pw0.7%16
Plainland QLD 4341$438,500$440pw5.5%48
Pleystowe QLD 4741-$350pw--
Point Arkwright QLD 4573$995,000-7.7%5
Point Lookout QLD 4183$810,000--2
Point Vernon QLD 4655$420,000$390pw6.4%181
Pomona QLD 4568$753,182$538pw9.4%76
Poona QLD 4650$357,500$425pw3.4%36
Port Curtis QLD 4700$482,500$350pw42.5%4
Port Douglas QLD 4877$780,000$498pw6.7%71
Portsmith QLD 4870-$650pw--
Postmans Ridge QLD 4352$400,000$450pw2.9%4
Pozieres QLD 4352$405,000-3.3%2
Prairie QLD 4816$45,000--1
Pratten QLD 4370$295,000$450pw15.6%8
Prenzlau QLD 4311$520,000$325pw5.9%13
Preston QLD 4352$680,000-4.1%14
Preston QLD 4800$552,550$400pw1.9%2
Priestdale QLD 4127-$800pw--
Prince Henry Heights QLD 4350$665,000$490pw1.9%11
Promisedland QLD 4660$620,000-7.3%1
Proserpine QLD 4800$325,000$375pw3.2%75
Prospect QLD 4715-$260pw--
Proston QLD 4613$108,500$250pw3%8
Pullenvale QLD 4069$1,437,500$990pw7%54
Purga QLD 4306$1,104,500$615pw-4
Queenton QLD 4820$174,000$320pw1.1%36
Quilpie QLD 4480$92,500--3.6%11
Quinalow QLD 4403-$255pw--
Qunaba QLD 4670$452,500$510pw6.5%30
Racecourse QLD 4740-$370pw--
Raceview QLD 4305$359,000$355pw2.6%231
Radford QLD 4307$270,000--1
Raglan QLD 4697$580,000--3
Railway Estate QLD 4810$360,000$365pw5.5%81
Rainbow Beach QLD 4581$720,000$405pw8%5
Ramsay QLD 4358$1,050,000$610pw11.8%6
Ranges Bridge QLD 4405$92,000-8.9%1
Rangeville QLD 4350$531,000$440pw4.3%167
Rangewood QLD 4817$542,500$570pw3.2%18
Ransome QLD 4154$1,450,000$500pw4.7%3
Rasmussen QLD 4815$246,000$325pw-5.1%66
Rathdowney QLD 4287$297,500$318pw-8.5%2
Ravensbourne QLD 4352-$400pw--
Ravenshoe QLD 4888$225,000-2.4%26
Ravenswood QLD 4816$110,000-16.2%7
Red Hill QLD 4059$1,160,000$625pw8%83
Red Hill QLD 4413$270,000--12.6%1
Redbank QLD 4301$370,000$365pw3.4%31
Redbank Creek QLD 4312$790,000--2
Redbank Plains QLD 4301$355,000$360pw2%486
Redcliffe QLD 4020$575,000$420pw6.7%178
Redgate QLD 4605$360,000--0.8%3
Redhill Farms QLD 4671$289,000--2
Redland Bay QLD 4165$650,000$520pw4%411
Redlynch QLD 4870$535,000$520pw2.4%203
Redridge QLD 4660$390,000$360pw3%35
Redwood QLD 4350$1,100,000$650pw-3%3
Reedy Creek QLD 4227$985,000$780pw5.5%119
Reesville QLD 4552$1,100,000-11.8%12
Regency Downs QLD 4341$427,000$380pw5.6%60
Regents Park QLD 4118$449,000$400pw2.9%192
Reid River QLD 4816$220,000--8.6%3
Reids Creek QLD 4625$510,000--2
Richlands QLD 4077$520,000$450pw3.2%22
Richmond QLD 4740$750,000$370pw4.4%19
Richmond QLD 4822$130,000$360pw23.6%13
Richmond Hill QLD 4820$220,000$335pw-0.4%59
Ridgelands QLD 4702$295,500--2
Ridgewood QLD 4563$870,000-12.2%8
Rifle Range QLD 4311$305,000-2.3%2
Ringtail Creek QLD 4565$650,000$875pw7.2%3
Ringwood QLD 4343$775,000--2
Riordanvale QLD 4800$750,000$675pw4.9%7
Ripley QLD 4306$430,000$400pw3.9%129
Rita Island QLD 4807$203,500--5.8%2
River Heads QLD 4655$375,000$390pw2%97
River Ranch QLD 4680$485,000-2.9%3
Riverbend QLD 4280$780,000-9.3%9
Riverhills QLD 4074$590,000$450pw5.3%90
Riverleigh QLD 4626$505,000-10.7%2
Riverview QLD 4303$265,000$320pw2.1%54
Roadvale QLD 4310$435,000-2.7%7
Robertson QLD 4109$1,200,000$550pw2.8%76
Robina QLD 4226$782,000$680pw6.3%429
Robina Town Centre QLD 4230-$600pw--
Rochedale QLD 4123$1,084,000$680pw1.6%124
Rochedale South QLD 4123$610,000$475pw4.7%245
Rockhampton City QLD 4700$177,500$300pw0.9%32
Rockingham QLD 4854$322,000-4.2%1
Rocklea QLD 4106$475,000$370pw4.6%40
Rockmount QLD 4344-$420pw--
Rocksberg QLD 4510-$703pw--
Rockside QLD 4343$185,000--3
Rockville QLD 4350$320,000$340pw3.7%83
Rocky Creek QLD 4357$980,000--1
Rocky Point QLD 4873$575,000--4
Rocky Point QLD 4874$565,000$788pw-3.9%15
Rockyview QLD 4701$674,500$550pw3.8%22
Rodds Bay QLD 4678$277,500--8
Rolleston QLD 4702$220,000--2
Rollingstone QLD 4816$438,500$500pw33.1%2
Roma QLD 4455$280,000$330pw2.3%146
Ropeley QLD 4343-$260pw--
Rosalie Plains QLD 4401$213,800$220pw-1
Rosedale QLD 4674$405,000$350pw7.5%7
Rosehill QLD 4370$398,000--2
Rosella QLD 4740$390,752--2
Rosemount QLD 4560$900,000$600pw9.2%27
Roseneath QLD 4811-$500pw--
Rosenthal Heights QLD 4370$378,500$413pw2%92
Rosevale QLD 4340-$350pw--
Rosewood QLD 4340$316,250$320pw3.4%82
Ross Creek QLD 4570$464,500--2
Rosslea QLD 4812$425,000$340pw2%21
Rosslyn QLD 4703$582,500$580pw-1.8%20
Rossvale QLD 4356$507,500$400pw-2
Rossville QLD 4895$140,000--10.4%5
Rothwell QLD 4022$510,000$420pw4.5%103
Round Hill QLD 4677$323,500--2
Rowes Bay QLD 4810$740,000$600pw-3.4%5
Royston QLD 4515$640,000-5.7%9
Rubyanna QLD 4670$238,500$370pw-3.8%6
Rules Beach QLD 4674$407,500--4
Runaway Bay QLD 4216$1,225,000$700pw4.6%169
Runcorn QLD 4113$623,000$450pw2.7%142
Running Creek QLD 4287$1,095,000--2
Runnymede QLD 4615$325,000--4
Rural View QLD 4740$450,000$460pw5.2%140
Rush Creek QLD 4521$1,042,000$680pw-4
Russell Island QLD 4184$247,500$300pw5.8%253
Ryan QLD 4825$235,000--1
Ryeford QLD 4361$595,000--2
Sadliers Crossing QLD 4305$450,000$345pw5.8%41
Salisbury QLD 4107$672,500$450pw4.1%102
Samford Valley QLD 4520$1,350,000$800pw7.5%47
Samford Village QLD 4520$860,000$690pw3.7%12
Samsonvale QLD 4520$1,237,500$650pw13.8%8
Sandgate QLD 4017$850,000$500pw7.2%83
Sandiford QLD 4740$317,500--2
Sandringham QLD 4701$360,000--6.6%1
Sandstone Point QLD 4511$538,000$450pw5.6%100
Sandy Camp QLD 4361$432,250$320pw-2
Sandy Creek QLD 4515$710,000$400pw10.8%9
Sandy Pocket QLD 4871$498,500--1
Sandy Ridges QLD 4615$245,000--2
Sapphire QLD 4702$80,000$275pw-15.4%1
Sarabah QLD 4275$850,000$395pw-2
Sarina QLD 4737$382,500$380pw6.8%96
Sarina Beach QLD 4737$465,000$470pw-13
Sarina Range QLD 4737$462,500-7.5%8
Saunders Beach QLD 4818$337,000$340pw0.4%16
Scarborough QLD 4020$707,500$460pw5.8%198
Scarness QLD 4655$378,000$370pw7.1%102
Scotchy Pocket QLD 4570$652,500--2
Scottville QLD 4804$115,000$263pw13%6
Scrub Creek QLD 4313$747,500--2
Scrubby Creek QLD 4570$496,000-2%3
Scrubby Mountain QLD 4356$715,000-7.5%3
Seaforth QLD 4741$430,000$380pw1.8%16
Selene QLD 4630$695,500--1
Septimus QLD 4754$282,500--2
Seven Hills QLD 4170$1,200,500$560pw10.3%69
Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD 4073$685,500$570pw-0.2%46
Seventeen Seventy QLD 4677-$500pw--
Seventy Mile QLD 4820$270,000--3
Severnlea QLD 4380$415,000$410pw2.9%5
Sexton QLD 4570$645,000$570pw13.7%3
Shailer Park QLD 4128$635,000$493pw4.1%215
Shannonvale QLD 4873$735,000$620pw-7
Sharon QLD 4670$480,000$435pw6.1%27
Shaw QLD 4818$418,000$430pw-0.5%12
Sheep Station Creek QLD 4515$280,000$420pw-2
Sheldon QLD 4157$1,225,000$723pw8.8%23
Shell Pocket QLD 4855$307,500-1.2%2
Shelly Beach QLD 4551$1,360,000$570pw9.3%17
Sherwood QLD 4075$1,165,000$590pw6.3%80
Shoal Point QLD 4750$585,000$450pw4.3%27
Shorncliffe QLD 4017$859,000$610pw5.3%29
Shute Harbour QLD 4802$1,240,000$650pw-10
Silkstone QLD 4304$350,000$333pw4.3%127
Silkwood QLD 4856$175,000$290pw4.7%9
Silky Oak QLD 4854-$250pw--
Silver Ridge QLD 4352$645,000$320pw-4.5%2
Silver Valley QLD 4872$245,000--2
Silverdale QLD 4307$592,500-11.2%2
Silverleaf QLD 4605$340,000--2
Silverwood QLD 4370$427,500--2
Sinnamon Park QLD 4073$850,000$568pw5.2%91
Sippy Downs QLD 4556$650,000$560pw6.7%197
Slacks Creek QLD 4127$395,000$370pw3.6%147
Slade Point QLD 4740$332,500$400pw2.3%70
Sladevale QLD 4370$530,000-1.6%11
Smithfield QLD 4878$474,000$495pw2.7%156
Smithlea QLD 4385$342,000--1
Soldiers Hill QLD 4825$315,000$465pw5.2%38
Somerset Dam QLD 4312$295,000--3.4%11
Somme QLD 4382$430,000--1.1%1
South Bingera QLD 4670$336,500$350pw3.6%12
South Brisbane QLD 4101$1,058,000$515pw-5.4%11
South East Nanango QLD 4615$345,000-3.2%7
South Gladstone QLD 4680$292,500$320pw0.9%68
South Innisfail QLD 4860$239,000-10.1%5
South Isis QLD 4660$420,000$488pw-11
South Johnstone QLD 4859$170,000$300pw5.4%5
South Kolan QLD 4670$350,000$380pw0.7%21
South Mackay QLD 4740$330,000$390pw5%138
South Maclean QLD 4280$633,500$523pw5.1%48
South Mission Beach QLD 4852$404,750$450pw2.5%36
South Nanango QLD 4615$280,000$400pw3.1%37
South Ripley QLD 4306$484,250$410pw2.5%132
South Stradbroke QLD 4216$807,500-5.6%20
South Toowoomba QLD 4350$366,100$350pw2.6%109
South Townsville QLD 4810$320,000$370pw-0.4%31
South Yaamba QLD 4702$785,000-27.4%1
Southbrook QLD 4363$465,000$285pw-7
Southern Cross QLD 4820$510,000$370pw0.5%6
Southport QLD 4215$750,000$530pw6.8%315
Southside QLD 4570$440,000$375pw6.6%169
Southwood QLD 4406$4,300,000--1
Speedwell QLD 4613$800,000--2
Speewah QLD 4881$670,000-5.8%11
Splinter Creek QLD 4630$905,000--2
Split Yard Creek QLD 4306$995,000--2
Spreadborough QLD 4825$530,000--9.1%1
Spring Bluff QLD 4352$1,600,000-28.3%1
Spring Creek QLD 4343$400,000-3.8%9
Spring Creek QLD 4361$660,000-14.7%3
Spring Hill QLD 4000$1,187,500$575pw6.5%24
Spring Mountain QLD 4124$470,000--37
Springbrook QLD 4213$507,500$390pw5.7%28
Springdale QLD 4380$450,000-11.6%1
Springfield QLD 4300$505,000$420pw4.2%131
Springfield Central QLD 4300-$150pw--
Springfield Lakes QLD 4300$480,000$430pw2.2%421
Springside QLD 4356$620,000--3
Springsure QLD 4722$250,000$250pw11.3%11
Springwood QLD 4127$600,550$470pw4.2%140
St Aubyn QLD 4352$400,000--1
St George QLD 4487$193,750$290pw-4.6%40
St Helens QLD 4356$2,150,000--1
St Helens QLD 4650$440,000-9.3%3
St Helens Beach QLD 4798$335,000--3
St Kilda QLD 4671$340,000--2
St Lawrence QLD 4707$140,000--0.7%3
St Lucia QLD 4067$1,465,000$580pw7.7%70
St Mary QLD 4650$310,000--2
Stafford QLD 4053$830,000$470pw7.2%117
Stafford Heights QLD 4053$786,000$515pw6.3%157
Stalworth QLD 4613$465,000--2
Stanage QLD 4702$360,000-0.6%5
Stanmore QLD 4514$1,050,000$420pw11.8%5
Stanthorpe QLD 4380$271,500$300pw2.3%160
Stanwell QLD 4702$170,000--15.4%3
Stapylton QLD 4207$180,000$300pw1.8%17
Steiglitz QLD 4207$711,000$600pw6.2%18
Stockleigh QLD 4280$760,000$483pw8.3%10
Stockton QLD 4871$520,000--1
Stockyard QLD 4703$392,500--2
Stockyard QLD 4344$495,000--3%1
Stonehenge QLD 4730$20,000--2
Stonehenge QLD 4357$463,250--2
Stonelands QLD 4612$305,000--1
Stoneleigh QLD 4356$538,000--2
Stones Corner QLD 4120$976,000$463pw8.8%16
Stony Creek QLD 4514-$540pw--
Storm King QLD 4380$715,000--2
Stoters Hill QLD 4860$329,250--2
Stratford QLD 4870$652,500$495pw4.2%16
Strathdickie QLD 4800$590,000$440pw9.1%16
Strathpine QLD 4500$485,000$420pw5.3%181
Stretton QLD 4116$1,005,000$650pw4.1%58
Struck Oil QLD 4714-$400pw--
Stuart QLD 4811$273,750$350pw7.8%4
Sugarloaf QLD 4380$458,000--2
Sugarloaf QLD 4800$570,000--11
Summerholm QLD 4341$537,500-8.5%16
Sumner QLD 4074$570,000$490pw4.6%19
Sun Valley QLD 4680$275,000$335pw5%26
Sundown QLD 4860$600,000--2
Sunny Nook QLD 4605$465,000--2
Sunnybank QLD 4109$811,500$450pw2.3%141
Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109$700,000$490pw1.5%209
Sunnyside QLD 4737$299,500--2
Sunrise Beach QLD 4567$1,520,000$825pw17%77
Sunset QLD 4825$290,000$390pw4.7%49
Sunshine Acres QLD 4655$542,500-3.4%24
Sunshine Beach QLD 4567$2,650,000$850pw19.3%57
Surat QLD 4417$87,500$240pw-12.4%8
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217$1,875,000$695pw4.8%168
Susan River QLD 4655$567,250--2
Svensson Heights QLD 4670$289,500$330pw4.7%82
Swan Creek QLD 4370$397,000--3
Swanbank QLD 4306$605,000$290pw-1.4%1
Swanfels QLD 4371$605,000--2
Taabinga QLD 4610$338,500-3.1%12
Tablederry QLD 4732$1,236,250--2
Tablelands QLD 4605-$330pw--
Tabooba QLD 4285$820,000--2
Tabragalba QLD 4285$530,000$250pw-3
Taigum QLD 4018$621,250$480pw4.8%42
Takilberan QLD 4671$260,000--1
Takura QLD 4655$672,500$365pw11.9%18
Talegalla Weir QLD 4650$352,500--2
Talgai QLD 4362$465,000$260pw7.8%2
Tallai QLD 4213$1,212,500$760pw9.3%74
Tallebudgera QLD 4228$1,225,000$870pw9.1%57
Tallebudgera Valley QLD 4228$1,510,000$875pw15.2%37
Tallegalla QLD 4340$582,500-1.2%6
Talwood QLD 4496$80,000-11.6%1
Tamaree QLD 4570$595,000$450pw9.7%27
Tambo QLD 4478$120,000$160pw6.5%5
Tamborine QLD 4270$822,500$600pw7.3%84
Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272$692,500$510pw6.4%256
Tamrookum QLD 4285$460,000$310pw15.6%1
Tamrookum Creek QLD 4285$535,000--1
Tanah Merah QLD 4128$550,000$450pw5.8%91
Tanawha QLD 4556$1,395,000$725pw9.8%45
Tanby QLD 4703$707,500$530pw4.7%8
Tandur QLD 4570$910,000$400pw10.1%3
Tannum Sands QLD 4680$472,500$360pw3.9%126
Tannymorel QLD 4372$192,500--2.8%1
Tansey QLD 4601$218,000--2
Tara QLD 4421$74,000$260pw-2.7%90
Tarampa QLD 4311$490,000$450pw-0.1%4
Taranganba QLD 4703$460,000$485pw4.7%79
Targinnie QLD 4694$284,112--2
Taringa QLD 4068$1,172,250$528pw5.4%52
Tarome QLD 4309$1,221,250--2
Taromeo QLD 4306$307,500-15.4%4
Tarong QLD 4615$138,500--2.7%2
Taroom QLD 4420$162,500$140pw4.1%6
Taroomball QLD 4703$480,000$535pw1.5%34
Tarragindi QLD 4121$980,000$550pw6.3%191
Tarzali QLD 4885$385,000$268pw-4.9%15
Taunton QLD 4674$385,000--4
Taylors Beach QLD 4850-$230pw--
Te Kowai QLD 4740-$455pw--
Teddington QLD 4650$400,000$300pw5.5%5
Teebar QLD 4620$800,000--1
Teelah QLD 4306$303,000--2
Telina QLD 4680$345,000$360pw-2%56
Tellebang QLD 4630$900,000--2
Templin QLD 4310$635,000--2
Teneriffe QLD 4005$2,525,000$1,048pw6%27
Tennyson QLD 4105$935,000$530pw6.5%11
Teviotville QLD 4309$955,000$350pw13.5%3
Tewantin QLD 4565$800,000$648pw11%269
Texas QLD 4385$192,500$220pw9.9%14
Thabeban QLD 4670$288,500$350pw2.9%74
Thagoona QLD 4306$490,000$485pw5.6%19
Thallon QLD 4497-$200pw--
Thane QLD 4370$40,000--1
Thanes Creek QLD 4370$320,000--2
Thangool QLD 4716$465,000$275pw20.2%5
Thargomindah QLD 4492$38,500--16.5%2
The Bluff QLD 4340$435,000$540pw-2
The Caves QLD 4702$409,000$505pw6.4%12
The Dawn QLD 4570$595,000$400pw8.4%9
The Dimonds QLD 4650$420,000--1
The Falls QLD 4373$660,000--1
The Gap QLD 4061$860,000$550pw6.5%265
The Gap QLD 4825$275,000-5.7%12
The Gemfields QLD 4702-$230pw--
The Glen QLD 4370$430,000--2
The Gums QLD 4406$1,167,500--2
The Keppels QLD 4700$1,317,500--4
The Leap QLD 4740$676,000-8.4%12
The Mine QLD 4714$33,750--2
The Palms QLD 4570$478,000$390pw10.1%28
The Pines QLD 4357$200,000--1
The Range QLD 4700$400,000$400pw2.7%121
The Summit QLD 4377$268,750$350pw-2
Theebine QLD 4570$1,270,000--2
Theodore QLD 4719$117,500$255pw11.6%6
Thinoomba QLD 4650$115,000--1
Thoopara QLD 4800$441,000--2
Thorndale QLD 4380$342,000--2
Thorneside QLD 4158$700,000$468pw6.5%56
Thornlands QLD 4164$687,545$530pw3.6%348
Thornton QLD 4341$680,000-7.6%3
Thornton Beach QLD 4873$339,500--1
Thornville QLD 4352$510,000--3
Three Moon QLD 4630$432,500--2
Three Rivers QLD 4824$40,000--6.5%1
Thulimbah QLD 4376$327,500--11
Thuringowa Central QLD 4817$280,000$350pw-1%42
Thursday Island QLD 4875-$1,400pw--
Tiaro QLD 4650$322,500$300pw10.2%12
Tieri QLD 4709$18,000--38.5%1
Tin Can Bay QLD 4580$415,000$385pw4.6%107
Tinana QLD 4650$354,500$360pw1.8%142
Tinana South QLD 4650$420,000-3.9%7
Tinaroo QLD 4872$760,000$420pw15.5%4
Tinbeerwah QLD 4563$1,248,500$818pw12.9%42
Tingalpa QLD 4173$660,500$490pw5.8%130
Tingoora QLD 4608$267,500$300pw10%6
Tingun QLD 4455$320,626--1
Tinnanbar QLD 4650$450,000--6
Tirroan QLD 4671-$320pw--
Tivoli QLD 4305$311,103$325pw3.3%31
Tolga QLD 4882$416,250$400pw2.1%32
Toll QLD 4820$470,000$420pw4.3%6
Toobanna QLD 4850-$300pw--
Toobeah QLD 4498$60,000--3
Toogoolawah QLD 4313$260,000$305pw5.1%53
Toogoom QLD 4655$449,500$420pw7.4%132
Toolakea QLD 4818$339,000$635pw-5.1%10
Toolburra QLD 4370$880,000-17.4%1
Toolooa QLD 4680$215,000$290pw2.5%13
Toomulla QLD 4816$294,750--1.1%6
Toonpan QLD 4816$585,000--2
Toorbul QLD 4510$520,000$390pw10.2%27
Toowong QLD 4066$1,100,000$580pw7.2%83
Toowoomba City QLD 4350$446,250$350pw5.9%32
Top Camp QLD 4350$567,500$465pw4.1%13
Topaz QLD 4885-$250pw--
Torbanlea QLD 4662$350,000$500pw3.5%14
Torquay QLD 4655$435,000$380pw5.9%139
Torrens Creek QLD 4816$120,000-36.9%1
Torrington QLD 4350$537,000$420pw-1%18
Towen Mountain QLD 4560$652,500$538pw-2.1%2
Towers Hill QLD 4820-$398pw--
Townson QLD 4341$570,000--3
Townsville City QLD 4810$740,000$400pw9.5%7
Townview QLD 4825$300,000--1.6%25
Traveston QLD 4570$760,000-10.3%9
Trebonne QLD 4850-$300pw--
Trinity Beach QLD 4879$555,000$520pw1.5%152
Trinity Park QLD 4879$518,000$520pw3.6%125
Trotter Creek QLD 4714$250,000--1
Trunding QLD 4874-$675pw--
Tuan QLD 4650$425,000-15.7%9
Tuchekoi QLD 4570$1,081,000$430pw-4
Tugun QLD 4224$900,000$700pw9.2%77
Tully QLD 4854$194,850$320pw4%44
Tully Heads QLD 4854$282,500$325pw3.5%14
Tummaville QLD 4352$675,000--1
Tumoulin QLD 4888$212,500--2
Tungamull QLD 4702$465,000$560pw3.3%10
Turallin QLD 4357$150,000--1
Turkey Beach QLD 4678$282,000-3.5%11
Twin Waters QLD 4564$1,100,000$810pw8.3%90
Two Mile QLD 4570$570,000--3
Umbiram QLD 4352$565,000$550pw5.4%1
Underwood QLD 4119$625,000$498pw4.2%125
Upper Barron QLD 4883$625,000$330pw15.4%5
Upper Brookfield QLD 4069$1,093,750$700pw-2.3%10
Upper Caboolture QLD 4510$524,500$350pw6.3%118
Upper Coomera QLD 4209$590,000$500pw5.3%556
Upper Daradgee QLD 4860$750,000--1
Upper Flagstone QLD 4344$492,000$500pw3%7
Upper Freestone QLD 4370$315,000--1
Upper Kandanga QLD 4570$425,000--2
Upper Kedron QLD 4055$813,500$575pw5.6%102
Upper Lockyer QLD 4352$420,000$350pw1%11
Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122$750,000$450pw4%139
Upper Pilton QLD 4361$310,000--2
Upper Pinelands QLD 4355$550,000$270pw-1
Upper Stone QLD 4850$320,000$250pw-1
Upper Tenthill QLD 4343$325,000--1.2%2
Upper Yarraman QLD 4614$215,000$260pw-2
Urangan QLD 4655$447,500$400pw6.9%256
Urraween QLD 4655$445,000$425pw4.4%212
Utchee Creek QLD 4871$304,000$300pw-1.3%3
Valdora QLD 4561$1,150,000$685pw12.6%17
Vale View QLD 4352$635,000-2.5%9
Valentine Plains QLD 4715$465,000--2
Varsity Lakes QLD 4227$785,000$648pw6.9%161
Vasa Views QLD 4860$270,000--2
Veradilla QLD 4347$430,000$520pw-7
Veresdale QLD 4285$690,000$465pw10%5
Veresdale Scrub QLD 4285$670,000-2.8%13
Vernor QLD 4306$625,000$580pw11.2%3
Verrierdale QLD 4562$1,055,000$510pw11%22
Veteran QLD 4570$657,500$450pw14.6%16
Victoria Hill QLD 4361$188,000--19.6%1
Victoria Plains QLD 4751$710,000--3
Victoria Plantation QLD 4850$230,000--3
Victoria Point QLD 4165$614,000$520pw3.4%294
Victory Heights QLD 4570$430,000$413pw5.4%15
Villeneuve QLD 4514$582,500$330pw14.6%4
Vincent QLD 4814$240,000$340pw-0.8%53
Virginia QLD 4014$738,025$510pw6.6%36
Wacol QLD 4076$375,000$358pw3.6%15
Waikola QLD 4427$9,747,410--1
Wakerley QLD 4154$920,000$650pw4.5%133
Walkamin QLD 4872$295,000$330pw-4
Walkers Point QLD 4650$485,000-10.6%4
Walkerston QLD 4751$399,001$420pw3.3%53
Walkervale QLD 4670$240,000$320pw1.2%98
Wallaces Creek QLD 4310$857,500-11%2
Wallangarra QLD 4383$165,000$240pw1.9%12
Wallaville QLD 4671$155,000--9
Walligan QLD 4655$530,000-4%8
Walloon QLD 4306$410,000$390pw-1.6%39
Wallu QLD 4570$765,000--7
Wallumbilla QLD 4428-$205pw--
Walter Lever Estate QLD 4856$327,500--2
Walterhall QLD 4714$125,000--2
Wamuran QLD 4512$780,000$490pw6.8%36
Wamuran Basin QLD 4512$1,372,500$300pw19%2
Wandal QLD 4700$305,000$380pw1.9%92
Wandoan QLD 4419$110,000$350pw-8.3%7
Wangan QLD 4871$302,500--2
Wangaratta QLD 4806$290,000--1
Wangetti QLD 4877$330,935$500pw-2
Wanora QLD 4306-$420pw--
Warana QLD 4575$1,030,000$600pw11.6%66
Ward QLD 4470$340,000--1
Warner QLD 4500$640,000$470pw4.4%209
Warnung QLD 4605$90,000--1
Warra QLD 4411$70,000$223pw-3
Warrami QLD 4854$350,000--1
Warrill View QLD 4307$877,500-33.1%4
Warrubullen QLD 4871$375,000--1
Warwick QLD 4370$275,000$300pw1.5%410
Washpool QLD 4306$471,000--2
Watalgan QLD 4670$435,000--2
Waterford QLD 4133$432,950$415pw0.3%136
Waterford West QLD 4133$393,000$360pw2.4%107
Waterloo QLD 4673$233,500--10.2%2
Watsons Crossing QLD 4385$100,000--1
Watsonville QLD 4887$180,000--2
Wattle Camp QLD 4615$207,000-1%16
Wattle Grove QLD 4610$550,000--2
Wattlebank QLD 4704$755,000-10.3%2
Waugh Pocket QLD 4871$1,680,000--1
Wavell Heights QLD 4012$911,000$550pw7%255
Waverley QLD 4825$425,000--1
Webb QLD 4860$150,000--2.8%7
Weir River QLD 4406$142,500--2
Welcome Creek QLD 4670$552,500$600pw15.7%6
Wellcamp QLD 4350$1,150,000$500pw14.5%3
Wellington Point QLD 4160$755,000$570pw4.9%225
Wengenville QLD 4615$100,000--1
Weranga QLD 4405$130,000-5.4%8
West End QLD 4101$1,250,000$600pw4.9%41
West End QLD 4810$370,000$370pw-0.5%69
West Gladstone QLD 4680$272,000$300pw2.2%85
West Haldon QLD 4359$1,000,000--3
West Ipswich QLD 4305$276,500$303pw-0.6%6
West Mackay QLD 4740$388,500$420pw5.5%122
West Point QLD 4819$330,000--2
West Rockhampton QLD 4700$280,000$370pw3.1%46
West Stowe QLD 4680-$1,500pw--
West Woombye QLD 4559$960,000$543pw9.6%13
Westbrook QLD 4350$505,000$430pw1.8%87
Westcourt QLD 4870$410,000$425pw2.9%32
Westlake QLD 4074$832,500$600pw4.4%73
Westmar QLD 4422$900,000--1
Westwood QLD 4702$828,000-42.5%1
Weyba Downs QLD 4562$1,200,000-8.9%5
Wheatlands QLD 4606$240,000--3
Wheatvale QLD 4370$515,000--2
Whetstone QLD 4387$330,000--1
Whichello QLD 4352$312,000--2
White Patch QLD 4507$907,500--6
White Rock QLD 4306-$365pw--
White Rock QLD 4868$350,000$420pw1.7%79
Whiteside QLD 4503$875,000$460pw9.1%10
Whitfield QLD 4870$612,000$495pw3.2%90
Whyanbeel QLD 4873-$390pw--
Widgee QLD 4570$395,000$450pw0.8%25
Widgee Crossing South QLD 4570$447,000--2
Wieambilla QLD 4413$111,000--2
Wights Mountain QLD 4520$1,282,000$925pw8.4%14
Wildash QLD 4370$455,000$350pw-2
Wilkesdale QLD 4608$280,000--3
Willawong QLD 4110$2,200,000$800pw12.9%2
Willow Vale QLD 4209$559,500$450pw-6.2%46
Willowbank QLD 4306$380,000$360pw5.6%11
Willows QLD 4702$80,000--2
Willowvale QLD 4370-$440pw--
Wilson Beach QLD 4800$412,500--2
Wilson Valley QLD 4625$176,000--1
Wilsons Plains QLD 4307$607,500--2
Wilsons Pocket QLD 4570$690,000$390pw-5
Wilsonton QLD 4350$333,500$360pw2.2%128
Wilsonton Heights QLD 4350$315,000$330pw2.6%78
Wilston QLD 4051$1,310,000$600pw5.5%56
Windaroo QLD 4207$605,000$500pw5.4%71
Windera QLD 4605$361,375--2
Windermere QLD 4670$288,750--4.3%2
Windorah QLD 4481$132,500-9.9%2
Windsor QLD 4030$945,000$560pw5.4%61
Winfield QLD 4670$377,500$300pw6.7%16
Winston QLD 4825$342,500-13.7%18
Winton QLD 4735$160,000-5.5%9
Winwill QLD 4347$250,000$600pw-5
Winya QLD 4515$490,000--3
Wishart QLD 4122$872,500$535pw4.9%112
Withcott QLD 4352$530,000$383pw3%32
Witheren QLD 4275$837,500$820pw12.7%6
Witta QLD 4552$849,000$718pw12.1%34
Wivenhoe Pocket QLD 4306$477,500$550pw5.5%2
Wiyarra QLD 4370$440,000--1
Wolffdene QLD 4207-$598pw--
Wolvi QLD 4570$680,000$328pw14.7%10
Womina QLD 4370$355,000$280pw-7
Wonbah QLD 4671$223,000--5
Wondai QLD 4606$218,000$295pw6.4%67
Wondecla QLD 4887$255,000--5
Wondunna QLD 4655$530,000$420pw2.3%104
Wonga QLD 4873-$340pw--
Wonga Beach QLD 4873$325,000$380pw-50
Wongabel QLD 4883$767,500$300pw-2
Wongaling Beach QLD 4852$450,000$440pw7.1%35
Wongawallan QLD 4210$1,010,500$675pw7.3%28
Wonglepong QLD 4275$705,000$530pw4%7
Woocoo QLD 4620$327,500--1
Woodbine QLD 4343$140,000--1
Woodbury QLD 4703$572,500$580pw-8
Woodend QLD 4305$359,500$360pw2.3%34
Wooderson QLD 4680$390,000--3
Woodford QLD 4514$535,000$340pw8.4%45
Woodgate QLD 4660$392,250$365pw8.6%16
Woodhill QLD 4285$598,000$580pw4.1%23
Woodlands QLD 4343$547,500$500pw-2
Woodleigh QLD 4352$1,200,000--1
Woodmillar QLD 4625$315,000-1.3%1
Woodridge QLD 4114$320,000$338pw1%169
Woodstock QLD 4816$470,000-19.9%6
Woodwark QLD 4802$720,000$495pw10.7%13
Woody Point QLD 4019$556,000$433pw4.6%87
Woolloongabba QLD 4102$915,000$550pw4.2%43
Woolmar QLD 4515$440,000$413pw-2.9%7
Woolmer QLD 4352$535,000--2
Woolooga QLD 4570-$250pw--
Woolooman QLD 4310$435,000--1
Wooloowin QLD 4030$1,023,750$595pw8.1%44
Woombye QLD 4559$680,000$480pw6%77
Woondum QLD 4570$823,500--2
Woongarra QLD 4670$442,500$480pw1.3%10
Woongoolba QLD 4207-$445pw--
Woopen Creek QLD 4871$905,000--2
Woorim QLD 4507$685,000$445pw7.8%35
Wooroolin QLD 4608$200,000$305pw3.9%3
Wooroonden QLD 4605$365,000$285pw-2
Wootha QLD 4552$1,117,500-11.1%2
Woowoonga QLD 4621$450,000--2
Woree QLD 4868$400,000$380pw3.4%55
Worongary QLD 4213$762,500$713pw4.9%88
Wowan QLD 4702$97,500$190pw-2
Wrights Creek QLD 4869-$350pw--
Wulguru QLD 4811$312,000$350pw1.8%71
Wulkuraka QLD 4305$349,500$330pw4.6%28
Wunjunga QLD 4806$460,000--2
Wura QLD 4714$125,000--1
Wurdong Heights QLD 4680$535,000$520pw-11
Wurtulla QLD 4575$852,500$580pw9.6%108
Wutul QLD 4352$271,250--2
Wyaga QLD 4390$3,625,000--2
Wyalla QLD 4615$800,000--2
Wyandra QLD 4489$21,337--2
Wyberba QLD 4382$365,000$300pw-2
Wynnum QLD 4178$788,000$510pw6.5%205
Wynnum West QLD 4178$642,500$500pw4.5%192
Wyreema QLD 4352$377,500$375pw3.4%36
Yaamba QLD 4704$182,500$350pw-3.7%2
Yabulu QLD 4818$307,500$310pw2.4%8
Yalboroo QLD 4741$607,500--2
Yamanto QLD 4305$425,000$365pw4%115
Yandaran QLD 4673$338,000$260pw12.2%10
Yandilla QLD 4352-$250pw--
Yandina QLD 4561$646,250$493pw8.7%46
Yandina Creek QLD 4561$1,300,000$1,000pw16.7%23
Yangan QLD 4371$450,000$300pw-4
Yaroomba QLD 4573$1,000,000$735pw7.6%59
Yarrabah QLD 4871-$450pw--
Yarrabilba QLD 4207$402,000$390pw0.1%306
Yarraman QLD 4614$195,000$255pw2.5%35
Yarranlea QLD 4356$470,000-73.4%1
Yarrol QLD 4630$200,000--1
Yarwun QLD 4694-$255pw--
Yatala QLD 4207$880,000$740pw3.2%17
Yeerongpilly QLD 4105$960,000$600pw8.7%20
Yelarbon QLD 4388$135,000$205pw22%9
Yengarie QLD 4650$540,000$385pw6.2%5
Yeppoon QLD 4703$428,000$440pw4.4%197
Yeronga QLD 4104$1,050,000$550pw5.6%73
Yerra QLD 4650$462,500--4
Yimbun QLD 4313$625,000-10.8%1
Yorkeys Knob QLD 4878$480,000$400pw4.3%32
Yowah QLD 4490$57,500-10.4%6
Yugar QLD 4520$1,040,000$725pw3%4
Yulabilla QLD 4416$3,650,000--1
Yuleba QLD 4427-$200pw--
Yungaburra QLD 4884$490,000$415pw4.4%35
Zillmere QLD 4034$572,500$430pw4.5%130
Zilzie QLD 4710$409,000$410pw2%126