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Australian Property Market Data NT Australia

Below you will find links to suburb property market data and house price reports within the state of NT, Australia.

SuburbSold PriceRental PriceAnnual Growth# Sold
Acacia Hills NT 822$570,000$680pw0.9%9
Adelaide River NT 846$210,000$370pw-2
Alawa NT 810$500,000$520pw-3.4%45
Alice Springs NT 870-$565pw--
Anula NT 812$515,000$540pw0.6%45
Araluen NT 870$524,000$640pw0.7%36
Bakewell NT 832$467,500$480pw-0.3%38
Batchelor NT 845$162,500$325pw-2
Bayview NT 820$1,050,000$805pw1.4%13
Bees Creek NT 822$650,000$650pw0.8%11
Bellamack NT 832-$620pw--
Berrimah NT 828$319,000$520pw-46
Berry Springs NT 838$473,500$490pw5.7%18
Blackmore NT 822$210,000--7.5%7
Borroloola NT 854$260,000--3.9%3
Braitling NT 870$475,000$580pw2.1%71
Brinkin NT 810$1,030,000$875pw0.9%9
Bynoe NT 822$120,000--2.3%5
Casuarina NT 810$34,000,000--1
Ciccone NT 870-$430pw--
Coconut Grove NT 810$659,500$600pw0.1%18
Connellan NT 873$710,000-0.3%7
Connellan NT 870$661,500$700pw-0.6%8
Coolalinga NT 839$273,750$535pw-4
Coolalinga NT 835$1,825,000$625pw-4
Coomalie Creek NT 822$875,000--1
Cossack NT 850$610,000$700pw3%17
Daly River NT 822$60,000--1
Daly Waters NT 852$130,000--1
Darwin NT 800-$700pw--
Darwin City NT 800-$565pw--
Darwin River NT 841$401,000$350pw6%14
Desert Springs NT 870$702,500$770pw-0.7%14
Douglas-Daly NT 822$650,000--1
Driver NT 830$467,000$500pw-0.2%38
Dundee Beach NT 840$240,166--3.7%42
Dundee Downs NT 840$247,500-16.1%4
Dundee Forest NT 840$95,000--8.1%4
Durack NT 830$501,500$578pw10.7%92
East Side NT 870$520,000$550pw0.3%49
Edith NT 852$265,000--6
Elliott NT 862$450,000--7
Emungalan NT 850$1,315,000--2
Eva Valley NT 822$105,000--10
Fannie Bay NT 820$875,000$850pw-0.8%26
Farrar NT 830$575,000$650pw-0.7%30
Florina NT 852$195,000--2
Fly Creek NT 822$317,475$400pw3.7%4
Gillen NT 870$460,500$545pw1.9%102
Girraween NT 836$630,000$530pw-1.4%18
Gray NT 830$375,476$480pw-2.4%38
Gunn NT 832$483,500$530pw-0.7%78
Herbert NT 836$475,000$525pw-1.4%30
Holtze NT 829-$600pw--
Howard Springs NT 835$680,000$550pw2.4%17
Hugh NT 872$600,000--3
Hughes NT 822$572,500--2
Humpty Doo NT 836$350,000$550pw-7.6%111
Ilparpa NT 873$799,000$1,125pw1.5%7
Ilparpa NT 870$740,000-3.6%7
Irlpme NT 874-$820pw--
Jingili NT 810$565,500$550pw0.9%34
Johnston NT 832$585,000$620pw-2.1%12
Karama NT 812$435,000$500pw-2.7%57
Katherine NT 850$350,000$485pw-1.9%37
Katherine East NT 850$340,000$425pw17.8%69
Katherine South NT 850$290,000$430pw-0.8%14
Kilgariff NT 873$660,000$750pw30.4%7
Knuckey Lagoon NT 828$850,000$750pw-11.5%5
Lake Bennett NT 822$335,000--0.6%2
Lambells Lagoon NT 822$518,500--4.8%4
Lansdowne NT 850$745,000--2
Larapinta NT 875$435,000$493pw3.9%39
Larapinta NT 870$442,500$500pw1.5%21
Larrakeyah NT 820$1,340,000$650pw5.1%7
Larrimah NT 852$270,000--4
Leanyer NT 812$582,500$550pw-0.1%64
Livingstone NT 822$470,000$515pw-29.1%4
Lloyd Creek NT 822$310,000$700pw-16
Ludmilla NT 820$565,000$600pw-5.1%39
Lyons NT 810$649,999$725pw-3.1%42
Malak NT 812$495,000$520pw-1.7%43
Manton NT 837$650,000-5.4%1
Marlow Lagoon NT 830$750,000$700pw-2.6%9
Marrakai NT 822$267,500-0.6%14
Marrara NT 812$650,000$700pw-1.7%9
Mataranka NT 852$280,000-0.2%2
McMinns Lagoon NT 822$820,000$600pw12.3%5
Middle Point NT 822$700,000--1
Millner NT 810$549,000$470pw2.8%31
Mitchell NT 832-$600pw--
Moil NT 810$525,000$510pw0.1%35
Moulden NT 830$365,000$445pw0.4%39
Mount Johns NT 870$540,000-0.5%7
Mount Johns NT 874$665,000$320pw1.8%6
Muirhead NT 810$550,000$680pw10.1%88
Nakara NT 810$540,500$580pw-1.6%18
Nightcliff NT 810$720,000$640pw-0.6%45
Noonamah NT 837$585,000$550pw9.9%3
Pamayu NT 862$13,261,000--2
Parap NT 820$780,000$700pw0.9%34
Pine Creek NT 847-$250pw--
Pinelands NT 829$3,600,000-47.5%1
Rakula NT 822$200,000--1
Rapid Creek NT 810$697,500$540pw1%46
Robin Falls NT 822$390,000--1
Rosebery NT 832$528,000$568pw-2.1%66
Ross NT 873$595,000$795pw-7.7%10
Ross NT 870$575,000$1,000pw-7.2%9
Rum Jungle NT 822$239,166-6.8%2
Sadadeen NT 870$436,250$550pw0.7%30
Southport NT 822$60,000$450pw-3
Stuart NT 870-$490pw--
Stuart Park NT 820$722,500$750pw0.7%56
Tennant Creek NT 860$304,000$430pw9.9%7
The Gap NT 870$421,101$460pw1%9
The Gardens NT 820-$600pw--
The Narrows NT 820$525,000$588pw3.6%7
Ti Tree NT 872$245,000--3
Timber Creek NT 852$144,100--12.4%2
Tiwi NT 810$517,000$500pw0.9%35
Tortilla Flats NT 822$880,000-24%1
Tumbling Waters NT 822$270,000$700pw-2
Venn NT 852$850,000--1
Virginia NT 834$675,000$565pw-2.3%19
Virginia NT 835-$825pw--
Wagait Beach NT 822$380,000$280pw6.1%11
Wagaman NT 810$445,000$500pw-2.4%23
Wanguri NT 810$625,000$570pw1.2%33
Weddell NT 822$725,000-7.7%1
White Gums NT 870-$730pw--
Winnellie NT 820-$350pw--
Woodroffe NT 830$405,000$500pw-1.9%49
Woolner NT 820$650,000$700pw-0.3%4
Wulagi NT 812$490,000$570pw-1.1%47
Yarrawonga NT 830$1,287,000--6.5%2
Zuccoli NT 832$245,000$600pw2.9%123